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Weekend fun was over, or should we say 'weekend disaster'? It was a start of another week of school, and Kaoru groggily woke up the next morning. He didn't even slept properly not until it was morning. And of course, he was still in the guest room. He yawned to look at the clock.

'11:27 am...' He thought as he read.




...He was late.

'Shit!' He jumped out of the bed and ran to his and his brother's room. He rush over to their walk-in closet and he grab anything that was decent enough to wear. Hikaru was nowhere in sight, he already gone off since his classes were always scheduled early, yet Kaoru always woke up early for him to just have a chat with each other. But not today, and Hikaru didn't even bothered to wake him up due to a little fight they had last night. He was already dressed, and his hair was incredibly done fast. He was an expert in these areas after all. He grabbed his phone, checking it if there were some messages and quickly locked to put it in his ba-


He was outside the front door of the manor, with a slice of bread stuck in his mouth, he took out his cellphone once again to see something he should've notice earlier.


Monday to Wednesday, his scheduled classes were in the afternoon.

"Fuck!" He yelled as he stomped his feet back inside.

"Kaoru-sama~" The synchronized voices of the identical twin maids rushed to follow their master, they twitched and stop to see him glaring at them with passion. "...K-kaoru-sama.. Y-your schedule is still in the afternoon..." One of them dared to talk.

"...Oh, ya think?" He sarcastically said through gritted teeth. They flinched and made way for him. Well, that was embarrassing.

He threw his bag, letting himself fall lying on the bed. His head was now aching. "...Geez."

He tried to fall asleep again, but he just ended up staring into nothingness, dazed. Only after fifteen minutes he decided to stand up and looked around. He walked out of the room and went to the living room. As he examined the room, Kaoru saw their family portraits hanging around.

He stopped to look at the first portrait. Mrs. And Mr. Hitachiin, their parents. She has her usual grin on her face, while their father had his gentle smile. Beside it was a potrait of them, Hikaru and Kaoru as kids. And next was...

Just a recently new picture, their mother was in the middle, Kaoru was on her left as Hikaru was on the right. They looked exactly like triplets, with the same grins and smiled. 'I think that was captured on last year's Mother's day. Yeah, I think it is. Mother's Day, I wonder what's our next gift for mom this year? It's also near.. Mother's day...' Kaoru was lost in thoughts as he stared at the picture.


Haruhi and her mother's shrine flashed through his mind, guilt once again sank his heart. 'Oh great, I remembered it again. What could she be doing now? Maybe I should go apologize, maybe she already cooled down. That's right..'

He took one of the cars in their garage and went to the Ouran College, soon enough he got there. He took of his shades and looked around, no students were around. Probably just off to their classes. He went inside and walked throughout the halls and looked at bulletin boards. "Oh look! It's Kaoru!" He heard one of the girls, they went up to Kaoru. They can tell them apart now, since Hikaru has his dyed black hair while Kaoru let his hair grew long.

"Ah, hey... Have you guys seen Haruhi?"

"Haruhi? I didn't see her in class this morning..." One of the girls stated.

"Me neither!"

"I see...thank you." Before they could retort, he dashed off.

'So Haruhi probably stayed home..' This made him feel more guilty. Did she got too upset about what happened? Or maybe she fainted? He drove off to Haruhi's house, and as soon as he got to her apartment, no one was home. The landlady said she already has gone off since this morning...

"Then, where could she be?" He was about to get back to his car when he stared at the woman facing him.


Her eyes showed no emotion, holding her bag of groceries tight, she just went back down to avoid Kaoru's gaze. She just acted like nothing was there, yet her face showed anger.

"Haruhi wait!" Kaoru made no hesitation to go after her, pulling her arm. "Can we please talk? I can fi-" Haruhi quickly turned to face him with a glaring expression.

"Sure Kaoru. What are we gonna talk about?" She began and Kaoru's eye went wide. "About the shrine? My mother's portrait? Are you trying to tell that you can replace it with your damn money?" It felt like a stab for Kaoru, Haruhi pulled her hands away roughly.

"Not everything can be fixed with money Kaoru! Can you replace my mother's photo? Huh? How are you gonna do it?" Haruhi was charging Kaoru as he took his step backwards until he hit the staircase's rail.

"..." Kaoru was out of words, this is the first time he'd seen Haruhi scream at him like that. Her big brown orbs glimmering as they shake, he can tell that she was almost gonna break into tears. He wasn't thinking straight, he just suddenly chased after her just to apologize, a simple and sincere sorry, thinking he could fix it. If he could just fix it with.. just, how?

Haruhi didn't wait for an answer, she just passed through him and rushed into her apartment.

'Dammit man...What was I thinking?'

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