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The mission begins

Ron-E was at a loss for words as he quietly rolled behind KimEve or KP as he called her. The soft pulses of sonic energy pulsed around her thrusters as she floated in front of him,

'she's so beautiful, powerful, absolutely incredible.' he thought whimsically.

The silence was deafening as KimEve quietly scanned different piles of assorted trash, her monitor and radar giving her negative on her objective. She stole a glance back to Ron-E who was quietly following her, his brown eye receptors catching her green ones,

'he really is nice. I've never met someone who actually wants to be my friend, what a nice guy…and really nice eyes too.' She thought, as he gave her a large smile, turning up the dimples in his face servo and showing off his freckles.

She wanted to give one back before the cold voice of Drauto returned to her,

"you have a mission KimEve, find your objective."

KimEve let the feelings fall away as she refocused. Everyone was counting on her, she had to do this.

"so Ron-E, do you know what a plant is?"

A plant? He'd never heard of it. But if he said no, would she leave?

"a plant? Sure, I mean, totally we have a ton of those here!"

He rubbed his nose servo and his breath shortened as his integrity function began to overheat, but it cooled down immediately as she flashed him an ecstatic smile,

"really? Where Ron-E? where?!"

'great…now what?'

"um…follow me."

And follow him she did, as they trekked to different locations. He took her to an old, broken down Smarty Mart,

"I've heard that humans used to eat plants, and they would buy them here."

He offered his arm but she went in, ignoring the gesture and began scanning. Aisle after aisle, she searched, with no luck.

"it's not here Ron-E." she scowled. Ron-E gave a gulp of fear and quickly said,

"there's always more places KP, we'll find it."

"well it's not here, so let's go."

She hurried herself out of the store and as the sliding doors creaked closed behind her she gave a shudder and quietly whispered to herself,

"I don't think I could take another minute of that place…for some reason, I just don't like it."

She gave another look of disgust to the place and they trekked on, she flew by a old campground and looked toward Ron-E,

"hey, what about that place?"

Ron-E turned to where she was gesturing and an old, splintered wooden sign glared back with the dark, red words, Camp Wannaweep. Ron-E gave a shudder,

"I don't think so KP, that place is the root of all evil, I wouldn't."

But KimEve didn't listen, she had to find that plant, people were counting on her, she had no time to be scared of superstitions.

She walked in, scanning the different murky water and searching for her target. But the lake gave no indication of having what she sought for. Frustrated she turned away from the water and to Ron-E,

"well Ron-E, it's not here either." She crossed her arms and glared angrily with her green eye receptors. Ron-E tugged nervously at the brown covering that he wore, his heat regulator beginning to overheat,

"don-don't worry KP, we'll find it. There's gotta be a plant around here somewhere."

KimEve rolled her green eye servos with annoyance as the voice of Drauto returned to her,

"KimEve, what is taking so long?"

KimEve tried to shut the loud, obnoxious voice in her head, but that wasn't possible,

"keep your wheel on Drauto, I'm looking!"

She screamed in her head with sarcasm. She could swear she almost heard a growl coming back, but she shook it from her memory files. She heard the voice of Ron-E shouting,


She could feel the robotic youth push her out of the way, with more strength than she thought his model should've had. She was pleasantly surprised but a little annoyed with it all the same,

"Ron-E, what was that for?"

She asked irritated. She got her answer as a large belch came from behind her,


She turned and saw a dark green fish/frog robot glaring at Ron-E with burning red eyes,


Ron-E was confused as he dodged another slime ball, (completely unaware of how he did of course) and called back in his robotic voice,

"dude! I don't even know you!"

The fish/frog robot gave a growl,

"don't play dumb Ron-E! I was your partner remember?! It was my job to disintegrate trash and rubble, while you made it into boxes, Gil-l remember?!"

KimEve didn't understand and she said slowly,


The creature snarled and screeched,


Ron-E rolled his eyes,

"you were always a little hyphenarical Gil-L that's why they took you off production."

Gil-L gave another snarl and stabbed a long pointed finger at his former partner,

"it's hysterical you idiot! And they just didn't recognize my obvious talents!"

He shot another belch towards Ron-E that began to disintegrate the piece of moldy land that he was standing on. Ron-E looked around in fear as Gil-L gave a sinister chuckle,

"beneath you is a lake filled with so much pollution, it's like acid, perfect for dissolving Ron-E's like you."

