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Shrieking sounds from a rocking chair could be heard from in the hall.

In the room was a night-light, shadows dancing on the walls of little kittens.

The wall-paper a pale blue, a crib in the corner with a baby-mobile hanging over it.

A young woman sat in the chair rocking back and forth, a small bundle in her arms.

Amu Tsukiyomi, sat half asleep with a crying little infant in her arms.

'Shuuu.' She cooed trying to calm the baby.

Yoru Tsukiyomi stopped crying and looked up at his mother.

She sang a soothing song and his eye lids started to droop.

When she had finished the lullaby he had soon fell into a deep sleep. Amu looked down at the one year old.

(And yes they named him after Ikuto's Chara, Yoru.)

'Amu?' She heard a deep voice coming from the door way.

She turned her head to find her lovely husband staring at her in the door way, leaning of the frame for support.

She smiled.

'How's he doing?' the figure asked, his voice sounding still slightly sleepy.

'He's okay. Go back to bed.' She said looking back down at her baby peacefully sleeping.

The man around his 20's walked slowly over to her and the baby, and kissed Yoru on the head, kneeling down in front of her, putting his head on her lap.

'You sure?' Ikuto asked looking at her from under his lashes.

'Yeah. Now go back to sleep.' She said kissing him lightly on the lips after he stood up on his feet.

'Mmmm... That felt good. Come to bed soon.' He said walking out of the room.

'Oh. And Amu, you have a lovely voice.' He said sticking his head back in the room.

'Shut up.' She giggled.

He grinned and said,'You do.' and he left.

Amu sighed, she got up and held Yoru close to her chest. She walked slowly to the door of Yoru's room, and slipped out into the hall a small light that Ikuto had set up there shining bright in the dark hall. Amu slowly strolled to her room and opened the door that was slightly opened.

She walked over to her bed and climbed in next to Ikuto, pulling on the blankets with her free hand.

'Push over.' She demanded, pushing a discarded pillow with her foot out of the way.

Ikuto rolled over on to his back looking at Amu with Yoru still in her arms.

She sat down under the covers and pushed one of her pillows to the side of the bed, so Yoru wouldn't fall out of bed.

She put him down, sighing when Ikuto pulled on her hand pulling her down to his chest.

'Hi.' Ikuto said holding her around the waist.

Amu looked at the little miracle one more time before saying.

'Hey, not so close.' Amu moved and Ikuto got closer to her.

'You feeling okay?' He asked.

'Not really. I think I'm coming down with something.' She said sighing, pulling the blankets over her shoulder.

'Don't get me sick.' He chuckled.

'Okay. No kissing me till I get better.' She said in a teasing manner.

'What? No way.'

'When don't complain when you get sick.' She giggled.

'Ughh.' He groaned.

'I don't like being sick.' He whined.

'Nor do I. So bleh.' She said rolling to face him.

He smiled down at her a loving look creeping its way into his eyes.

'But if you are sick that's not as fun, don't get sick.' He said.

'I can't promise that...'

'I know, but try not to.' was his response.

'Whatever.' She said hugging him.

'Love you, Amu-koi.' He cooed grinning.

'Me, too.'

'...that's it?' he complained.


'How mean...'

'Night.' she said closing her eyes.

'Night, my little Strawberry.' he kissed her on the head before plunging in to the world of sleep.

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