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Hades, a place that is familiar to the Prinnies. There, they're trained to become a never-break-rule and diligent Prinny. Who's their coach?

It's the ex-Tyrant Valvatorez.

Although all demons know that Valvatorez just a Prinny Instructor, some of them admire him for what he had done to Fear the Great. Some of them visit Hades just to see Valvatorez, though his loyal servant, Fenrich, sometimes drive them away.

Now in this peaceful state of Hades, what did he do there?

..Well, he's kinda happy right now.


Valvatorez smiled. With a happy face, he sat on his newly-made throne that (surprisingly) made by the all the Prinnies there as a 'Thank You' gift.

"Hmm.. this is great!" he said happily "Nearly half of the Prinnies will pass today! Hehe. I really train them well."

Valvatorez then took a can of sardines beside him, opened it, and take one sardine from the opened sardine-can.

"Hmm... Well, I have to prepare a can of sardines for each Prinny that pass! But before that..." Valvatorez bring the sardine that taken from the can to his mouth.

"..I'll eat this one first~" Valvatorez said with a happy voice. But before he can eat the sardine, someone entered and saluted at him.

"...Lord Valvatorez, the Prinnies had gathered at the place that you requested to me." the person said. Valvatorez turned his head to the person with delighted.

"Ah.. Thank you, Fenrich." Valvatorez then stood up from his throne and took a few cans of sardines from his storage. Feeling the cans had taken enough, he stood with his hands full of canned sardines.

"C'mon, Fenrich! We should share this cans of happiness to the graduated Prinnies!" he said happily.

"Yes, My Lord." Fenrich said. Both of them then walk to the place where the Prinnies have been gathered. On the way there, Valvatorez turned his head to Fenrich

"Say, Fenrich.." Fenrich shifted his gaze to Valvatorez. "...Do they come here again?"

Fenrich sighed before answering his Lord's question. "They are, My Lord. But I've put them in place where they can see you without bothering you, My Lord."

Hearing the answer, Valvatorez smiled.

"Well, thank you Fenrich. I didn't expecting you to do that." . Fenrich then saluted to Valvatorez and said; "All is for My Lord."



The Prinnies were standing, along with Valvatorez's "fans" at the other side and saw Valvatorez, along with his loyal servant beside him, giving a graduation ceremony speech.

"I-I'm really glad some of you still following my training! Even with you back to Level 1 if you broke the first rule for the Prinnies!" Valvatorez said with a smile "And as I promised 2 weeks ago, Prinnies that graduated not only got a sardine, but a CAN of SARDINES!"

When heard this, the Prinnies cheered for Valvatorez as they do their dance.

"Oh, Lord Valvatorez, dood! Thank you very much, dood!"

"A can of sardines, dood? Wow, dood! I can't believe it, dood!"

"Cheers for Lord Valvatorez, dood!"

After one of the Prinnies said this, all Prinnies, and all Valvatorez's fans, cheered for Valvatorez. Valvatorez just smiled as he waved to his Prinnies and 'fans' while Fenrich just facepalmed as he sweat-dropped...


"90.. 91.. 92.."

Fenrich now standing next to his Lord who was sitting in his throne, checking the list of the Prinny in Hades that will graduated tomorrow with a wide smile. He sighed because he knew what his Lord will say when...

"..98.. 99.. 100?" Valvatorez said in disbelief as he rubbed his eyes many times to make sure what he was seeing correctly. After done it for several times, Valvatorez smiled widely as he stand up from his throne.

"100 Prinnies will graduated tomorrow!" Valvatorez said happily "Can't you believe it, Fenrich? It's 100 Prinnies! It's two times more than today!"

Fenrich sighed before answering his Lord's question. "Yes, My Lord. If it make yourself happy, I'm also happy."