He wrung his metal hands together with sadistic glee,

"bye bye Ron-E, it's not been fun."

Ron-E was about to fall when a rushing blue beauty with firey red metal hair caught him and set him down,

"nobody disintegrates my friend. Ron-E what do you know about this freak? I don't have any files on him in my databanks."

Ron-E gave a serious nod, kind of shocked that KimEve had rescued him. It felt kind of nice, but robots couldn't feel, could they? He realized KimEve was waiting for an answer and he stuttered quickly, tripping over his words.

"right! Well Mr. Stoppable created Gil-L to be my partner, he would be able to go into the ocean and disintegrate the trash inside. However, the polluted water corrupted him and made him pure evil, hence the reason they shut down production. This must be the last one."

Gil-L gave a laugh before snorting in some more of the polluted water,

"oh I got good news for that Ron-E, the water had a pleasant effect on my systems, I can make anyone like me now! better watch out!"

He hurled a water ball filled with green sticky liquid towards Ron-E, he ducked and it fell over him, sticking to the ground behind him. He turned to Gil-L and swung his metallic hips with attitude,

"oh no you didn't! KP, let's take out this jerk."

He turned to her with narrowed brown eyes and Kim-Eve nodded, before rounding her body in a series of flips and kicks. She ran towards Ron-E who held his hands out with expectance. She landed in his outstretched palms and he hoisted her towards Gil-L. Gil-L couldn't believe it! it was like the two combatants had known each other their whole lives! They worked together like a well oiled machine. He reached up to spit a gob of goo and water mix to the female robot, when Ron-E called out,

"Hey Gill! Over here!"

Gil-L, frustrated, turned his attention from Kim-Eve to Ron-E and bellowed,

"I told you its…"

But what "it" was, we'll never know, as Kim-Eve dropped on him from above.

"for the record" she indicated, "Gil-L and Gill both sound the same, with or without the hyphen."

Gil-L couldn't do anything as he fell down, unconscious from the kick. Kim-Eve gave a triumphant smile. She turned to Ron-E who was clapping his hands together estactically,

"nice job KP!"

Kim-Eve blushed at the praise. Her soft pale steel cheeks were turning the same color as her iron red hair. She glanced back at Ron-E who she guessed was doing a little victory dance as he jumped about the place happily chanting,

"She's bad! You're sad! She's bad! You're sad!"

Kim-Eve smiled and yelled back,

"couldn't do it without you Ron-E! You're awesome!"

Ron-E felt a goofy smile cross his face, she'd just said he was awesome…him…the outdated, old fashioned model…was awesome. He leaned back, happily dreaming of those words over and over again. What he didn't notice was the ground beneath him, which was slowly cracking from the pressure.

"you're awesome. You're awesome. You're awesome. Ron-E? Ron-E? Ron-E!"


He dazed. He noticed Kim-Eve was signaling to him,

"Ron-E move! That ground isn't very stable!"

Too late. Through the ground he fell, but unlike falling in the toxic lake like he thought he would, he fell through to what he guessed by his scanner was an old sanctuary. He coughed as dirt clogged his air filter before hearing Kim-Eve's worried voice,

"Ron-E are you alright?!"

He gave another cough and responded,

"I'm okay KP. Keep looking for the plant, I'll be up in a second."

He took her silence as her agreeing. Then he muttered,

"as soon as I find a way out of here."

He walked to what he figured was the center of the sanctuary. He didn't notice the strange emblem that lay on the floor and the four strange monkey face statues around him. in the center was a small alter and a note. Ron-E picked it up, and thankful that his cybernetic synapses in his brain could help him understand what it said,

To anyone that reads this,

This is my private sanctuary dedicated to the Mystical Monkey Arts. If you've found it, I tip my hat to you. Around you are the four statues of the Mystical Monkey Power, a power that can only be given to those that are chosen. For years I thought it was me, but no matter what I did, to the point of changing my genetic structure to be half that of a monkey, did nothing to convince God that I deserved this great power. So I hid all of my Mystical Monkey Power artifacts here for the one who would be chosen to wield this great power. I hope that no one will read this, meaning the power stays away and it wasn't just me. however, I am sad to say that I know this is not true. So to you who finds this and reads this, I wish you great luck in your endeavors. Know this, the person who God has destined to give this power…will go through many trials. With that, I leave this for you.

