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Kim leaned against the concrete wall and watched everyone mill around. They had been down here for four hours now and she wondered when they could go back up. The walls were closing in on her but she closed her eyes and pictured the woods that had surrounded Angel Grove. They had always bought her peace before when everything got crazy in her life.

"Breathe deep and try not to think." Rocky whispered as Kim's eyes opened. She didn't even know he was that close to her.

"Easier said than done, you know you scare me sometimes when you say things like that." She admitted as Rocky smiled. She wasn't sure why but Rocky always showed her a side that she was sure no one else knew about.

"I think I scare myself." He said with a laugh. Everyone looked around at them. Kim noticed that Rocky waved at a few of them. He still kept up the public side of his personality even here away from the cameras.

"How long do you think we have to stay down here?" She asked as the people around them looked away.

"Not sure, we don't know how far the bombs reached. A few of them sounded deep." He replied as she nodded and sat down on one of the steps to her left. He motioned her over so that he could sit beside her.

"Well what do we do in the mean time? Everyone looks like they have something to do except for us." She said looking up at him.

"I'm sure that Rita makes sure that they have something to do but she knows like I do that you can't do anything but shoot that bow of yours." Rocky said with a smile.

"Oh please, I can do other things." Kim said crossing her arms across her chest.

Rocky looked down at her. "Prove it." He said as Kim looked up at him. She had walked right into that one.

"She can play the guitar." Kira said walking over to them. She had overheard their conversation.

"Really?" Rocky asked as he stood up and looked from Kim to her sister. It was still so weird to him that this little girl was the reason that everything over the past year had taken place. She looked a little like Kimberly and if life hadn't have happened to Kimberly then he knew that she would be almost as carefree as Kira. Life had thrown Kimberly curveballs that she had learned to dodge.

"Yes, really and she's pretty good." She supplied as Kim groaned. She didn't like playing for people.

"Do you think that we can convince her to play for us?" Rocky asked winking at Kira. He knew that the best way for Kimberly to play was for Kira to be the one to ask her.

"She will need a guitar first." Kira said as Kim nodded.

"Well I think I saw a room off to the left that had a guitar in it." Rocky said as Kira smiled before taking off for the room.

"That was sneaky even for you." Kim said as Rocky nodded. "I didn't say I would play for you." She pointed out standing up.

"But you will because I have a feeling that if your sister asked you then you would do anything for her even play in front of me." He stated as she sighed. "Besides I've heard you sing."

"When?" Kim asked trying to remember a time she had sang when Rocky was present.

Rocky lost his smile then. "You sang for Shayla before she died." He whispered as she nodded slowly. She did sing for Shayla but for that moment, she had forgotten the cameras had been trained on them even in that darkest moment. "I'm sorry." He said.

"It's fine." She whispered as Kira came back holding a guitar. "I'll guess I'll play for both of you since you asked so nicely." She said as Kira nodded. Kim sat down on the steps while several people gathered around her. She strummed a few chords before finally settling into a song that wouldn't make her cry in front of all these people.


"Do we know what the damage is yet?" Zordon asked as soon as he saw Billy, Rita, and a few of the engineers. They were on the third level since Zordon didn't want to go any higher unless they said it was okay.

"As far as we can tell the damage is only to the top two levels. Everything else looks good and is sound. We can start letting the people go back to their jobs in about two hours." One of the engineers said checking the blueprints of the levels.

"Those on the top two levels will need to be moved but there are open rooms on the third and fourth levels." Billy said as Zordon nodded. Thankfully most people were spread out through the 25 levels of Eltar.

"Have we heard anything from Phantom on the whereabouts of Tommy, Trini, and the others?" He asked as the engineers walked away to finish their rounds.

"No, not yet but he thinks he is getting close. Security is increase so he has to take his time and not get caught." Rita answered.

"Okay I was just hoping that he had found them so that we can organize a rescue party." He stated as she nodded. They were all on edge waiting for any word from Phantom.

