Summary of Two Coins

This summary is meant to help if you want to read the later parts of this story. It only lists that information which is special, for example decisions that have to be made in the adventure or things that normally wouldn't happen (especially about the surviving of some npcs).

The next part of this series will be "We are family".

1. Spectres:

In the story 'Two Coins' there are 2 Spectres.

Logan Shepard is a N7 marine and soldier born into a family of navy members. Bodily he is a 'perfect' soldier; large, broad-shouldered, strong muscled. He is an able tactician and leader with the charisma to impress his team. Generally good-natured he has a slight human-centric world view and a slight sexist opinion about female soldiers.

Rory Udina is the nephew of Ambassador Udina. Born into a rich and influential family he had been a kind of 'bad boy' in his youth. That changed after he accidentally caused the death of his well-beloved sister Cathleen. After two suicide attempts his Uncle forced him to enter the alliance Special Forces were he made career as a communication specialist (and biotic). As he has much less experience with 'normal military' he often submits to Shepard's leadership. He has a very strong disgust towards Asari but otherwise doesn't follow his Uncle's opinion about other races.

Both Spectres left the Alliance Navy at the end of ME1.


2. Companions

All companions (Ashley, Kaidan, Liara, Tali, Garrus and Wrex) survived ME1.

Ashley is in a 'friendship with benefits' with Shepard. While her emotions are stronger, he doesn't respond these. Unknown to her Rory Udina loves her.

Garrus is a trusted friend of Udina while Wrex is close with Shepard.

Tali is seen by Udina as a replacement to his deceased sister and Tali sees him as a brother too.


3. Playthru

Shepard and Udina went to Eden Prime with Spectre Nihlus. Jenkins survived the mission and Nihlus was abducted, not killed, by Saren. Dr. Warren – who knew Udina from Mars – accompanied the Normandy for a while and started the contact with Liara.

With the help of Wrex and Garrus they were able to rescue Tali. Able to convince the council about Saren's darker side they got the status of 'Spectre on Probation' and decided to look for Liara, hoping that she'll be able to interpret the information Udina got from the prothean beacon on Eden Prime.

The cabin of Tali had been modified to allow her to switch suits and be without her suit for a while. The sibling behavior between her and Udina started after this.

They rescued Liara on Therum. She realized that the second voice on Tali's Omni file (apart from Saren) was Shiala (not Benezia), a longtime acolyte of her mother.

Looking for Shiala they set course to Feros. There they destroyed the Thorian and rescued Shiala and the colonizers. She told them about Benezia's wish to rescue Saren's soul and the danger of indoctrination. Shiala melded with Liara and gave her the cipher, with Liara later parted with Shepard and Udina.

On demand of Admiral Hackett Udina – together with Ashley and Kaidan – solved the problem of the VI on Luna (the later EDI on Normandy 2).

In the meantime Shepard led the Normandy with the rest of his crew to Noveria. There Shepard convinced Lorik Qui'in to cooperate with Gianna Parasini to convict Administrator Anoleis. They reached the laboratories, were Benezia was able to defeat the group. In the last moment her attachment to her daughter was able to break the indoctrination for a short time. She gave information about Saren's search for the Mu Portal to Liara and bade her to kill her. Tali restrained Liara from doing that while Garrus killed Benezia to prevent Liara from being forced to kill her own mother. Following Wrex' wish they let the Rachni Queen survive.

Back on the Citadel Shepard solved Consort Sha'ira's problems with Ambassador Xeltan and the turian General Septimus.

Garrus bade Udina to help him. They wanted to prevent Rita's death, the Chora Den waitress being employed by C-Sec to spy on a weapon trader. In this side mission Udina got to know the salarian Spectre Jondum Bau and learned about the information – concerning day to day activity of Spectres and the normal procedure of leaving other organizations as the alliance navy – he and Shepard should have got but that had been held back by Ambassador Udina. From now on Udina worked closely together with Jondum Bau, the Salarian taking that mentor position that had been meant to be filled by Nihlus. With the help of Helena Blake they are able to shatter the weapon smuggler syndicate. By the way they capture the armored freighter Ithaca that from now on belonged to Jondum Bau.

After the information they got from Jondum Bau Shepard and Udina decide to leave the alliance navy after solving the problem of Saren.

Rear Admiral Kahoku informed them about a missed operative named Banes. They followed the lead to the planet Binthu were they found Banes' corpse and destroyed a biomedical research facility of Cerberus. On the way to Binthu, following Tali's wish, Udina succeeded in lifting Liara's mood. She had been very depressed about her mother's death. This action started an improvement in the relation of Udina and Liara.

In part as thanks for this Tali invited Udina in her cabin. They spent a wonderful evening but – testing with a kiss – decided that they really only have (deeply) sibling emotions towards each other.

In the Armstrong cluster they destroyed some Geth outposts and Tali got a disk from Udina, information about Geth for her pilgrimage.

On the way to Virmire Ashley received the information that she had been promoted to Lieutenant. She was convinced that Shepard had been responsible for that but he denied. Ashley didn't believe this or his declaration that he only wanted a 'friendship with benefits'.

On Virmire they found – with help of Rana Thanoptis – another prothean beacon. Liara and Shepard used that beacon and got information about Saren's search for Ilos. Shepard convinced Wrex to cooperate. They destroyed the labs; Udina freed the salarian STG officer Ganto Imness. Udina, who is responsible for the bomb that was meant to destroy the whole complex, got into a fight with the indoctrinated Nihlus. Imness and Udina were wounded, Udina seriously, but they were able to kill Nihlus. Because of the bomb timer Shepard had to decide whom he wanted to rescue. Udina exaggerated his wounds and convinced him to rescue Kirrahe and his team because of the accompanying Ashley.

The team returned to the citadel, convinced that Udina was dead. Jondum Bau and Kirrahe were left behind to dismantle the STG camp. They detected a signal and found Imness and Udina. The Salarian used Nihlus hover-platform to bring Udina into the sea near the Geth complex.

The depressed Tali left the Normandy and took a room with consort acolyte Nelyna. She stayed there as the Normandy with the help of Anderson left the Citadel towards Ilos.

Shepard's group fought their way thru the old prothean complex and learned from Vigil about the portal Saren wanted to use. They follow him to the Citadel.

In the meantime Tali had a conversation with Jondum Bau and knew that Udina survived. As the Geth attacked she helped in the evacuation of the Council and supported Shepard on his way to the central control where he killed Saren.

Shepard chose to rescue the Destiny Ascension and the council.

Anderson was made the new human Councilor.

The Normandy made a second trip to Ilos only to find Vigil destroyed by Geth. For a time Ashley, Kaidan and Garrus will stay on board.

Tali left the group and made a trip to Earth, where she met Udina's mother.

In the meantime Udina had been brought to the salarian home world Sur'Kesh where Mordin Solus was able to rescue him thru a string of operations.