-Lord Montgomery Fisk (Monkey Fist)

Ron-E threw the letter to the ground,


He looked beneath this and saw a glowing yellow banana glimmering on the alter. Nervous, he touched it and saw the peels begin to come off. he shrieked with shock and looked down to the last bit of the note,

P.S. this is the Golden Banana. If it peels, it's you.

Ron-E gave a shriek louder than before. Fear beginning to settle in his circuits. He hastily tried to put the banana's peels back up,

"Oh banana, banana stay up I say; for Mystical Monkey Power I don't want today…or any day for that matter."

The banana seemed to stop at the middle of peeling. The skin of the banana hung like leaves around the banana like a beautiful piece of art. It still glowed profusely, but Ron-E didn't seem to notice as he let out a sigh of relief,

"whew, for a minute there, I thought I was going to be…"

But he never finished it as a bright gold light enveloped him. lifted in the air he felt a new power course through him before he fell to the ground. The statues were gone, the golden banana restored and Ron-E stared at the sanctuary with curiousity,

"well…that was weird."

He heard a feminine voice call out in the rubble,

"Ron-E! Ron-E! Ron-E!"

He skated over to the voice as quickly as he could with his treads, thinking that it sounded very familiar.

"I'm here! I'm here!"

He called out, the spooky sanctuary still making him uneasy. He heard the voice call back with fear,

"stand back!"

He distinctly heard the hum of a blaster being warmed up. He quickly stumbled back from the rocks as they exploded in front of him. he coughed the rough dust from his circuits that were beginning to become scratched with the dust. He heard the voice call out for him again,

"Ron-E? Ron-E?"

He couldn't see through the dust so he set on his windshield wipers. He saw a blurry figure appear as he felt cold metal arms wrap around him,

"Ron-E! I was so scared! Where were you?!"

He was shocked as he noticed the flaming sheet metal hair that touched the nape of his steel neck.


He asked with uncertainty.

"of course! What would I do without you?"

He felt something inside him jump, he felt like his chest servos were overheating. A smile crossed his face as he felt the body of the lithe robot girl around him.

"you were worried about me?"

He asked unbelieving. Kim-Eve smiled at the sound of his voice. She wouldn't tell him, but when he fell through, even though he told her to keep looking for the plant, that was the last thing on her mind. she felt a hot blush come to her cheeks and she quickly lied,

"of course, who else will help me find the plant?"

Ron-E felt a stab in his chest and he began to think,

'of course, why else would she be worried? I'm the only one who knows about the plant…the plant that probably doesn't even exist.'

"right. Who else?"

The conversation became very awkward as the duo walked out of the rubble. Trying to get the conversation back on track for her mission, Kim-Eve in a weak voice said,

"so…where to next?"

Ron-E turned to her and shrugged his shoulders half-heartedly,

"I don't honestly know."

Kim-Eve heard Drautos cold voice coming to her head,

"what do you mean you don't know?"

Ron-E was about to answer her when his sensors went off,

Danger! Danger! Dust storm approaching!

Ron-E's eyes widened as he saw that right behind Kim-Eve looming like a massive tidal wave about to swallow them.


Kim-Eve regarded him coldly,


She was shocked at Ron-E's wide eyes which were blaring with red sirens. She turned around and saw the dust storm. Her eyes went wide with fear and was shocked to feel Ron-E's hand grasp hers firmly,

"stay with me KP. Whatever you do, don't fly right now, the sand will get into your boosters."

She was shocked to hear the commanding tone in his voice. She watched with awe and admiration as he picked her up and hold her tight to his chest,

"lean in. you don't want to breathe in this stuff. I can because I'm used to it, but if you do…well, just lean in okay?"

She complied and listened to the whirring and ticking of the cogs and gears inside. She could feel him beginning to move faster. Her breath caught and even though Drauto's cold voice returned to her, she couldn't care less.

Ron-E focused on nothing but getting Kim-Eve to safety,

'she's never been here before. She's never been through dust storms. But this one is going to overpower us soon. I cant stay ahead of it forever.'

He gave a small gasp of panic as he watched the dust storm begin to close around them,

'no! I can survive in this, but only for a little while. If I fall, she wont be able to make it back alive! I can't fall here!'

What he and Kim-Eve didn't see however, was the soft blue glow that was beginning to envelop the young robot.

