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Prologue:Ron-E and KimEve

The year is 2810, and the Earth is surrounded by a corrosive atmosphere. Many satellites crowd around the rotating sphere which has lost its color and brightness. Makes you wonder if anything could actually live on this Earth doesn't it? Why don't we take a closer look.

The seas are dried up, and the ground shows no sign of life. Trash clutters around the ground and there is no sign of any life. The sky is clouded with smog, and all is silent,

"Put on your Sunday clothes,
There's lots of world out there
Get out the brilliantine and dime cigars

We're gonna find adventure in the evening air
Girls in white in a perfumed night
Where the lights are bright as the stars!

Put on your Sunday clothes, we're gonna ride through town
In one of those new horse drawn open cars"

Ok, maybe not so silent.

Out of the trash heap comes the sound of tires treading and a record playing with somebody singing,

" we'll see the shows at Delmonico's,

And we'll close the town in a whirl!

And we won't come home until we've kissed a girl!"

The voice sang out. He crawled out of a stack of boxes of garbage and wiped his face. He had a mop of bright yellow hair and freckles clearly seen even throughout his dirty face. A little cockroach scurried by as the boy gathered up more trash, whistling all the while. He narrowed his brown reflectors as he spotted a light bulb in the midst of the garbage,

"hey coolio, wonder what this is?"

He picked it up in wonder as the roach climbed up his arm but he didn't seem to notice as he smiled at the wonderful device,

"wonder what the humans used this for?"

He smiled as he put it in a small BNL lunch box before turning to the small roach,

"come on Roachie, we better get home."

The roach nodded and sat on his shoulder as the boy began to travel onward. He drove by sign after sign,

"come aboard the Axium! Have fun and play! We'll clean the mess while you're away!"

the infomercial shifted to a picture of many young blond haired youths cleaning up garbage. These cyborg males, 10% human and 90% robot, were called Ron-E's; specially designed to clean and renew the Earth from its critical state. He smiled as he looked with love on his "father", Leonard Stoppable the CEO of Buy and Large industries, and the former President of the United States. Ron-E chuckled to himself as he continued before turning to Roachie,

"you know, I think I like that name… I'm gonna give it to myself!"

Roachie cocked an antennae and chirped before Ron responded with a disgusted glare,

"nah, not Leonard…Blech. Stoppable, from now on I'm Ron-E Stoppable!"

He shouted this to the heavens as it echoed from the mountains of trash. Ron-E sighed and Roachie stared at him. Ron-E turned to his pet and gave a mock glare,

"yeah I know they can't hear me, but still! It counts!"

Roachie gave a chitter and followed his owner as they passed by many other Ron-E's lying dead in the dust. As the current one passed them unnoticing he looked down at the treads on his sneakers that were beginning to crumble. He looked down at a deactivated Ron-E cyborg. This one had perfect treads on his sneakers. He quickly slipped them off of the cyborg's feet processors and placed them on his own. He smiled and turned towards the deactivated cyborg,

"thanks dude! I don't really think they were your style anyway."

Roachie nodded in agreement with his owner as they came up to a ramp where a small trailer could be seen, cleared of all garbage,

"home sweet home."

Ron-E opened the hatch to a simple little trailer with racks on the left side. He smiled as he slipped off his "tread sneaks" and placed them on the floor. He looked around the small trailer and turned on the Christmas lights he had only hung a few weeks earlier. He smiled with care at them as he opened his "treasure box" to place the special things he'd found today with the rest of his collection. He pulled out a plastic spork and gave a laugh,

"humans are genius creatures."

He looked toward the fork, then the spoon but rubbed his head in confusion,

"now where does this go?"

Then he snapped his metallic fingers together before placing it in the middle. Then he dove back into his box and placed a Rubix cube and the lightbulb up on the racks before pulling out an old lighter. He pushed a button causing the racks to rotate and placed the lighter in the holder with all the others. He pulled a record tape from his chest and placed it in the box before an old movie showed on a small iPod screen from "Hello Dolly." Ron-E took a large mirror and swung it in front so the small iPod screen multiplied by tenfold.

"Put on your Sunday clothes,
There's lots of world out there
Get out the brilliantine and dime cigars."

Ron-E laughed and pulled out a trashcan lid before mimicking the movements he saw on screen. He sang softly as he danced around the trailer. Roachie gave a laugh and Ron-E felt a blush turn hot in his face plate. He put down the trash can lid and gazed hard at his pet through brown eye receptors,

"Roachie, we don't laugh remember?"