"I can try to come up with something to aide Phantom in locating them." Billy said volunteering. He had been thinking about doing just that before the bombs had been dropped on them.

"Do you think you could?" Zordon asked. He knew that Billy was brilliant and if anyone could help Phantom it would be Billy.

"Well if the tracker is still in either Tommy or Trini's arms then it is possible. I can set up relays to coordinate his exact location." He said as Zordon nodded.

"Anything you can do will help." Zordon stated as Billy nodded and left him and Rita alone.

"Do you think that he will be able to locate Tommy and the others?" Rita asked as soon as Billy rounded the corner.

"He is probably the only one that can." Zordon said looking over at her. "Do you trust Kimberly now?" He asked studying Rita's facial expressions. He knew that she didn't really hide the expressions if you knew what to look for.

"What makes you think that I didn't trust her?" She asked instead which really gave him his answer more than anything she could have done.

"The way you question everything she says. If she hadn't had relayed Tommy's message then we would most likely be dead now." Zordon pointed out. "Remember that the next time you question what she is telling you." He said before walking away. He would check on Alpha who was still in the hospital.

It was thankfully not located on the top two floors. It would have been too much to move all the patients then move them again. The part that it was in was reinforced concrete. It had been part of the original design of Eltar to be used as a bunker for the Capitol officials in case of an emergency. It was the only district that had a bunker under the ground since their main resource was nuclear power.


"There was no sign of anyone during or after the bombing." Mondo said as Zedd looked over at him.

"Really? They have to be in Eltar because Angel Grove is still in ashes." He said looking over at the map of the nation.

"So is Eltar." Mondo commented remembering all the ruins that once were Eltar. He had traveled there on orders from Zedd a year ago.

"So it is." Zedd muttered before turning back to Mondo. "Bring me the old blueprints of Eltar." He said as Mondo nodded and left the room. Zedd knew that they had to be in Eltar, he just has to prove it now. Tommy had let them know what he was doing but was it in enough time for them to get away before his bombs dropped. He didn't think so but something was going on and he intended to find out what.

He had to find out where the rebels were based so that he could plan his next move. He couldn't bomb them again because apparently bombing hadn't worked this time. There had to be some way to take out the rebels and Kimberly.


"Okay everyone, you may leave the bunker but stay away from the top two levels. If you had rooms up there a guard will escort you there to gather what is left. You will find your new rooms assignments on your way out." Rita said as everyone formed two lines so that they could leave the bunker.

Kim stayed back and waited for everyone to make their way out because she frankly didn't want to be in that mess. She had been around those people too long already so it was just best to stay back and wait until things cleared out.

"You know they may let you stay down here if you want." Rocky said as Kim smiled and looked over her shoulder at him.

"I think the pressure of being this far down would get to me after a few hours." She replied.

"I'm not so sure about that. You have a way of adapting to your surroundings." He stated as the bunker finally cleared out. "Come on, I'm pretty sure that we are going to have another meeting once everyone gets settled." Rocky said as Kim nodded as they made their way out. Kim grabbed her new room assignment and followed one of the guards.

Rocky watched her leave before making his way to his room. His room was on the fourth floor from the top so he didn't have to worry about moving. As he made his way to his room, he wondered when Rita would decide to strike back. Hopefully they would be going after Aisha and the others now. Zedd had shown that he would do anything to destroy the rebellion.


"How is he?" Zordon asked as soon as he saw Dana outside Alpha's room.

"Doing better actually, he woke up for a few minutes earlier before the bombs started dropping." She said as Zordon nodded. "I think that he is going to be alright. All of his vitals look good." She explained.

"Thanks." He said as Dana nodded and walked into Alpha's room.