Desperation clutched at him and he ran faster, his treads gliding smoothly over the ground below. He could see his bunker in the former town of Middleton coming into view.

'just a little farther, just a little farther!'

With one last push of energy he threw himself through the door, his arms still wrapped protectively around Kim-Eve. He turned and saw Roachie who smiled and squeaked a small

"Welcome Home!"

He turned with a blush to Kim-Eve, who had a blush the same color as her red hair as she stared into his brown eye receptors,

'such a beautiful brown color.'

She thought before hastily climbing off of him.

"thank you Ron-E."

Ron-E turned to her in shock and whispered,

"you're welcome."

That's when he realized she was in his house! A blush covered his face as she began looking around,

"when can we leave Ron-E? I have a mission I just can't blow it off."

She said, trying to keep from looking at him to avoid getting caught in his brown eye receptors. Ron-E answered simply,

"don't know. Most of the time when these dust storms come around they last the whole day."


Kim-Eve responded quietly. Ron-E could sense the hesitation in his voice,

"well, do you want to take a look around?"

She nodded with a smile and he handed her a spork,

"I found this one day. These are all my treasures."

Kim-Eve was excited as she observed the spork closely, running her hands over the grooves of the rough plastic,

"these humans are genius creatures aren't they?"

Ron-E froze and his AI brain ran on overtime as he processed her words slowly,

'she's just like me!'

He thought. His voice box caught as he responded,

"yeah, they really are."

He pretended to be interested in a shelf as he watched Kim-Eve observe his house. She sauntered around, her green eyes going wide as she observed everything closely. She quietly picked up a Rubix cube from one of the shelves and held it in her hands. Ron-E watched as she ran her hands delicately over the surface and he quickly swallowed the lump in his throat as he began to mindlessly organize his shelves as he watched her from the corner of his eye,

"um…if you twist it, you can play with it."

He muttered. Kim-Eve's eyes widened in realization and she began twisting and turning the rows of the Rubix cube in every way. Within ten seconds, she had unknowingly solved the puzzle. She placed the cube back in its place, satisfied and no longer wishing to play with it. Something else caught her eye as she picked up a whisk. She noticed a small handle on the side and began to rapidly turning, unfortunately breaking it. Ron-E stifled a laugh as a blush flew to her cheeks and she quickly replaced it on the shelf. Ron-E smiled watching her,

'I've always had my things. I've collected them for years, to destroy one should make me angry right? So why doesn't it? I'm just happy she's enjoying herself…'

The lightbulb caught his attention and he smiled,

'I wonder…'

He quickly brought it up to Kim-Eve and held it out towards her,

"this is a lightbulb KP. Apparently, humans would use this for…something."

He shrugged, because he couldn't remember for the life of him what it was used for and Kim-Eve laughed as she took it from his hands. Her metallic fingers clacked against his, and his robotic heart thumped in his chest as a beep betrayed from his solar cable that was connected to it. Kim-Eve tried to hide a blush in her cheeks as her heart thumped in her chest. She stared at him before wrapping her hand more securely around the lightbulb.

In an instant, it lit up. Ron-E watched with amazement, before turning to Kim-Eve, stars shining in his eyes,

"wow! That's amazing KP! How'd you do that?"

He took it from her hand and she stifled a giggle in her mouth as she watched him. he shook it a couple times and tapped gently on the glass before pouting,

"aw, I can't do it! no fair."

Kim-Eve laughed at the childlike antics of her friend,

"here let me help."

She wrapped her hand around his and gently sent a burst of power through it. the lightbulb lit up. She smiled gently,

"see? It will work with you too."

They turned to the other before a blush overtook each of their face and they let go. the lightbulb dimmed as Kim-Eve put it back on the shelf. Ron-E couldn't help but stare at her hand that lay at her side. The warmth left his hand as it tingled with the urge to hold it once more.

'stop Ron-E, she probably wants nothing to do with you.'

He shook off those feelings as she continued to move through the small compound. He went back to the shelves and began to go through his belongings, trying to keep his mind off the beautiful red headed robot next to him.

Kim-Eve continued to peruse the shelves, trying to keep her mind off the blond headed robot next to her. She spotted an old cassette tape and picked it up gently, her eyes scanning it's information.

'that's odd…there's tape within the box…'

Unwittingly, she began to pull it out, which exhibited a shriek from Ron-E

"Ah! KP! Wait!"