Roachie nodded and Ron-E turned around as another song came through on the video. He turned to see a young man and a woman, both dressed beautifully singing to one another,

"And that is all

That loves about

And we'll recall…

Till time runs out."

Ron-E stared at the sweet couple with longing as they reached for one another and took each other's hands. Ron-E sighed as he unfolded his metallic fingers and clasped them together. Roachie watched with keen interest as Ron-E became hypnotized by the sweet couple. He just wanted someone to be with him.

"and it only

Takes a moment

To be loved…

A whole life long…"

Ron-E sighed again as his hands remained clasped together. When he saw it he blushed and tore them apart before shutting off the screen,

"classical's aint my thing anyway."


Ron-E took the lunch box outside, banging on it to remove all the dirt and waste inside of it. He heard a rumble and narrowed his eye receptors focusing before seeing a large dust storm in the distance. His eyes widened in fear and he began banging the box more intently,

"come on you stupid box finish! Come on! Come on!"

He looked up in fear to see the dust storm closing in on him quickly. He looked down to see it had finished cleaning and he ran inside before calling to Roachie,

"Roachie! Get your butt in here!"

Roachie complied and Ron-E was able to shut the door just in time as the storm hammered down on the trailer. He sunk his head in exasperation before grabbing a Twinkie and letting it fall into Roachies bowl. Roachie climbed inside of the sweet treat as Ron-E grabbed a small box that said in large print,

"NACOS a Ron-E's favorite treat!"

He pulled one out of the bag and tossed it in his jaw plate before climbing into one of the racks and folding himself up into a box, a specialty of Ron-E's. he sat there quietly listening to the sound of the storm howling outside. He reached one arm out of the box and grabbed the floor to quietly rock himself, as if to comfort himself from the roaring sound of the storm.

"it's definitely gonna be a long night."

He said to no one.



Ron-E groaned as his low charge alert went off on his systems. He barely opened his eye receptors as he climbed out of the rack. He walked across the floor, barely getting five steps before falling on his face, tripping over the tread sneakers on the floor. He groaned in pain but reached over and pulled his sneaker on as he tried to refocus his eye receptors. After he got the other tread sneaker on he rolled outside and opened up his chest, unfolding the solar panel he kept there. A few beeps were heard before a three chord chime and Ron-E was wide awake for another day.

He collected the trash and processed it before producing it in a small cube. After which he turned and deposited it in a stack of other cubes. Hours and hours he went like this before finding a small bra in the pile of trash,

"what's this?"

He asked himself before putting it over his eyes,

"it's a sleep mask! I've heard of these!"

He giggled and threw it into his box.

He continued to process trash before the keys of an old 2006 Sloth became interesting,

"wonder what happens when I press this button?"

He pressed it and he heard a car alarm in the distance. Suddenly frightened he threw it down and exclaimed,

"I'm never touching another button again!"

he turned away as though disgusted by the sight before a big shiny red button came into view,


He picked it up and pressed the button before hearing,

"that was Smart!"

It was a Smarty Mart, Smart button! He'd heard of these! Before Buy and Large took over, Smarty Mart was the best place to get anything. He threw the button in with the other objects he had found, a shoe, an old Lil Diablo toy, a small rubber duck, and a ring box, (he had no interest in the ring). He returned to disposing of trash and making boxes when he came to a iron safe. He smiled as he pressed the tip of his nose servo, letting a small laser fold out from his forehead and cut the safe open. His "father" had given him many cool devices, but the "head-laser" was officially the coolest. There wasn't anything it couldn't cut through, strong enough to penetrate steel. He smiled with a cocky air as he wrenched the safe open. The bottom was torn off but that was not what he was looking at. In the safe…was a small…plant.

It was tiny and fragile, like a newborn baby, the leaves gracefully weighing down its stem so it curled into a beautiful, calligraphic "S". Ron-E looked in wonder at it, his eye receptors narrowing and widening constantly,

"this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I need to take it with me!"

He narrowed his eye receptors, finding that the rest of the plant was below ground. he looked at it curiously before scooping beneath it, collecting the roots and the plant itself and carrying it carefully over to the box.

"now what?"

He thought as he held the plant. The boot lay quietly in the box and Ron-E looked it over before smiling and gently letting go of the dirt as it fell softly into the boot. Ron-E smiled on the little plant as he gently closed the box, as though not to disturb the plant. He whistled for Roachie who responded with a click and scurried up his arm. Ron-E began treading back to the trailer, another day successfully complete.

He was excited to get back and put the plant on display,

"if I did have someone, I'm sure that would be the best thing that I could give them."

He smiled as he thought about the scene again.

