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Chapter 1 : Can Never Grow Up

|(not-so-much-of-an)Author's POV|

Few years past since Haruhi had joined the Host Club, many things had happened as well. The seniors had graduated and moved onto college, the sophomores became the seniors, and the freshmen became the sophomores, and as it goes on, their bond of friendship never disappeared. Though it was until the forever remembered Freshmen were the last members of the Host Club in High School, Kyouya, Tamaki, Honey and Mori had their busy days in college life. Haruhi was well known to be contented with everything, but what about the Twins?

It all started with a fine morning, the weather was quite peaceful, the air was refreshing, the bird chirping tells that it was a perfect day and nothing could go wrong. People wore a smile in their faces, except for one.

And her name was Haruhi Fujioka.

"Hey Haruhi! Tell me, how do you turn this thing on?" A black-haired male snickered and turned his head, his body facing a small television set.

"Just twist the button on the side, Hikaru." With a frown on her face, she glared at him.

"Woah! All those button fit in one rectangular side! Commoners are geniuses!" Kaoru exclaimed with his innocent amazement.

Haruhi sighed loudly, preparing tea and snacks for her guests, 'Of all days, why today?' she thought to herself. It was supposed to be a day for herself, she would've spent it sleeping, studying, or shopping. Now she has to spent it with two mischievous (not to mention gorgeous) rich boys, who is a novice for commoner's ways of living.

"Hikaru, Kaoru. Why didn't you bring the others with you? ..Not that I'm suggesting it.." They would've always go to trips together, but this time only twins popped out of the blue. The twins exchanged glances.

"Well, they couldn't really make it.." Hikaru first answered. "Tono already told us he was in a conference with his dad." Kaoru added.

"Eh? What about Kyouya-senpai?" Haruhi frowned a bit.

"Some business matters in Palermo."


"A little gathering of the Haninozuka and Morinozuka Families." The twins answered one after another in a pattern, having some old twin moment.

"So I guess that goes for Mori-senpai as well huh?" She felt a bit saddened, she missed those days, even if some of the members were troublesome. Namely the 'Three Idiots', Hikaru, Kaoru and Tamaki. She missed being with them all.. "..That's a shame.."

The twins exchanged glances once more, with bored expressions.

"Hey Haruhi, want to go see my latest works?" Hikaru grins, getting a pile of papers from his bag. "I made this style for you, and I assure you that it would be comfortable." He advertised.

"Are you sure? It looks so...so hard to wear." She frowned, she never liked complicated outfits. She would never know why people dress weird in fashion shows. Seriously, a dress that looks like tire? Come on, what are their designers thinking? Making complex dresses for people to wear.. Haruhi put a part of her hair at the back of his ear, revealing it. Her hair was quite long now, after last year, revealing to everyone that she was indeed a she. She set of onto having her hair to grow long, it was actually the Three Idiots' plan, along with Honey agreeing.

During a long and argumentation of Haruhi and Hikaru in his work, Kaoru felt a little out of place, he felt a long time of silence in his place and was lost in his thoughts for a moment.

Hikaru chose to follow their mother's footsteps, he chose to study fashion in college. It was clearly decided by the both of them that he was gonna be the one to inherit it. Kaoru made no hesitation of giving it to him, he chose a different course, fine arts. They both have the skill for art, and all crafts related to it, they were truly in a family of artists. So in the end, they have to be apart, but that doesn't mean it was all a bad ending now would it?

Hikaru was very determined to be with Haruhi, he even finished Kaoru's training program for him. He have been calmer in some situations now and then, and Kaoru was very concer- happy for him. Well yes, he was concerned about him. Very concerned. He can't get a hold of Haruhi yet. He sometimes feel hopeless for him. His eyes twitched and he stood up, he roamed around the other rooms, until he saw the shrine of Haruhi's mother. He stared off and took a good look at her. 'Well she's Haruhi's mom alright..' He stared at the picture frame, and smiled lightly. He took it back from the shrine, and gave respect.

"Hey Kaoru!" Hikaru shouted to his side so bluntly and loudly, with a glass of juice in hand. "Whatcha doing there?"

Hikaru glared at his twin. "Giving respect, unlike you."

"Since when did you know how to give respect?"

"Shut up."

"Hey is that Haruhi's mom?" Hikaru barged in, scooting from his brother's side, he stared at the frame. "Woah, cool."

"Seriously Hikaru, you're acting like an underaged drunkard." Starting to get annoyed.

"It's because I am one?" He snickered.

"..Hikaru, Kaoru, be careful when you're near the shrine." Haruhi's voice reached where the twins' are. Hikaru suddenly stumbled off into the mat, making his land on his brother. But Kaoru pushed him back for him to regain his balanced, it was too late when Hikaru's glass of juice was spilled on the shrine. A horrible noise of the glass that broke was heard.

"Uh-oh.." The twins said in unison with guilt on their faces.

Kaoru quickly lifted up the frame, with it's glass broken as well, the picture of her mother was smudged, completely destroyed. Hikaru's face was horrified, as well as Kaoru's.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" He kept pleading infront of his brother.

"Don't apologize to me!"

Before they could start a quarrel, they heard footsteps coming, Haruhi. They panicked and took the smudged picture, hoping they would have quickly repair it. But that would be hoping for the impossible.

"Hikaru, Kao-"

"HAAARRUHI!" Hikaru called out too enthusiastically, blocking out Haruhi's view of the mess. Kaoru managed to pick up some of the pieces, getting bruised throughout the process. But nothing would stop Haruhi's curiosity.

"Hikaru.. Get out of the way. What happened?" Pushing Hikaru, she saw a peek of Kaoru. "Kaoru, what're you doing?"

"N-n-nothi-" He stepped back, almost stepping into the broken glasses. Haruhi was determined to see what were the twins' hiding.

Kaoru took the smudged photo of Kotoko, hanging it around. Hikaru jerked sideways as Haruhi pinched him, revealing the disastrous mess. Haruhi's eyes went wide.

"Oh shit." They once again said in unison as they trembled.

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