Ron-E quickly took it out of her hands and wound the tape back into the box with a screw,

"oh I hope it still works."

Kim-Eve watched with a hint of annoyance, what was so important? She watched as a big screen full of humans appeared, all dancing and singing,

"put on your Sunday clothes, there's lot's of world out there…"

Ron-E watched as Kim-Eve studied the people with interest, her scanner emerging as she watched them. Ron-E laughed and pulled out a trashcan lid,

"this is how to do it KP."

He began to copy the moves as best he could, humming along with the tune. Kim-Eve watched with interest as he tapped his treads on the floor beneath him. he placed the trashcan lid on his head and held out a hand,

"shall we?"

She giggled and took his hand as he led her through the moves. They laughed and jumped around before spinning fast. Kim-Eve however, was a little more fast than Ron-E and he found himself catapulted into the wall behind him.


He groaned. Kim-Eve recognized her blunder and rushed over,

"Ron-E! I'm sorry are you okay?! Oh my gosh! You're hurt!"

Ron-E noticed that one eye hung from his socket, strung together by only a few wires. He felt around the complex and stopped as his good eye landed on a blurry vision of new eyes,

"no worries KP. I always come prepared."

He quickly slid the old eye out and put the new one in. moving it up and down and staring at her with confidence,

"see? Good as new."

He said, flexing his eyes to prove it. he went to step forward and his brown uniform trousers that he wore fell to his ankles. he groaned and sat up,

"now if only I knew how to stop losing my pants. Why do I even have pants anyway? I'm a robot for pete's sake!"

Kim-Eve laughed and noticed a thick piece of leather sticking out from one of the shelves. She scanned it and quickly looped it around her friends waist as he pulled up his pants. Ron-E blushed as she tightened the strap,

"uh…KP? What're you doing?"

Kim-Eve looked up at him with a dazzling smile,

"I can scan anything Ron-E. It's part of my programming…my directive. This was used by humans to keep their pants up. I bet it'll help you too."

She smiled as she tightened it one more time before placing her hands on her hips with pride,

"there. That should do the trick."

Ron-E stared at her grin with a goofy smile. she was always so brass and confident. She completed each mission to her best capability. He felt a small twinge of guilt as he realized he had no idea what a plant was or if it was even here,

'that's not right of me.'

Kim-Eve didn't notice however as she moved to another shelf and had picked up a lighter, staring fondly at the fire, her green eyes dancing in the embers. From behind him, Ron-E could hear the gentle voices of the singers,

"and that is all

that loves about…

And we'll recall

Till time runs out…

And it only takes a moment"

He clasped his hands together. He would tell her the truth. He owed her that much.

'I'm going to give her something too. If anything, just so she remembers me…but what? Oh! That would work!'

"uh KP?"

He asked hesitantly. Kim-Eve looked up from the lighter to her friend and smiled,


He could feel his neck and cheek servos heating up in a blush as she smiled at him, but he had to focus! He turned from her and held out a hand,

"wait right there! I've got something for you!"

She giggled as she watched him rummage through his collection. She turned back to the fire and gently held her hand over the flames,

'he's so nice. I wish I could stay here forever.'


She turned and saw Ron-E on one knee holding something behind his back,

"listen. I don't know if the plant you're looking for is here. I'll try to help as best I can, but if you have to leave…I want you to have this."

He held out an old shoe with the small green grass hanging delicately from its perch. Kim-Eve didn't recognize it so she began to scan,


Suddenly a beep was heard! She watched as the light shown green. Her face went pale as her words ceased. She froze as a compartment in her chest opened up and bathed the small plant in a blue light, taking it into her chest. The lights began to flicker as Kim-Eve grew paler and paler. Ron-E didn't know what to make of it as the small plant was taken from his finger tips into his friend's chest.

The small boot floated there for about half a second before dropping on the small pedestal that surfaced inside Kim-Eve. As it dropped. Kim-Eve's eyes turned off, her face pale and lifeless as she fell to the ground.

Ron-E became coherent as he picked up his friends head and cradled it next to his chest,


No response.

He knew he couldn't check for a pulse…since they were robots and all, but he couldn't help laying his head down where her heart would be, to see if he could hear just a slight ticking of cogs or gears

No sound was heard.


He shouted as the storm raged outside.

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