'A boy holding a girls hand and singing gently to her of his love; what would that be like?'

Wondered Ron-E,

'to truly have someone made just for you. I can't hold Roachies hands because they're too little. I wonder what it would be like to hold someone's hand. To have a best friend like that?'

He giggled as he thought about a person holding his hand. He began to softly sing the musical,

"and that is all

That loves about…"

Unfortunately, he didn't see where he was going and heard the quiet squish of his only buddy Roachie.


He wailed miserably as he stared with sadness at his friend. A few seconds went by and Roachie popped up like nothing ever happened, wagging the end of his exoskeleton. Ron breathed a sigh of relief before sternly pointing to inside of the trailer,

"you stay there!"

He glared one more time at his pet to make sure he knew the concept before placing the lunchbox down.

"so let's get out our treasure for today am I right Roachie?"

As he opened the lid he noticed something… a small, barely seen light softly glinting off of the steel of the trailer,

"that's odd, I've never seen something like that before."

He decided he wanted to add it to his collection and reached out for it. Just as he was about to grab it…

It moved!

He looked around to see that it had moved ten feet away from him,


He said curiously. Roachie clicked and ran over to Ron-E before running up on him and staring at him, clicking a long monologue with a worry look on his face. Ron-E listened before picking him up and putting him on the ground,

"don't worry Roachie, I'll be fine, what's the worst that could happen?"

He pointed down and Roachie sat, still worry on his face as Ron-E wheeled himself outside to the dot. Just as he was getting nearer, it moved again! Now he was chasing it as it constantly moved from his grip. He narrowed his eye receptors, focusing constantly on the speck of light. it moved, he moved. It jumped, he jumped. The light began to dash around the rubble of buildings and through the desert climate, but Ron-E didn't notice he was straying too far away from home. his eye receptors narrowed and widened in curiosity, not even noticing the other specks of light that were trailing behind him. suddenly it stopped.

But Ron-E couldn't. his tire sneaks slid and screeched with a high whine as he pushed on the brakes,

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!"

he slid into a piece of metal from what used to be a ocean ship. Now that there wasn't an ocean, it was just something for him to run into. He pulled his head off the steel building, the imprint remaining. He stared at it before sticking out his metallic tongue and went back to the dot. It hadn't moved. He reached down slowly, as though not to startle it and grasped his hand around it. But it was odd. It went right through him. he laid his hand backwards in curiosity,

"huh? Now that's cool."

What he didn't see, were the multiple dots all converging on the same location. As they touched the center dot, Ron-E looked in shock as a loud roar was heard across the dead horizon. He looked around, unable to find anything that would seem suspicious then he looked up out of curiosity.

Good thing he did, for there in the sky were four jet turbines coming down on his spot! Ron-E didn't know what to do, as the jets came closer to him, he knew that he was a robot, but he could still melt! He looked around and saw the metal piece that he'd run into too far to run, so he began to hoist dirt out and make a hole. He quickly buried himself and remained there as the roar deadened in his large ear receptors, causing him to cover them to avoid audio damage. The sound stopped and Ron-E cautiously and hesitantly lifted his head out of the rocks to inspect the strange contraption that he had found.

He looked around, but he couldn't see anything, maybe it wasn't real, or just passing through. He gave a sigh of relief or was it sadness? He couldn't tell but he knew that he had to get back to work. He began to hoist himself out of the dirt with grunts of struggling before feeling a sharp pain in his head. he looked up to see the large rocket was behind him the whole time!

He looked at it with fascination, particularly interested in the door in front of him that had a symbol of KE on it. He stared at it, his brown eye receptors moving in and out while he tried to understand what it could mean. He never saw anything like this here before. He leaned closer, curious before hearing a hissing coming from the door and steam rising from it! Panic setting in, he rushed behind the door, as to not let the creature inside know he was there. Frightened as the door lowered, he spoke fearfully to himself,

"what if it's a monkey? I don't think I could stand it if it was a monkey!"

He'd saw pictures of monkeys, even one of something called Mystical Monkey Power ("SICK AND WRONG!") and learned from his information that they were diminutive humans, holding things with their feet and having no knowledge of something important called evolution (stupid creatures)

There he stopped his monkey rant. The creature had gotten out of the pod, but it wasn't a monkey. Ron-E's eye receptors eyed carefully as this marvelous creature typed something back in the pod before Ron-E saw with fear the rocket began to ignite.

Back in panic mode he threw himself in the dirt once more before quietly lifting his head. the rocket was gone and he turned his head and dropped his jaw as he turned his head and saw what he thought was the most beautiful thing his eye receptors had ever laid on.