Zordon watched through the glass as Dana checked Alpha's vitals and made notes on the clipboard at the end of his bed. Hopefully Alpha would be up and out of that bed in a couple of days. He knew that Kimberly would really benefit if she got to talk to Alpha. He knew that she felt guilty over Alpha being beaten. It hadn't been her fault but no one could tell Kimberly that. She had it in her head and there was no changing that unless she got to talk to Alpha.

He stood there for several minutes before turning away. He had to find Dulcea and see if she had heard anything more from Phantom. They had to get Tommy and the others out.


Phantom closed his com link as soon as Billy had relayed everyone's location. He was closer than he had first thought. He would scout the area out first and then let Dulcea know the layout so that they could get a rescue mission together. It had to be soon because he wasn't sure how much longer Trini could last.

She was the only one that he was really worried about. Apparently Zedd had taken torturing her to a new level. He didn't care if he killed her and he almost had. She would need to be out by tonight if she was to survive.

Moving closer, he watched every corner for anything that would hinder the rescue mission. They didn't need anything surprises or trip any alarms to let Zedd know they were there.


"Phantom has confirmed their whereabouts." Billy stated without looking over at Dulcea. He was bringing the location up on the computer to see if he could find anything that they needed to be aware of.

"I will gather everyone then. I want them rescued today. They have been there too long." She said as Billy turned around to look at her.

"I agree. I will work on a plan and have it ready within the hour. Get everyone to the Command Center." He stated as Dulcea nodded. She then turned and left him alone to his plans. She had to find Zordon so that he could get the team together for the rescue mission. Rita wouldn't be happy but this had to be done today. Zedd wouldn't be expecting them to launch a rescue mission so close after his attack. He would think that they are regrouping or possibly rebuilding.


Kim gathered all of her stuff which wasn't a lot into one of the bags the guard had given her. She made sure to grab her Crane pin and Tommy's pearl from their hiding place. She normally kept the pearl in her pocket but she had forgotten it this morning when she was getting dressed. Taking one last look, she left her room and followed the guard to her new room on the fourth floor. It was close to Rocky which gave her a little piece of mind. If only it was close to Jason as well then she would be totally at ease.

Her mom and sister were on the third floor so that they were close to the hospital and their patients. She was really impressed with Kira. Her baby sister was growing up and taking after their mom with her ability to heal people.

"This is your room, if you should require something else out of your old room please come find me. You cannot go there by yourself." The guard said as Kim nodded. She understood that the top two levels were unstable and tricky to walk through. She wouldn't need anything else up there though because she didn't leave anything. The guard left her alone then as Kim sat down on her new bed.

She took out Alpha's sketch book and looked through the drawings again. It always seemed to bring her comfort just like her pin and Tommy's pearl did. She didn't know what it was about those three items but she couldn't survive without them.


"I don't think that this is a good idea. Kimberly and Rocky deserve to be here planning this." Jason said as Zordon sighed. He had been cornered on his way to Kim's room for this secret meeting. He never thought that Kim and Rocky would be in the dark about this.

"It's already planned. You will leave in ten minutes and Rocky and Kimberly cannot be there with you." Zordon explained as Jason shot to his feet.

"They have people there that are important to them." He reminded everyone in the room.

"Which is the reason that they are not going, we do not know the extent of Zedd's tortures on Tommy or Aisha. It is better if they stay here." Dulcea reasoned. They didn't need Zedd capturing Kimberly or Rocky at this point.

"Dulcea is right. Rocky and Kimberly will stay here while you and the others meet up with Phantom and rescue Tommy and the others. It is enough that I allow you to even be on the team." Rita stated as Jason looked over at her. He didn't trust her and her words were making him not like her very much. She had a secret agenda, he was sure.

"I would think that you would want someone who knows how to sneak in and out of a district to be on the team." He shot at her as Zordon sighed. He knew that this was going to be a fight but he knew that Rocky and Kimberly couldn't go on the mission. Jason had to see that as well he just wanted to fight for them since they didn't even know that this meeting was going on.

