It was a happy, cheerful Sunday morning. The birds, were chirping, the flowers were singing and Snow White was sleeping, as she had been doing for the past year. The seven dwarves, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey and their leader, Doc had all been working frantically for Snow White's triumphant wake up. Unfortunately, there was only so much they could do before the temptation of Snow White's soft, supple skin forced them to do the unspeakable. Rape…. Doc had never thought about the 'R' word before, but with Snow White being asleep, would she even know? He consulted the other dwarves about the matter, hoping one of them would turn him away from what nature turned him towards. Unfortunately for Doc, the other dwarves had already beaten Doc to the punch. Each one of them had, using their own different methods, penetrated Snow White's body on numerous occasions. As Doc looks on shocked, he can barely get a word in before Grumpy begins to describe his astounding tale of the day he first raped Snow White.

Grumpy's method was definitely not done by the books. He decided he would go for the sadism approach. He decided how many scorpions he could put down Snow White's vagina before she even twitched a little. Suffice to say, it was more than what you would expect. Happy went for a more jolly method of 'tickling' Snow White. By his accounts, Happy got Snow White on her back and, using his many peni, jammed them in every orifice he could find. Doc could only assume how much weight Snow Weight gained after that fateful night with Happy. Moving on to Sleepy's story of unsafe 'cards', Sleepy's method was to make Snow White act out his favourite scene from Macbeth involving the waiting-gentleman played by Sleepy, telling Macbeth, who in this roleplay is Snow White that she has walked in her sleep. The story continues with the waiting-gentleman continuing his part of the roleplay while Snow White continues sleeping, finally ending with Sleepy cutting off his own hand and using it as a middleman to 'massage' Snow White.

Bashful, contrary to his name did not harm Snow White in any way during his 'pillow fight'. Instead, Bashful decided he would turn Snow White upside down and perform an inverted 'slurpie' while Snow White was in harnesses. On that day, Bashful realised Snow White was more flexible than he though. Sneezy could barely contain himself when his temptations finally got the better of him and he 'hugged' Snow White. Sneezy had Snow White get on all fours and almost dog-like, ride Snow White like a bull. In the end it was seventy-two minutes before Sneezy was 'bucked' off. Finally, and more important, most disturbingly is the tale of Dopey's 'squeezed' Snow White. Now contrary to popular belief, Dopey is not actually dumb. He just smokes a lot of dope, causing him to not be able to control himself, Which is exactly what happened when he turned on Snow White. Now Dopey loved animals, a little too much for one person to love, and because of this decided to use them in his bizarre encounter. Dopey decided to get one of every animal, and in as many ways he could, have them perform dentistry on Snow White. It took eleven days and ten thousand animals but after he was done he had successfully impregnated Snow White seven times.

Doc, shocked at the stories he had heard decided that he needed to take 'matters' into his hands…