Orgasm denial is totally one of my kinks. This was written a long time ago last year for the Tiger & Bunny kink meme; thought I'd post it here too. :-)

Kotetsu Kaburagi has an iron will. All the Heroes know this, not only because he impresses them with it from time to time, but also because the Wild Tiger is quite vocal about it, often bragging and arguing in self defense.

Barnaby takes a short, sharp breath, "All you have to do is ask politely."

His fingers are curled possessively around Kotetsu's swollen cock, though the tight grip becomes increasingly harder to hold as precome slicks the grasp, enabling tanned hips to jerk into the hand. Kotetsu is trying hard to quell his shivering thighs and especially the tremor that runs up the length of his spine as Barnaby presses a hot finger to his weeping tip, smearing his essence. His vision has long since become blurry with tears of frustration but even in his tortured state, he can make out the angry red twitch of his erection.

"Abso – luuuut– tely not," he gasps, each syllable punctuated by a ragged breath. Kotetsu cants his hips up again, but the hold immediately becomes loose and he grazes nothing but skin. A disappointed cry almost – almost – tears out of throat.

Barnaby smirks and leans over a quivering shoulder to glance down at his handiwork. It had been easy enough to work Kotetsu into a mad frenzy simply by insinuating the veteran hero was old and couldn't handle sex with someone younger than him; it was also relatively easy to turn Kotetsu into a wet mess, his systematic seduction working like a charm.

But what he really wants is a wet begging mess, and Barnaby hasn't counted on the old man's determination to reject him through pure force of will.

"Kotetsu," he whispers darkly, nuzzling the nape of his neck. Kotetsu visibly shudders in his lap and Barnaby knows he's just that close to breaking. "Just three words…" He nips at an ear and lets a slick finger lightly ghost down the length of Kotetsu's cock.

Kotetsu bucks at the touch, not quite screaming hoarsely. "O—okay, okay! Just... god! Please!" Though he says he with such contempt, Barnaby can't help but feel he's winning the battle.

"Hmm?" Barnaby hums, tracing the light trail of hair on the man's abdomen, "Please what?"

A pregnant pause; Barnaby almost laughs. He can hear the distinctive sound of grinding teeth. Kotetsu is conflicted, the heat that's collected in his belly is overwhelming and the way Barnaby is keeping him constantly on the edge is about to drive him crazy… yet, his pride as a Hero is on the line -

Kotetsu is yanked out of his thoughts as a playful flick to his twitching head rips a moan out of him. "You win, okay? Screw the bet! C'mon, please!" He sounds almost desperate...

"I don't know, perhaps –"

"Please let me come, Barnaby!" The plead sends a shock of arousal through the younger man. He even said my real name instead of that Bunny nonsense.

"Since you asked so nicely," he chuckles lowly. Barnaby starts with slow, maddening pumps, licking and kissing Kotetsu's neck, bared to him as the man's head lolls back to rest on his cries out, hips moving into the rhythm; Barnaby quickens his pace and is rewarded by the sight of a completely undone Wild Tiger – his back is arched as he comes, a loud, vocal scream that rumbles in his chest.

The two partners sit there in silence, save for Kotetsu's panting.

Barnaby is the first to speak, "I told you so, old man." He wipes the cooling essence onto Kotetsu's chest.

Kotetsu blanches and turns around to glare at him, "You're a shitty tease, you know that?"

He smirks in reply, "If it makes you feel any better, you lasted longer than I thought you would…" Kotetsu brightens, "… but it was only a handjob."

Kotetsu scowls.