"Jason, Kimberly is unstable enough with just seeing Tommy on TV. We do not know how she will react when she sees him in person." Zordon said calmly. "And with Rocky, Aisha is his entire world. He will literally beat whomever he can get his hands on if they have hurt her. It is for the safety of the rescue team and the victims that they are not on this mission. Trust me." He stated.

"If there was another way, we would send them." Dulcea stated as Jason sighed and rubbed his face. He knew that they were right to an extent.

"I just know how she is going to react when she finds out that she is not on the rescue team." He muttered.

"Don't worry about that, I have a surprise that should take her mind off of that while you are gone." Zordon stated calmly.

Jason wondered what surprise Zordon had for Kimberly. He didn't ask though because he really didn't want to know until they got back. It was better to be in the dark on whatever surprise Zordon had for her.

"Andros is ready to take off." Billy said from the back of the room. He had been waiting for Andros' signal to get the mission off the ground.

"Remember to get in and get out. Don't worry about fighting Zedd at the moment. We will take care of him later." Zordon said as Jason nodded. He got up and followed Billy out of the room. The rest of the team was already with Andros waiting on them.

They made their way through the tunnels and finally up to the trap door. Jason climbed out and saw the hovercraft waiting for them a few feet away. He hoped that everything went smoothly on this mission because he didn't know how Kim would react when she learned about the mission and then their failure if anything happened.

"Jason?" A man asked as soon as Jason stepped into the hovercraft.

"Yes." He said shaking the man's hand.

"I'm Carter, and these guys are Leo, T.J., Aurico, Wesley, Eric, and Cole." He said as each guy raised his hand as Carter called out his name.

"Nice to meet all of you." Jason said.

"Alright everyone find a seat, we are getting this mission started." Andros said before making his way to the cockpit. Jason and the other guys all found seats as the hovercraft lifted off the ground. They were barely away from Eltar and already Jason wanted this mission over.


Kim made her way to the Command Center. She wanted to know when they would be going after Tommy. She was really worried about him now as she remembered his blood across the camera lens. He and the others had to be rescued soon or they would be dead. Zedd wasn't playing around.

"Kimberly, what are you doing here?" Zordon asked as soon as Kim stepped into the Command Center.

"I figured that we would have a meeting to discuss plans to rescue Tommy and the others." She replied as she found a seat.

"There is something I have to tell you." Zordon started as the door was opened again but this time it was Rocky who walked through the door.

"I knew that you would beat me here." He said once he spotted Kimberly sitting down.

"I got tired of waiting in my room." She said to him as he sat down beside her. "Now what do you have to tell me?" She asked looking back at Zordon.

"Kimberly." Zordon started as he took a deep breath. "You are not going to rescue Tommy." He stated as plainly as he could.

"What? I'm not sure I understand. Tommy has to be rescued." She said trying to understand what he was trying to tell her.

"Yes I know that but you will not be the one saving him." Zordon replied as Kim shot to her feet.

"Yes I will be. I need to rescue him." She fired back. "I have to rescue him."

"No you don't." Zordon stated as Kimberly exploded.

"This was not the deal!" She screamed. "I am supposed to save Tommy."

"I'm sorry; you can't, not this time." He said staying calm. "Just like Rocky can't save Aisha."

"What?" Kim asked looking down at Rocky.

"We are too close to the situation." Rocky whispered. "They can't trust us to just save them."

"Of course I'm not just going to save Tommy. I want Zedd dead for what he has done to him." Kim said as Rocky nodded.

"That's the problem. Zedd is too strong at the moment; you would never make it to him." He said as Zordon nodded.

"Why are you not angry? You said that Aisha is your life." She said turning to Rocky. She didn't understand why he was acting like all of this was okay with him.
"She is my life but at the moment, I am not the one who can save her. I know that and so do you. We are too emotional and that could get them and the rest of the team killed." He said slowly.

