Chapter One: New Girl, New Town

"Okay, just breathe. You can do this. You know you can do this. You've done it a thousand times! Yeah, you can do this!" Cammie spoke quietly to herself while walking down the halls of her new school. She got a few glances from other students chatting beside lockers or looking through their textbooks, but that's all they were, glances. It was as soon as they saw there wasn't really anything to look at they went back to whatever they were doing.

Cammie had to admit, she wasn't really anything special. She had short brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. She wasn't "hot" or anything, but she wasn't ugly, in her opinion anyway. She was, ordinary, and that made her happy. Cammie reached for the piece of paper tucked away in her back pocket.

"L13 / 03.24.33" she read. It also contained her timetable over the next two weeks. Cammie crinkled her forehead at the words jumbled across the page. She needed help from someone and soon before the bell rung. She looked around; everyone was either rushing to class or gathering their books. Surely she couldn't let another student suffer for her. She had to figure it out on her own. She spun the lock around a few times and gently pulled the lock down, nothing. It would not open. She began to repeat the process again, pulling down a bit harder this time.

"Shit." she cursed. She couldn't believe she would be getting a detention on her first day.
"Hey, problem with your locker?" Cammie turned to see a girl with dark chocolate brown hair and deep brown eyes. The girl nodded at the lock then turned to Cammie.
"Uh, yeah," Cammie sputtered.
"Well let's see if I can help," the girl smiled. She seemed friendly, but from all the schools Cammie had been too, she knew people liked to keep up their appearances. Although, Cammie couldn't help but feel guilty for thinking something so cruel about someone who had willingly offered to help her.

The girl studied the lock with a grim face then finally turned to Cammie, "What's your code?" Cammie blinked then remembered the piece of paper she was holding, she opened it and showed it to the girl.
"Oh my gosh! You're in Mr Welsh's English class as well!" she grinned, showing off her even teeth.
"I am?" Cammie asked with a confused expression on her face.
The girl nodded and said, "I read it on your timetable." she smiled once more and turned back to the lock.
"Right, 3..24..33." she mumbled. She pulled down the lock, releasing a 'clink' sound. "There you go!" she smiled again. She seemed to always be smiling.
"Thanks, if it wasn't for you I might have been here for hours, crap, did I make you late?" Cammie asked, with a trace of concern in her voice.
The girl waved away Cammie's words, "Don't sweat it, Mr Welsh is totally cool. I've been coming to his classes late for 2 years, I'm pretty sure he expects this from me."
Cammie released a grateful sigh and turned to her locker. Her textbooks and pens were all in her bag and it would take too long to unload everything. She decided to grab a book and pen and shoved her bag in her locker.

The girls walked in the direction of the English block when the silence was broken, "I'm Bex, by the way." she said giving a small smile.
"I'm C-"
"Cameron," Bex finished. Cammie gaped at her name being spoken by a girl she only met a few minutes ago.
"How did y-"
"It said so on your timetable, I assure you I'm not a stalker." Bex giggled.
"Right. Please, call me Cammie."
"Cammie, huh? My name's really Rebecca but call me that and you'll wake up with a few missing limbs."
Cammie couldn't help but laugh at that.
"C'mon, before we're really late," Bex tugged Cammie.
The girls rushed to room 504. Bex turned the handle without saying another word.

"Ahh, finally. I was wondering when you would rock up Miss Baxter, and it seems you've brought our latest student with you, Miss Morgan, am I correct?" The man said. He had short brown hair and stubble around his perfectly shaped lips. He seemed to be in his mid-twenties by the look for his chosen attire.
"You're correct." Cammie nodded.
"Excellent, if you'll take a seat please, anywhere is fine." He nodded at her then moved to write on the board. Cammie scanned the sea of faces. There were a few spare seats around the room. One next to a small girl with wild purple hair styled in a Mohawk. One near a boy with glasses on his nose reading a novel. Another near a girl with long blond hair and pink everywhere. Cammie looked for Bex; she was settling into her chair and waving for her to come over.

"Hey," she whispered when Cammie had found the seat.
"Hey," Cammie smiled back.
"So, what do you think? Is Mr Welsh a hottie or what?" Bex couldn't help but bite her lip and smile at him. It was true, Mr Welsh could definitely be considered a "hottie" to some, but Cammie liked to keep her opinions about her teachers strictly to an educational value.

"He seems… young." Cammie decided to say
"He's only 25, that's 8 years older than us." Bex stated. Cammie turned back to look at Mr Welsh, she didn't admire him as much as Bex, obviously, but maybe that was because she had been in his class for 2 years.
"8 years, that's still a lot."
"I've seen people that have a 15 year gap. This is nothing compared to them." Bex said. Cammie couldn't help but notice the trace of longing in her voice.

No, she wouldn't. She wouldn't dare to think about going out with a teacher! No, he wouldn't dare to think to go out with a student. He wouldn't sacrifice his career for her. No one would be so idiotic to do that, or even try. Cammie thought.

"You don't, you know, like him or anything?" Cammie asked. Bex blushed and opened her mouth to reply when Mr Welsh turned to face them.
"It truly is a lovely sight to see you making new friends here, Cammie, but at this school, we believe learning is a very smart thing to be occupying yourself with." He crossed his muscular arms.
Cammie gulped and nodded, "Sorry sir, it won't happen again."
"Good," He turned back to the board, "And Miss Morgan, I hope you're enjoying St Luke's, It's very different compared to other schools."

I realised.

Author's Notes:

Hello you beautiful individuals. Just so you know, I'm editing all my chapters, because this was my first story and I kind of cringe in shame when I read over the old copy of this. The plot is still generally the same; the content is a bit revamped.

Thank you so much for reading x