~ is internal speak between host and symbiote

bold is the symbiotes speaking with the symbiote voice

"Open the cell door - I wish to check on the Tok'ra shol'vah!"

"Yes, my Lord!" The Jaffa bows deeply and then unlocks the cell door.

Martouf groggily sits up on the bunk, trying to focus on us. "Wh...at?"

"I will be taking the prisoner. Tell Themis thank you from Bastet!" Jolinar turns and fires on each of the two Jaffa in turn, felling them before they have a chance to react. "Martouf - come, quickly!" Jolinar says. She knows there are other guards just outside the cell area and that the two she zatted will awake soon. It is a brilliant move to blame Bastet, though. Hopefully Themis will tell Cronus and their group of allies will become enemies of Bastet's. It is always good to stir up trouble and animosity among the Goa'uld.

"How do you know...my name?" Martouf gets up and eyes her suspiciously, swaying dangerously. "Filthy Goa'uld." He spits the word.

"Never mind that right now, I don't have time to explain. I'm a friend. Come!"

Martouf is too groggy from the drug, and probably wouldn't trust a strange probably-Goa'uld anyway. "No - stay away from me!"

Jolinar rolls her eyes. "Will you rater stay here and be tortured?"

"No...but you'll sell me to someone worse and have me tortured anyway. Never!"

Jolinar sighs. "Forgive me, then. I'll explain later." She zats him once and quickly steps up and catches him before he falls. ~Damn - I had hoped he would come willingly! Cursed drug confusing his mind too much to make him realise it is always a better chance to flee!~

~What do we do now?~ I look at the man we are holding against us, feeling my worry for him.

~Carry him.~ Jolinar lifts him up and puts him over the shoulder.

I am strong, and he is slim, but he is still heavy enough that I would not be able to carry him far under normal circumstances. Especially not since I need one hand free for the zat - and we will have to hurry as well. However, Jolinar gives me extra strength, and I believe we can do it.

Jolinar hurries to the door out from the cell area, and gently puts down Martouf, sitting him against the wall. She opens the door out and zats the two Jaffa outside before they have time to do anything. She quickly picks up Martouf again, looks around the place, and seeing no one near, she sets out on the way to the ships.

We meet only a few more Jaffa on the way, which Jolinar quickly zats. Finally, we reach the shipyard with Themis's small fleet of ships. It is not a moment too soon, as some of the Jaffa have waked up and have alerted the rest of the palace. Martouf is not awakening yet, as the drugs in his system are increasing the effects of the zat.

Jolinar opens the door in the nearest teltac and pushes Martouf inside, then turns to fire at the approaching Jaffa. They fire back and she jumps inside after felling one of the Jaffa. Jolinar pull Martouf further to safety and the door closes behind us.

We run for the teltacs small peltac and Jolinar sits in the chair and begins giving commands to the ship at top speed. The vessel shakes under the staff blasts from the outside, and now an angry Themis is standing out there as well, wearing only minimal clothing. She has been disturb while she was being pleasured by her sex slaves, and she has just learned her prisoner is being taken away by her new employee. She is not a happy camper.

The teltac lifts off and the roof starts to open to the command Jolinar has sent it. We have almost reached it when it starts to close again, no doubt being given new commands from the main control panel in the shipyard. Jolinar forces the teltac into a speed that is not safe inside a building, and we manages to get out, scraping only slightly against the sides, then fly towards the sky.

We have escaped - unless Themis can follow in her ships, but as I see deathgliders show up on the traching display, Jolinar makes a bold move and jumps to hyperspace while still partially inside the planets atmostphere. The ships engines whines, but we succeed. We are in hyperspace!

Jolinar makes a few corrections to the course, sets the autopilot, and we get up to go and see how Martouf and Lantash are doing.

We have only just stepped into the back of the teltac, when Martouf jumps us. "Vile Goa'uld!" He hisses, as we tumble to the ground. "For what...nefa...farious purpose...have you...abducted us?" He is clearly still very groggy from the drug and the zat-shot, and have trouble forulating the sentences - and coordinating his movements. "How dare you...you make my...beloved Lan...symbiote...unconscious!"

At least he remembers not to give his or Lantash's name to a strange Goa'uld - if only barely. "It's not what you think, Martouf!" Jolinar says, as she pushes him off and tries to hold him down.

It is a good thing he is as groggy as he is, because he is strong and a good fighter, so our only chance is that he is too confused to fight well.

Of course, we might not need to fight him if he was not groggy - he might be able to think clearly and realise we might have a reason that could help him, and that e is at any rate better off away from Themis, who would have tortured him to death repeatedly. Of course, other Goa'uld may do the same, but at least there is a hope he might better get away this way.

"H...how do you know my name?" He stutters as he lands a blow that sends us flying. He moves quickly enough that he manages to reach us and pin us to the floor with his body, before we recover. "We...will never surrender!"

"Martouf - I am Jolinar, your mate!"

Martouf is silent for a moment, then shakes his head, trying to focus on us. "You...resemble her, but you...are not my Rosha and Jolinar!"

"Martouf, I'm sorry. I have a different host. Rosha is dead."

"No! I do...not believe you! You have...have done something...horrible to my loved ones! You...shall suffer!"

The klaxons on the ships alarm starts sounding. Jolinar swears and gives Martouf another push off us. "We went to Noctana for our honeymoon!" She jumps up and runs to the front of the teltac while he sits, stunned, on the floor. She pushes the button to close and lock the door, as we hear him mumble.


Jolinar is hurting because her mate doesn't believe her, and also because she has just been reminded of the death or her former host, the must-loved Rosha. She pushes all her feelings to the back as she focuses on the imminent danger.

~We're being attacked. It's one of Cronus's ships. Dammit! Themis must have told him and we just happened to fly close to one of his ships! How can we be this unfortunate?~

~We're not completely unfortunate - we saved your mates.~

~Yes, now we must just hope it was not in vain - and that I'm not getting us all killed from flying in a direction Cronus was in!~

~Jolinar - don't be so hard on yourself! You couldn't have known!~

I realise that I am not angry at her. Even just a few days ago I would have been angry at her for endangering my life. Now? I don't know. I am getting used to her and the situation, I guess.

Jolinar desperately searches for a way to hide, but there are no asteroid belts or moons to hide behind. She finds a nearby solar system, and goes for the nearest habitable planet, hoping we'll find a Stargate there.

Cronus's ha'tak is gaining on us, and we are hit by a shot just before we reach the planet. The teltac is damaged and we are hurling towards the ground...