"This isn't fair." Kim cried as Rocky stood up and took her hand in his.

"I know but we have to trust the team that Zordon has put together to get them back." He said.

"Kimberly, if it helps I sent Jason." Zordon stated as Kim looked from Rocky to Zordon.

"You sent Jason to rescue Tommy?" She asked as Zordon nodded. "Why?"

"Because I knew that you needed someone on that team that you trusted. They should be on their way now." He supplied.

"They are already gone?" She asked as he nodded.

"We felt that they could not stay a day longer. It was time to bring them back." He explained as Kim nodded.

"Thank you." She whispered. It did comfort her that Jason was on the mission. He would make sure that they bought Tommy back to her.

"Don't thank me yet, they haven't gotten them back yet." He reminded her quickly.

"But they will." She said before turning and walking out of the room.

"She's right, it isn't fair." Rocky said drawing Zordon's attention.

"I know that but you both are too unstable to get them back at the moment. I thought it better to send in other people so that they have a chance of making it back here in one piece." Zordon explained.

"I know that in my head but my heart wants me to scream and throw things. I know how Aisha is and she will be scared at whoever rescues her." He said.

"Don't worry the team is ready for the worst." Zordon said as Rocky nodded before leaving the room as well.


"We will be touching now in five minutes once your feet touch the ground move quickly. Phantom will be running this mission so no one moves until he says so. This is going to go fast and hopefully smoothly. We can't mess this up." Carter explained as the guys nodded. They knew that this was serious.

Jason closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He knew that they had to at least get Tommy out or Kimberly would kill him with her bow and arrows. He wasn't actually sure who they would be rescuing along with Tommy just that Tommy would be rescued.


"Okay let's go." Zordon said busting into Kim's room.

"What?" Kim asked as she looked at Zordon.

"I don't know how long this mission is going to last and we need more clips for TV." He said as Kim sighed.

"Fine but we go on the surface to do them. I'm not standing in a studio." She stated standing up.

"I guess great minds think alike because that's what I said as well." Rocky said coming in behind Zordon.

"Alright you two, come on. I don't want Rita changing her mind." Zordon said as Rocky and Kimberly nodded.

They made their way up to the surface where the film crew was already set up waiting for them.

Kim looked around and saw the ruins and remembered the ruins of Angel Grove. "You know I have gone over it again and again in my mind on why Zedd would want Tommy. He had no knowledge of the rebellion because I didn't. He wasn't even rescued in the arena. Why would Zedd want Tommy?" Kim asked as Rocky walked up beside her.

"Kimberly, Zedd didn't take Tommy because of his knowledge of the rebellion." He said quietly as Kim looked over at him.

"Then why?" She whispered as Rocky just looked at her. He would not spell it out for her because it would hurt too much.

Kim realized that Rocky wasn't going to tell her so she looked back over the ruins of district 13. Instead of the ruins though she saw Tommy; the moment his name had been drawn, riding in the chariot with her during the parade, telling the entire nation that he was in love with her, the moment she found him during the games, the kisses they shared in the cave, the moment that she knew that she would save him, their time on the victory tour, him volunteering to take Zordon's place in the 100th Games, his heart stopping in the Games, him giving her the pearl that she always carried with her, his face during his last interview. The images swirled around in her mind until she came to the answer. It blinded her with its force.

"It's because of me." She whispered as the tears started falling.

"What?" Rocky asked not quite catching what she had said.

"Zedd took him because of me. He knew that Tommy was my weakest and the only link he could gain control of." She stated turning to look at Rocky. "I am the reason that Tommy is being tortured." She cried as Rocky pulled her into his arms. This had been the reason that he didn't want to tell her. He knew how it felt when Zedd took someone you loved and used them against you.

"What's wrong?" Zordon asked walking over to them. He had been talking with the camera crew trying to figure out the best place to start filming. They wanted to get as much of the background as possible without showing anything too important for the Capitol to use against them.