She was tall, and about Ron-E's age, she had long red hair follicles that fell down and flipped over her shoulders. Her eye receptors glowed green. Unlike Ron-E, she had a blue suit over her robotic body and soft white shoes that glowed blue on the tips and allowed her to levitate like a beautiful angel.

Ron-E couldn't help himself but sigh, which he didn't even know he could do. She was beautiful. He couldn't help but find a song that he had heard a few days ago coming back to mind…and the oddest thing was, it wasn't the one from the moving picture. No, this song, he had heard when he was picking up trash off the ground. it was a old vinyl record that he played when he got home. now that song was coming back,

"Could it be

You and I

Never imagined

Could it be


I'm falling for you?

Could it be

You were right here beside me

And I never knew

Could it be that it's true that it's you."

He smiled as those words came back to him as he stared at the redheaded beautiful robot in front of him. She didn't seem to see him, focusing instead on the rocket before it disappeared. Then she smiled and took off in a few somersaults before leaping high in the air with some flips and jumps with herkey springs, not to mention side hurdler liftoffs. Ron-E watched as the robot girl glided with smooth motions through the air, without showing any struggle to do it. He smiled as he saw the smile of enjoyment on her face. He decided to talk to her, how could he get to know her if he didn't talk to her.

"Hey!" he called out loudly. The robot girl stopped and turned around faster than he expected and before he could blink he found himself lying in the desert with her on top of him, a spear hand waiting by his throat. He gulped loudly as he looked into her narrowed eye receptors, they went from happy to angry in a split second, she certainly was a special person. He couldn't help but give a goofy grin, but she sneered before asking,


Ron-E realized that she was talking to him minutes after she said it. He had no idea what to say so he just nodded. The robot girl nodded and climbed off him before smiling and holding out her hand,

"I'm directive too. my name's KimEve."

Ron-E didn't know how to say that but he was gonna give it a shot for her. He looked at her with gentle brown eye receptors,

"KimEve? Do you mind if I call you KP?"

KimEve looked confused, she'd been called KE before, those were her initials after all but KP? Where did this robot get that? Her confusion must have shown on her face because Ron-E shrugged and gave her a goofy grin that up until today, Roachie had been the only one to see,

"it sounds a lot like KimEve but its cooler," then he blushed and commented quietly, "as if you looking cooler were possible."

KimEve gave a smile and chuckled,

"you know, you're weird but I like you." Then her ears perked up at a word that he'd said,

"can you repeat what you said?"

Ron-E blanched. She had said she liked him! He had to keep his sneakers rotating just to keep him from fainting. Then he realized that she had asked him to repeat something and he took a large gulp and repeated,

"I said, as if you looking cooler were possible."

KimEve smiled at him,

"Possible. I like it. KimEve Possible…or just Kim Possible, then you calling me KP makes sense." She gave him a serene smile and looked at him with luminous green receptors,

"so what's your name?"

Ron-E smiled at her green receptors, they were so beautiful before responding,

"Ron-E. Ron-E Stoppable."

KimEve smiled and put a metallic hand to her chin in thought,

"Ron-E. I like that name."

Ron-E just about melted there.

Beep de bee Deep

Ron-E looked around in confusion. He'd never heard that sound. He turned to KimEve who was sighing in annoyance before looking at Ron-E with sad eyes,

"I'm sorry Ron-E I have to go. I have a mission. Maybe we can talk later okay?"

Ron-E nodded but in his chest (I'd say heart but he didn't know if he had one) he had a feeling to go with her. He didn't want to lose his first robotic friend. As KimEve was leaving Ron-E called out,

"would you like some help?"

KimEve turned around and stared at him in confusion,

"what are you talking about Ron-E?"

Ron-E wheeled himself over to her,

"well, I know this place like the back of my hand. I can help you with whatever you need. You can call me your sidekick. It would get it done faster."

KimEve was taken aback. This robot that she had just met was willing to help her? She had met a lot of cruel robot boys where she was from, all wanting something from her, but she could see a sincerity in this one's eyes. She gave him a warm smile and nodded,

"I'd like that Ron-E"

So there you have it. The very start of this new adventure. This is not part of the Chosen Guardian so you won't see any Guardian's here. Sorry. This is a new series called KP Movies where I rewrite great movies, Disney and others, with KP characters, which can cause the plot to change a little bit but don't worry I promise I won't destroy the movie. Hope you enjoyed this, and if you don't know what movie I'm rewriting here it's Wall-E. leave me a review and I'll send you a reply, and maybe a cupcake in a cup…if I knew how to make it ;) laters!