Lovely Calamities

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Chapter 1

The long, black Chevy Impala bounced gently as it rode over the rough dirt road, the growl of the engine roaring loudly in the dead silent forest. Sam sat in the back seat, multiple newspaper clippings spread across his lap and covering the rest of the bench seat next to him. He read through the same 2 articles for what seemed like the millionth time, skipping over any part he had deemed unworthy of being highlighted, the small frown that had decorated his face since he had set foot outside the motel became a complete grimace.

Wild Animal Attacks

January 14th, 1998

Park Rangers are reporting the discovery of the mutilated body found in Red River Gorge as due to an animal attack rather than foul play. The body, which has been identified as Mary Marshal, 28, was found at approximately 2:30PM on January 13th […] Shocked family and friends all say that Mary was an experiences hiker and survival expert and that she knew how to defend herself in case of animal attacks […]

While the coroner admits that while the body was missing only its heart, it was not unheard of for a wolf or coyote to leave most of their prey after eating its fill […] Park Rangers are urging hikers and campers to avoid the area of Red River Gorge until further investigation and (possible) capture of the feral animals.

Another Violent Attack

July 14th, 1998

After several months and the reassurances from Park Rangers that the wolf responsible for the death of Mary Marshall in early January had been euthanized, another body was found yesterday morning by a pair of hikers. The coroner, Dr. Alfred Robinson, has said that due to the level of decay already evident, the victim, identified as George Wallace, 26, was savagely attacked by what appears to be a wolf however, with only one organ missing […] Forensics indicates that George Wallace was probably attacked late night Thursday, 9th or early morning Friday 10th.

Sam knew from his father that the mysterious "organ" that the newspaper has avoided announcing to the public had been the lungs. John had gone into the morgue under the pretence of Park Ranger named Joseph Rhine and discovered whatever attacked the man had ripped open the chest cavity and taken (or possibly eaten) the lungs. And so, despite the oddity of a werewolf with the taste for only certain organs Sam couldn't deny that the deaths occurring on full moons were pretty obvious.

But something told Sam that he was missing an important clue to this hunt, but he just couldn't figure out what it was.

The Impala rolled to a stop and Sam looked up from his reverie, shocked to find that they had arrived at the end of the dirt road, with only a small trail leading deeper into the forest.

John turned in his seat and stared seriously into his youngest son's eyes and Dean eased his way out of the car. John didn't speak until Dean had popped the trunk and busied himself with gathering the weapons for the hunt.

"Dad…" Sam began but was interrupted.

"No, Sam. You knew this was going to happen. I need you to stay with the car and wait for us. I left some food in the cooler," John said indicating the plastic cooler taking up the foot room beside Sam. "We should be back in the morning. If we aren't, call Bobby."

"K, but Dad, I really think this is more than just a werewolf…" he tried again before being interrupted.

"You're right Sam, I know you are. This is more than just a werewolf; this is a werewolf with a weird appetite, probably some hick hiding away in a cabin. But that's all it is. It's not one of your conspiracy theories. So stay in the car, do your homework, memorize a couple exorcisms and we'll see you in the morning," John said, stepping out the car. He was hoping that Sam would just stay in the car, but instead he heard the boy get out and slam the door behind him.

John rolled his eyes but didn't speak.

"Dad, please just listen. How many werewolves have you ever heard of that have a taste for heart one month and then brain later on?" Sam demanded, waving the newspaper clippings in his hand like they were undeniable proof.

John shared a he's – your – brother – you – deal – with – him look with Dean before grabbing another gun.

Dean sighed loudly and turned to his brother, whom even at the age of fifteen was already starting to catch up to him height – wise. "Don't worry about it, Sam. This is going to be an easy case. Just write your essay or whatever you have and we'll be back before you know it. Besides, you have to protect baby, you know that's a really important job. I wish I got to stay with baby, but you know Dad, he doesn't trust me with her," Dean winked, handing the smaller boy a gun loaded with silver bullets.

Sam made his bitch – face, "Dean, I've never fallen for that."


Thanks to AlElizabeth for editing: you're a great sister!

The title is taken from the song composed by Tsuneo Imahori for the anime film Trigun: Badlands Rumble

Red River Gorge is in Kentucky. I chose it only because it was the first gorge I saw with trees in the Wikipedia list.

To Whom It May Concern, the coroner, Dr. Alfred Robinson, has no relation to Dr. Albert Robbins from CSI. The name just happened to be a happy coincidence and after I realized I decided I would keep it as it caused me brief amusement.

While out of John's Aliases, Bert Aframain and Elroy McGillicutty are just fun names, Edgar Cayce was a psychic. Following this, I decided to use another name associated with the supernatural and used Joseph Banks Rhine who was a parapsychologist.

This story is complete so I will be updating every couple days or whenever I remember between studying like a madman, listening to lectures or writing exams…