"She just figured out that Zedd took Tommy because of her." Rocky explained as Zordon sighed. He did not want Kimberly to ever find that out which was one reason that he had strayed away from any topic concerning Tommy. Kimberly was smart and he knew that she would eventually figure it out given enough time.

"Do you think that you can do this video then?" Zordon asked because he knew that Kimberly wouldn't be able to control herself long enough to say anything.

"I can." Rocky replied as he pulled back from Kimberly.

"Come on." Zordon said taking Kim's hand as she tried to wipe away the tears with her other hand.

He walked her behind the cameras as Rocky sat down on one of the columns that was lying on its side. The men turned the cameras on and waited for what Rocky would say. He had never given an interview that wasn't scripted by the Capitol and they were excited to see what he would say.


"Okay most of the guards are out and I have taken care of a few of them. I'm sure there are still some lurking about so be on guard. Carter, I want you to follow me while everyone else spreads out. Each cell along this hall holds a prisoner. Get everyone into the hovercraft and wait for us there." Phantom said as the men nodded.

Jason didn't argue with him because he was sure that Phantom and Carter would get Tommy out and for some reason he trusted them too. Everyone started down the hall as men started breaking off one by one to grab a cell. Jason was the last one to break off before Phantom and Carter rounded the corner.

He grabbed the key that was hanging by the door. It was stupid of Zedd to keep the door keys there but he was grateful. It meant that he could get the person out in a matter of seconds versus minutes. Sliding the key into the lock, he pushed the door open and saw a female lying on a metal bed.

She was dirty and almost naked. The shirt she was wearing didn't really cover anything since it looked like it had been torn and burned. What had she gone through? Her head was at an odd angle which he was sure would cause a pain to her when she woke. He couldn't see her face because her face was covering it. The hair was long and matted and as dirty as she was. He could tell that it was black even through the dirt.

He walked quietly over to her and knelt beside the bed. "Do not be alarmed, I'm here to rescue you." He whispered as her eyes shot open. He placed his hand over her mouth so that she didn't scream. She didn't even let out a whimper though. "Come with me." He said as she shook her head no. "Why not? You cannot stay here." He said.

"I can't walk." She whispered as he nodded. Standing up, he scooped her up into his arms and made his way back to the hovercraft. Thankfully they didn't run into any guards on their way there.

Once he got her on board, he took off his gear and laid it beside him. He then un-tucked his shirt and pulled it over his head before putting it over her head and threading her arms through the sleeves. It was way too big for her but it covered her more than her tattered one had.

"Thank you." She said as he nodded and gathered his gear. "What's your name?" She asked looking up at him.

"Jason." He replied looking back down at her.

"You don't want to know what my name is." She asked as others started getting into the hovercraft.

"I figured that I would get you fed before asking you questions that I'm sure Rita and the others will ask you as soon as we get back to Eltar." He said grabbing one of the blankets for her. He then found some jerky that Andros had pointed out during their flight. He figured that he could at least give her that until they got back Eltar.

"Thank you for everything and my name's Trini." She said.
"Well it's nice to meet you Trini, Kimberly had told me a little about you." He said as she smiled.

"I'm sure the main thing was that I was trying to kill her in the Game when I attacked her." She stated as he shook his head no. "Really?" She asked.

"Yea really, she figured out that you were trying to save her. She's not stupid once she's thought about something." He said as she nodded. They didn't get to talk anymore because more and more people were finding seats. Jason noticed that most of the victims looked a whole lot better than Trini did and he wondered why. Was Trini one of the main people behind the rebellion?


Phantom and Carter finally made it to Tommy's cell. Phantom had already secured the key for the door when he took out the guard. It was a good thing that Zedd didn't like to communicate with his guards or he might have known something was up. They slipped into the room and saw Tommy on a metal table with tubes running from him to several machines around him.

"What should we unhook first?" Carter asked. He knew that he should have bought his wife, Dana. She would know which machines were safe.

