Sarah Jane Adventures:


By Nathan Mullins

Their walk home was refreshing. Their day had been exhausting. All Sarah had in mind was retrieving her life's work and moving out. The neighbours were out in force and the police were guarding the house. Sarah passed them by and entered her home for the last time. From across the road, Rani appeared. She smiled at Luke and he joined her.

"So what's going on?" she asked him.

"We're moving out," said Luke.

"Where to?" she demanded.

"London," he said. "Mum's decision, not mine," he added. "We can't move back in," he said, glaring at his home. "Instead, UNIT have offered mum some temporary accommodation and she kindly accepted their offer."

"Good luck!" she replied.

"But we can still do this!" stated Luke. "We can still meet up from time to time and save the Earth from alien threats! It'll just mean catching a train to and from London. We can do some sightseeing too!"

Rani chuckled at the thought of their adventures continued, and the boy from Ealing's adventure to the city of London. Clyde emerged and wished his friends well, and asked Luke what he was up to. Luke informed him of their hopeful move to London, and they all gave a dissatisfied sigh.

Sarah investigated the shell of her home. It was in ruins. She held back the tears and the pain she still felt and relaxed a little. When Luke, Clyde, and Rani joined her, they surveyed their once recognisable surroundings.

"Just thinkā€¦" said Rani. "We used to defend the Earth from this attic!"

Sarah smiled.

"Yes we did," she said. "I'm going to miss it!"

K9 trundled into view.

"Ah yes," she said, looking up to find Clyde petting the small robot dog. "I'm leaving k9 with you Clyde, seeing as you get on so well together!"

Clyde jumped up and hugged his friends.

"And this is yours Rani," said Sarah, pulling out her sonic lipstick. "For emergencies of course!" she concluded.

It was a while until all was packed and they were ready to be off.

"We're going to miss you, Sarah Jane!" said Clyde, with K9 in his hands. Rani smiled and watched as they departed.

Together, they waved them off from beyond 13 Bannerman Road, the sunshine beaming down upon them as they made their final farewells.

Their cab to London honked the horn and they were finally on route to London. Luke waved to his friends from the back of the cab until they turned a corner, and it was then that he realised he was leaving Bannerman Road for good.