*New story for one of my favorite shows!

I loved Emma and the Sheriff as much as the next person, they were so cute together. Which leads me to ask the question, what would Henry feel if he found out his birth mom was pregnant? What would Emma do if the kid was Graham's? We're about to find out.

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She didn't want to believe he was gone. No one wanted to, but particularly not her. He was her colleague and lover. Sometimes, she would admit, he seemed crazy. With the wolf, and the second life, and the heart. But that didn't change how she felt towards him.

How did she feel towards him? In passing, he was the best boss ever. In his life he was the greatest man she ever knew. Yet at his funeral she felt awful. She felt like she could've saved him, like this was all her fault. And perhaps, in some lights, it was. Had she driven him to his pre-death insanity?

It was hardly a week after the funeral that she started to feel different. She was picking up his slack, like he did for her usually, and all responsibility fell on her. Her wardrobe was notably different: the black of a person mourning a lover. Her hair was always up, she woke up later. She was tired and sluggish, she didn't get up if she didn't want to.

"Come on, Emma." Mary Margaret snapped as she shook Emma awake one morning, her mug of hot chocolate resting on a stack of books at her bedside. "You have work, I'm not letting you miss it." Emma groggily sat up, rubbed the sleep from her eyes and darted for the bathroom down the hall, where she proceeded to lose last night's supper. "You okay Emma?" Mary Margaret asked, putting her hand on Emma's shoulder comfortingly.

"Yeah, probably just ate some bad chicken or something at Granny's last night." She shrugged off her hand. "No big deal."

"Then let's get you cleaned up and ready for work." Mary Margaret got her up on her feet, and pulled back Emma's hair. "The duties of the sheriff never rest."

Emma smiled back at her roommate fakely. "And I'm sure Henry's waiting for me at the station so I can walk him to school." And she strutted lazily back into her room to start her day.

Throughout the week Emma only seemed to get sicker. She mostly sat at her desk, Graham's old desk, and looked at old files. There sure wasn't a lot of crime in Storybrooke. As the afternoons rolled in she waited for Henry to come and visit her as he did about every day. "Afternoon Emma." The smart ten year old said as he dropped his bag by the door. "How are you?"

"I've been better." She admitted, pushing wisps of her curly blonde hair out of her face.

"Still sick, huh."

"It's just a stomach bug. Probably picked something up. Mary Margaret's around all those sick kids all the time, she could've gotten it and given it to me."

"Miss Blanchard hasn't been sick, though." Henry reminded her. "Maybe you should see a doctor or something." He suggested.

"I can self medicate a stomach bug. I can handle that." She stubbornly kicked her boots up onto the desktop.

"But what if it isn't a stomach bug?" Henry asked, seeming to get the death glare from the sheriff. "Just a thought." He left her thinking, and that was as deadly as the next thing.

She drove over to the drug store in the sheriff car to go pick up a pregnancy test. "Emma," a familiar voice ran out from behind her. It was the voice of Regina Mills. "why do you have that?" She pointed at the pregnancy test.

"It's for Mary Margaret." Emma quickly lied. "She... well..." And the mayor, probably out of disinterest, walked off; leaving Emma at the checkout alone.

And that night, that Monday night, she found out something she hoped was just a stomach bug wasn't.

She was pregnant.