"I'm not sure it matters too much, let's just get this done. We need to be out of here in 10 minutes." He replied.

"Why 10 minutes?" Carter asked as he started unhooking the tubes.

"I set a bomb, that's why." He said as Carter began moving faster. He would prefer not to die here on a rescue mission.

"I'll grab him just make sure that no guards get in our way." Carter said as Phantom nodded. Carter had been a fireman before being recruited by Dulcea to join the rebellion. They had liked his skills and had asked him to be a part of their missions along with Dana.

"Stay close to me then." Phantom said as Carter nodded. He pulled Tommy's body up so that he was sitting up before lowering himself so that Tommy's upper body rested on his right shoulder. He then reached around to grab Tommy's arm as he stood up. A few adjustments and he had Tommy balanced over his shoulder. Phantom looked back and saw that he was ready before they made their way out of the room.

A guard rounded the corner then as Phantom fired a shot. The man fell in seconds as another rounded the corner. This one had his gun drawn since he had watched the man in front of him get shot. The second guard called out a warning as Phantom shot him.

"You ready to run?" Phantom asked as Carter nodded. "Okay then let's go, I'll shoot and you just stay out of range." He said as Carter grunted.

The two of them started running as more and more guards came towards them. Phantom kept firing on them as Carter stuck close to him. They finally made it to the hovercraft. The doors closed behind them as Andros lifted off. They were only seconds in the air when an explosion rocked the hovercraft. Andros maintained control as he turned back to district 13.

"That was close; I'm glad that you can shoot." Carter said as he set Tommy down in one of the empty seats.

"I admit that it was closer than I would have liked." Phantom stated he removed his gear.

"How is he doing?" Jason asked coming over to them.

"Not good but my wife can help with that. She is the best doctor I know." Carter said with pride.

"Kim's mom is pretty good too so maybe between the two of them they will get him back to looking like Tommy." Jason said looking over at Tommy. He had lost weight and his skin seemed to have a green tint to it. He hoped for Kim's sake that Tommy did survive this.


"Okay that's a wrap." Zordon said as the cameras shut off. Rocky had poured his heart out on camera.

"I guess I should have left out some of that." Rocky said rubbing the back of his neck.

"No, it's fine; you can go back if you want too." Zordon said as Rocky nodded and left them alone. He figured that Rocky would want to be alone after everything he had revealed. The memory could be a tricky thing, most of the time it tried to hide things from the past that hurts to protect you. When you start talking about it and remembering then it can't protect you anymore.

"Is he going to be okay?" Kim asked reminding Zordon that she was still there.

"I think so." He said turning to face her. "I do have some news for you though."

"Is it Tommy?" She asked as he shook his head no. "Then what?" She asked.

"I think it's better if I show you." He said as she nodded.

They made their way back inside to the make-shift hospital. They were greeted by Dana who told Zordon that someone was doing a lot better and was awake if they wanted to go in. Kim didn't know who they were talking about until she looked through the viewing glass.

"Alpha." She cried as Zordon nodded.

"We can go and see him now." He said as Kim nodded. They walked into Alpha's room.

"Kimberly! You have grown lovelier than the last time I seen you." He said as she neared his bed.

"Oh Alpha, I'm sorry for Zedd's guards doing that to you." She said taking his hand in hers.

"It's not your fault. I was the one that made your dress do that." He stated trying to reassure her.

"It was my actions though." She whispered as he shook his head no.

"Kimberly, I knew there was something special about you when you volunteered for your sister. I had to show everyone what I saw in that moment. You were the hope that the nation needed." He said as Zordon nodded.

"I don't know what to say." Kim said as Alpha smiled at her.

"Well your mouth may not have the words but your stare does. I've never seen anyone convey as much as you do in one stare." He said as people started yelling outside his room. The three of them looked out the viewing window and noticed people running around getting medicine and other things.

