I Am Not Yours

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: These characters belong to the creators of Glee… If not, Faberry would exist already (as it should).

Couple: Quinn/Rachel

Authors Note: This will be a very long story. :) Also I really hope to add to my other stories tonight too. I am just slow because I have so many couples I love to write and have written for. This is my first AU story for Faberry, hope y'all like.

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Blood Baptism

It is 1978. The wonderful city of New York was a frozen wonderland. Snowflakes falling from the heavens like tears falling from the very eyes of God himself, only to land and be immediately extinguished on the exposed heated flesh of my shoulders. The day had been long and I was growing weary, exhausted. Wishing that I could already be home with my head rested snuggly against my pillow. Yet, fate would have it that my head would never rest against that pillow again, fate would have it I would never rest again. Not after this evening.

Harsh winds threatened to tangle my blonde curls and ruffle my dark antique velvet dress, many a time I had to place my slender hand upon the red cloche hat that was perched upon my head in order to keep it from flying off and flowing down the street in the river of wind.

My hazel eyes were hooded with exhaustion, and the makeup that had covered my eyelids and cheekbones had long been smudged, but I was still beautiful. I knew that I was beautiful; it was perhaps one of the only positive assets that I knew undoubtedly I possessed. After all, you must be gorgeous if you are one of the sex symbols of the great New York City. My photographs were cherished by men all over the country, many suitors had tried to take my hand in marriage over the years, or simply bed me, I was most definitely beautiful.

What I lacked was compassion. The ability to love, the ability to allow someone to love me. No, I am not heartless by any means. I cry when I see a family in unbearable conditions, when someone that I love passes away, I have emotions I simply have never fallen in love.

This was my life.

Quinn Fabray, celebrated actress and renowned sex idol, and I had never been in love.

As previously established it was not because I was lacking in available suitors, men from all over the country even all over the entire world had tried to work their charms. Still, I seemed immune to the charms of men. If I cared to venture deep within I would realize that the reasoning was because unlike with men I found it beyond difficult to resist the lips of a woman, the beautiful form of a woman, but even then I had never found a woman who caught my attention as more than a passing glance or the occasional thought of her beauty.

I was solitary and I was content with being alone for the most part. Living out my days playing with the heart-strings of men, playing their arteries like a violin. My pink lips twisted up as I recalled my adventures with men, teasing them and leading them on only to leave before allowing them pleasure. Was this inhumane? More than likely but with the way that they treated the women around them they deserved it. I was no object to be obtained.

Was it my fault to have been blessed with eyes that could paralyze a man?

Harsh some would entitle me, bitter. These people did not know the first thing about me though. They saw the beauty and I wager they assumed I was like every other beautiful woman, using this to her advantage whilst shallowly grasping at an image that came along with my beauty. In ways I was, but in other ways I was more sensitive than I would ever care to admit. Than I would ever dare to show another soul on this planet.

Placing slender fingers against my forehead as exhaustion threatens to take over my body and put me directly into a coma on the busy streets of New York City, I cast my hazel eyes toward the alleyway I am approaching. My parents had told me so many times growing up not to take that way because it was dangerous, they were extremely overprotective, but I never listened. Tonight would not be different I needed to get back to my apartment, I needed to rest, I needed to feel alive again.

As I approached the middle of the alleyway I could feel it, something was not right. The light blonde hairs that painted my arms and the back of my neck stood up and my stomach flipped due to the fear and anxiety that I was feeling suddenly. It were as if I could feel the darkness approaching.

Snapping my head around my red cloche hat fell from my head allowing a mass of blonde curls to sprawl across my shoulders, the hat contrasting with dark gravel on the dirty alley street.

I could sense someone around me, surrounding me, yet my hazel eyes seemed to deceive me and I saw nothing. "Hello." I husked out in my naturally low raspy voice. "Is somebody there?" Heart pounding away in my chest quickly, threatening to burst any moment now. "Hello?" I repeated. Perhaps I was simply being paranoi—

"—Hello." A deep voice stated, interrupting my thoughts as a hand was clasped around my neck and I was pushed against the stone bricks of the building beside me.

I struggled to scream but I couldn't even speak due to the pressure being applied to my throat, all I could do is stare up into the demented eyes of my captor. They were bright, pure green, like poison. His skin pale and cold to the touch, and he was far too strong for any one man seeing as he was lifting me up against the wall with only one hand around my neck. Glancing down I caught sight of another terrifying unique feature of the man, where his K-9 teeth should appear as a normal human beings his had taken the form of fangs.

