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Morticia sat in her chair and Gomez walked up lightly kissing her arm sending shivers down her spine.

"Gomez..." She whimpered lightly as he nibbled her neck, lightly mumbling.

"Cara..." He groaned out as he pinned her to the chair she let out a long moan.

"Mmmmmm." She put one of her hands on the back of his neck willing him forward. After a moment he pulled away and smiled at her, her eyes where now filled with lust for him. Gomez chuckled slightly.

"Tish... Calm yourself." he whispered.

She closed her eyes letting out a breath. "Y-Yes oh..." She looked at him seeing the wicked grin that creased his lips. Morticia stood after a moment, and Gomez's arms wrapped around her waist as he lightly kissed her lips.

"Tortures amour." She whispered as he kissed her smiling.

"French Tish..." He growled before Fester walked in stopping dead in his trackes.

"Gomez! Morticia! You both should know better!" He said surprised.

Morticia and Gomez quickly pulled away from each other blushing.

Morticia covered her mouth as she let out a cough Gomez looked at her.

"Tish are you alright?" He asked she shook her head as she moved her hand revaluing she had coughed u a large amount of blood. Morticia fell forward and Gomez cought her.