"What's going on?" Kim asked walking over to the window.

"The team must be back." Zordon stated as Kim looked back at him.

"I need to find Tommy." She said as Zordon blocked the door.

"No, you need to let them do whatever work they need to at the moment. You can see him when everything settles down." He said as she sighed and nodded.

"Fine, then take me back to my room so that I can wait there." She said as he nodded and did just that. Alpha watched them leave and prayed that Tommy and others were okay after all they had been through.


"Mr. President, we have been bombed." Mondo said as soon as he walked into the room. He had been looking for Zedd for the past ten minutes.

"What? Where?" Zedd asked shooting to his feet.

"Where the prisoners were being kept." Mondo answered without pause.

"Are they dead?" He asked.

"No, apparently they were rescued before the explosion." He replied.

"Prepare the army and tell district 2 to brace for an attack." He stated as Mondo looked at him.

"Why do you think that they are going after district 2?" Mondo asked.

"Because district 2 is our strong hold and major provider of weapons at the moment, they will attack district 2 next." He said as Mondo nodded and left the room to do as Zedd had commanded.


"I heard that they were back with Tommy and the others." Rocky said coming into Kim's room an hour later.

"Yes they have but Zordon told me to stay here until he comes to get me." Kim replied as Rocky stared at her.

"You actually plan on staying here until he comes and gets you?" He asked as he sighed.

"Well I did." She replied. "But now I am rethinking that."

"Come on." He said as she nodded and followed him out of the room. They made it to the hospital in record time.

"Where is Aisha?" Rocky asked as the nurse pointed to the door on the right.

"She is resting at the moment but you may go in and see her." The nurse whose name tag said Cassie said.

"Thank you." Rocky asked as he made his way over to the door and into Aisha's room.

"Where is Tommy?" Kim asked as Cassie looked at her.

"I'm not sure it's a good idea for you to go back there." She said as Kim looked at her.

"Please, I need to see him." She pleaded.

"Well the doctors just left him so I guess you can sneak in and see him really quickly." Cassie said.

"Thank you, I will make it quick." Kim said as Cassie pointed to Tommy's door. Kim walked over to Tommy's door and took a deep breath before opening his door.


"Aisha?" Rocky called out as he closed the door behind him. The room was bare except for a single bed in the corner of the room.

"Who's there?" A voice called out as he sighed. She didn't remember him.

"It's me Rocky." He said stepping closer to the bed. He knew that he would need to take this slowly with her. She didn't need a set back after all the work he had been doing with her.

"Rocky?" She asked as she stood up and walked over to him. She raised one hand to his face and traced the lines around his nose, eyes, and mouth. It was something that she always did with him so he knew that she was remembering him. "Rocky." She said smiling.

"Yes it's me." He said pulling her into his arms and hugging her tightly. "I've missed you." He said into her hair.

"Where have you been? Adam said that you were visiting the Capitol. You know I don't like it when you visit the Capitol without me." She said into his chest as he sighed.

"I will not leave you again." He promised still holding her close to him. He could tell that Zedd hadn't done anything to her which made him grateful. He didn't know what he would do if any harm came to her.


Kim stepped into the room and saw Tommy lying down. "Tommy?" She called out as Tommy opened his eyes and looked over at her.

"Kimberly?" He asked as she nodded and walked closer to him.

"It's me." She said as he sat up and turned to face her. His legs hung off the side of the bed. "How are you?" She asked stepping closer to him.

"Confused." He replied as she nodded. She glanced away so she missed the flash of green in his eyes.

"Don't worry we will get them." She stated as she took the last step between them.

"Maybe that's not what I want." He whispered as she looked into his eyes. Everything happened so quickly then. Tommy had grabbed her around the throat with both hands. Machines started beeping as Kim struggled to find a breath. Everything went black then as Kim heard voices before she passed out completely.

Tommy had just attacked Kimberly. It was something that no one saw coming.


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