~ is internal speak between host and symbiote

bold is the symbiotes speaking with the symbiote voice

I wake up to the smell of burning electronics and the sound of small explosions. I groggily look around, trying to remember where I am and what has happened. Just as I remember what has happened, I feel Jolinar wake up.

~Wh...hat happened?~ She asks.

~I think we crashed on the planet below.~ I tell her.

~Ow...yes, I remember!~ Jolinar stands up quickly - too quickly, and we sway slightly from the knock on our head.


~That will heal quickly, do not worry. We need to find out if Martouf and Lantash are all right!~ She runs for the door to the back compartment of the teltac and hit the activation button. The door makes a screetching noise as it slowly slides open, and we run inside. "Martouf! Lantash!" Jolinar calls out. "Are you well?"

Martouf groans. "Yes...mostly. What...in the universe happened?"

"We we're attacked by Cronus's ha'tak, and his Jaffa is no doubt on the way. Oh, we've crashed on an unknown planet. Come, quickly - can you walk?"

"I can." Martouf gets up, supporting himself against the wall. He looks pale, and is obviously in pain. He limps as he approaches us.

Jolinar nods, loking worried. She grabs a bag and stuffs some emergency rations, watercanteens, and two blankets into it. She then adds another zat, in addition to her own. Checking she stil has the healing device in her belt, and the hand device in her small pouch in the belt, she walks to Martouf. "Come, then." She grabs hold of him and he leans on her, not attempting either to escape or fight her.

A push on the door button opens a hatch to the outside and we slowly walk outside. We're somewhat the worse for wear, but really, it's only scratches, and we are alive.


We quickly limped our way to the nearest cover, which is some trees, the beginning of a nearby forest. No Jaffa shouted at us, but we had only just made it to reasonable safety, when we see Jaffa landing and running for the teltac. We need to get further away, and preferably without leaving tracks. We can't fight that many, especially not in our current condition.

As quitely as possible, we slide down into a shallow stream. The water is cold, but we continue walking in it, taking care not to splash, for several miles.

Neither of us feel much desire to talk, and it is safest to be quiet anyway. When we have walked about an hour, Martouf informs us quietely that Lantash is waking up. He sounds relieved, and Jolinar and I understand. They still don't attempt to fight us or grab our weapons or anything, but just continue walking, still leaning on us.

Finally, we decide we have gotten far enough away and crawl up from the water, shaking from the cold. We walk on hard ground now, steeply uphill in the rapidly darkening landscape.

It has been a long time since we heard any shouts from the Jaffa, but they are still out there, we know. Soon they will send death gliders with infrared sensors, and we need to find a place to hide before that. Suddenly, we hear a horrible howl - almost a cross between the howl of a wold and the growl of a tiger. What could have made such a sound?

Another, similar howl answers, and we hurry on, suddenly terrified. Maybe the Jaffa are not the worst danger on this world!

Exhausted, we reach a cave in the mountain, and hurry inside. It is now dark, except for a large, greenish moon that throws an eerie light over the landscape. Large clouds are approaching from the west, so we suspect it will rain soon. Well, that's good, probably, since it will hide any tracks we did happen to set.

We'll just have to hope the rain will not last too long, and that it will not cause landslides her in the mountaneous area.

Martouf and Lantash are still somewhat affected by the drug and like us, they are banged up from the crash. Jolinar almost drags them the last bit inside. We have all been too tired to talk for some time, and we needed to be quiet anyway.

Our clothes are still damp from the stream we walked in, and we are very cold, despite having walked. The wind had picked up and the air was pretty cold. It is a good thing neither of us can get pneumonia! Yes another advantacge to having a symbiote. I sigh, and push the thoughts about that aside - soon we will hopefully be back with the Tok'ra, and Jolinar and I will unblend - and Jolinar will be punished.

I don't want her to be punished, but I want my old life back...or do I? Frankly, I am no longer sure. I will miss Jolinar, and I suspect am falling in love with martouf and Lantash. I groan. I will not think of this now!

~We need to find something to make a fire. We are cold and Martouf and Lantash are cold as well. And they seems to have become unconscious.~

~I know. I will find something.~ Jolinar walks around in the cave, using the torchlight she took from the teltac to light the corners.

~Over there.~ I point. ~There's some dry wood and grass, that has probably blown in her.~

~Wonderful!~ Jolinar sounds relieved. ~That should be enough to make a fire that will keep us warm and scare the animals we heard away. We just have to find a place to light it where it can't be seen from the outside - but the smoke should still draft out so we don't suffocate.~

The cave is going straight in first, then curves a little further in to form an inner cave, partially closed off by some large rocks. The smoke will still flow out along the roof, but the fire itself will not be seen from the outside, so the Jaffa cannot use it to track with their termal sensors.

~Perfect, don't you think?~