Stories of mythical creatures had always been popular in scaring children, stories of vampires. I had never been afraid, but currently I was horrified. If stories proved to be factual then he was about to murder her, he was about to bite into her pale flesh and drain her dry. Again I tried to scream, to no avail, before flailing my limbs in an attempt to escape.

"Hush now darling, don't be afraid." He said with a grin and an almost sing song voice as he leant closer to me, sniffing along my neck. I let out a strangled whimper.

"It will only hurt for a moment."

Again I tried to flail only to feel my legs and arms being held down, I could not turn my head to look at the creatures holding me against the wall but I had a feeling that they matched the man standing in front of me. I nearly vomited as I felt them sniff along the skin of my forearms and down over my thighs, lifting my dress slightly.

Without warning they all dove in, biting into me. The only good thing about the fact that they attacked me from all sides was that I could not distinguish where the worst pain originated from. I wanted to scream but instead I simply cried and whimpered, tears rolling down my perfect cheekbones as I closed my hazel eyes and accepted the fact that I would not live to see another day, that I would never find love, that I would never breath again.

I was now wheezing out as the creatures drained blood from both of my wrists, my neck, my thighs, and my ankles. I knew that I wouldn't last much longer as I felt the life draining out of my body, starting to grown light headed and dizzy.

Suddenly I heard a voice and the vampires pulled away, leaving only the pain behind as their venom coursed through my veins. My body shook but I could still hear the voice. It was a higher-pitched voice. "Stop, you fools! What are you trying to do? Kill her?"

"That would be the plan." The deeper voice stated. Not too long after that I heard a scream of pain and slumped to the alley-floor, no longer being held up by my captors.

"You pathetic ingrate, do you not understand how important she is to us?"

"We don't need a woman—"

"—She is our savior. Despite her gender, it was prophesized. She is the one. Now please leave her to me." His voice was angry, his tone demanding, despite the high-pitched voice. Still, I couldn't seem to grasp onto his words for I was slowly drifting into darkness, the only thing in my line of vision being that fashionable red hat in the center of the alley-way. Why did I have to take the alley?

"The pain will go away. Just close your eyes and rest." There it was again, only his voice was softer this time and as I closed my eyes the last thing that I saw was his pale skin and frightfully bright blue eyes. I felt my body being lifted into the air with such ease it seemed impossible, even for a rather large man, which he did not seem to be. Feeling wind rush against my face, tangling my curls, was the last thing that I recalled as I slipped away.

G g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

Sitting around the fire, in a forest unvisited by many humans were a group of men and women. They lived among the woodlands peacefully, preying on the humans that dared to venture away from the city. Traveling in a pack whenever word spread, never staying in one place for long.

Though to many they would appear as a normal person, hidden beneath their façade of skin was darkness, a dangerous secret. One that must be protected.

Their kind was dwindling. As the vampire population continued to grow around the world their food sources disappeared and they found themselves often fighting the pitiful creatures. The creatures that they hated, the creatures that were not even a worthy meal. The bitter taste of a vampire was so repulsive that if consumed most likely vomiting would follow shortly after.

"Shelby, have you spoken with the elder?" A young man questioned, tall and stocky in stature.

Brown eyes glanced up to meet the young man and the beautiful woman shook her head, worry evident across her features. "No, I am terrified. I cannot be the one—"

"—you are the one. It has already been decided. You will bear the savior of our kind as well as her protector."

"I never wanted to be a mother." She stated simply, as if she had ever had a choice in the matter. Being in a pack was like being a part of a royal family. Every individual had a part that they must play, the alpha male and female the equivalent to the king and the queen. As the queen she was to bear the princess. The one who would not only carry on their name but save their kind entirely.

"You never had a say in the matter. Now please speak with the elder. He has seen great things."

"As you wish."

I am not yours, not lost in you,
Not lost, although I long to be
Lost as a candle lit at noon,
Lost as a snowflake in the sea.

G g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

Authors Note: Hello everyone, I don't usually do alternate universe fanfiction but I wanted to try it out. :) This will ultimately be a Faberry fanfic, with a large amount of Klaine, Brittana, and a little bit of Quinntana as well as Finchel mixed in. I have a lot of plans for this story. I know that this first chapter is not very long but I wanted to test the waters out and see if people actually wanted me to continue. So if you do, then please leave me some reviews so I know and I will continue! Also it's a starter chapter but all of these couples will become established as they go.

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