Disclaimer: I do not own nor claim to own any of the following characters, places, or events. Just the story.

Author's Note: Another flashfic series, this one spanning all seven seasons (and before & beyond). Multiple POV, though I suspect there will be special attention to the infamous Voyager Couple. Ongoing, so keep an eye out for updates.

by Dax's10thHost

Time tangles around me like yarn around a kitten, winding in and out and through me in a dance only it knows. I have no body, but my mind is clear, though not defined by the limits of a physical world. I span the gap of eternity, undulating through the past, present, and future in a way that blends them all together into one marvelous tapestry of memory.

It is a strange thing, this memory. Once it meant proof of existence, and beauty, and smiles, and sometimes tears or a constriction of my chest. But I have a chest no longer, and I cannot smile visibly. For some, this would be an unbearable handicap. But my time-thought-memory smile is greater and more freeing than any expression formed by muscle and bone.

I smile now as I weave myself into the fabric of time, touching a memory here, there, one that has not happened, one that happens now, another that took place yesterday and will change her life forever. (I…I love you.) I smile because I see what happens and will happen in my friends' lives, these people whom I left behind but did not (do not, will not) abandon.

I am with them always—past, present, future—though they'll never know it, and I love them.