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Feudal Era

With the final blow of 'Windscar' from his sword followed by some slices and clashes of the opponent's minions,

"Feh! That lowly bastard is dead!"

Naraku was defeated. All warriors panted hard with relief and victory etched on their faces, well except Sesshoumaru as he still has his impassive face.

Suddenly a pink bright light covered the miko and Naraku's share of the jewel shards joined the Shikon Miko's own shards. "Well we defeated Naraku, now we just need to collect the shards" said the miko.

After collecting all the shards, The Shikon No Tama was complete and resided inside the miko. Later she wished the well-being of her friends in the feudal era. She knew that the well was closing so she bade goodbye to her friends."Sango,you better take care of yourselves and your baby."said Kagome."Yes, I will. Take care of yourself" replied the demon slayer.

She then turned to the houshii and said "Don't you ever ask another person to bare your child, Is that clear?" "Hai! Hai! Miko-sama!Just look after yourself coz we won't be there,OK?" replied Miroku. The miko raised an eyebrow at that and mocked "I know how to take care of myself!"

Kagome turned to talk to the hanyou who then turned away with a huff.

"Inuyasha, Look, I have to go back to the present and continue my life there.I do know that this is hard for you but accept the fact."He just humphed again.

So Kagome hugged the hanyou's back and said "I'll miss you tooo ,Inuyasha"Inuyasha turned and tugged a smile on his face and said "Take care and don't meet up with that Hobo guy."

"I won't. 'SIT BOY!'"

The hanyou kissed the ground with a thud and later poked his head out and yelled "Whaddaya do that for,wench!"

The miko giggled and said "I wanted to do that for the last time before I go! Take care all of you,I'll miss you all very very much"the miko said.

She climbed the edge of the well and jumped into it. The familiar light filled her eyes as she was engulfed by the light and brought to the future.


She climbed out of the well and saw Buyo standing over the picked the cat up and open the screen door that separates the well from the shrine and walked off into her smiled when she saw souta in the corridor and yelled "Souta!"

"Hey!Sis! You're back! Exams doesn't start for the next week."said the said-brother

"I came back for good"replied the miko

"What did you say?You mean you killed Naraku and obtained the jewel which you accidently cracked into million pieces"

Well that ticked the miko off."What did you say you little brat! Come here!"She raced to her brother who had ran for his life who had heard his sister's vein pop."No way you are going to purify me!Go see mom" Souta said as he ran to save his life.

Kagome as she was forgot her anger and turned to go see her mom.

'I wonder what she will say when she knows i am back permanently' She turned a corner and reached the mother was making the dinner and Kagome smiled seeing her mother and tiptoed to her place and hugged her back and said "I'm home!

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