Valvatorez looked to him with a smile before he threw himself into his throne again. "Fenrich.. this is very amazing! So far, there are only 10-30 Prinnies that graduated in a week. Now, everything has changed!" Valvatorez said as he put back the list of the Prinny in Hades on the table beside him. "..Now, there are 50-100 Prinnies that graduated in a-"

"Valzy! Fenfen!"

Valvatorez and Fenrich look to the entrance of the room to see Fuka Kazamatsuri, along with Desco, standing there, waving their hands to them.

"..We gonna ask you something!" Fuka said as she ran forward with Desco to Valvatorez and stop right in front of him.

"Big Bro! Desco is wondering if she and Big Sis could add a chocolate shop in Hades!" Desco said as she balancing herself on her purple tail "She and Big Sis really hope Big Bro allowed us to add those!"

When heard this, Fenrich groaned as he look to them with a serious look.

"Hey, weirdos! Don't ask such a useless thing to Lord Valvatorez!" Fenrich said angrily "..Don't you realize what you b*tches did to Hades these few days makes this place looks... 'dirty'?!"

Fuka and Desco want to protest when Valvatorez take one of the list he put on the table a moment ago and started talking.

"Hmm.. Let's see... a week ago, you asked me to add a Ferris Whell for the Prinnies's pleasure, and I allow it and it's proven... a bit." Valvatorez said clearly "..And then, four days ago, you asked me to enlarge the space on your room so you can work harder, and I allow it and it's proven... a bit. And now..."

Valvatorez look up to Fuka and Desco with a sigh.

"..For what purpose you want to add a chocolate shop here?" Valvatorez asked.

Fuka and Desco then look to each other, nodded, and started explaining why.

"Well, it's because yesterday, we asked the Prinnies if they loves chocolate. And you know what? They said they do! They even always bought some Chocolate from the Item Shop, which I think they'll get bored with it's same taste!" Fuka said as she took out her baseball bat and pointed it RIGHT in front of Valvatorez's face, making him must avoids it by set his head back a little. Desco nodded as she balancing herself on her tail again.

"Desco and Big Sis really hope the Prinnies not getting bored!" Desco said loudly as she got down from her tail and Fuka lowered her baseball bat from Valvatorez's face. After hear all of this, Valvatorez crossed his legs and rested his head to his right hand as he said; "Hmm..."

"M-My Lord.. don't be influenced by them." Fenrich said. Valvatorez remained silent until a moment later, he lift his head from his right hand and sighed.

"Alright.. but-"

"'I wish everything goes as you promised'. OKAY! We got it! We have proven this by that Ferris Whell and that bigger space in our room! Even just a bit!" Fuka said loudly "Now.. Can we add it?"

"..Didn't I said 'Alright' few seconds ago?" Valvatorez said with a sigh. When they heard this, Fuka and Desco cheered as they jumped with joy.

"Oh, thank you, Big Bro! Desco and Big Sis very pleased with your decision! She and Big Sis will ensure you will not regret it!" Desco said happily. Fuka nodded as she look down to Desco excitedly.

"Well, Desco! Let us call the workers!" Fuka said as she turning to the entrance of the room and pointed there. "C'mon, Desco! To the construction site!"

"Yes, Big Sis!"

After that, the two sisters ran out of there, ready for their business. After saw they're gone, Fenrich looked down to his Lord with a disbelief look.

"M-My Lord.. W-Why did you-"

"Fenrich... I'm in good mood right now. So don't protest anything what I do." Valvatorez said as he looked up to Fenrich "..You just need to make sure I was okay, not to protest to any decision I made. Understand?"

Fenrich silent for a moment before he finally saluted to his Lord and said; "Alright. All is for my Lord..."


According to the clock in the Human World, it's 11.55 pm now. All people and monsters in Hades has gone to their rooms to have some sleep. ALL of them..


"M-My Lord, a-are you sure about this?"

Valvatorez sighed as he looked up to Fenrich with a serious look. "Fenrich.. I told you I'll be fi-"

"B-But, My Lord! I need to make sure you're okay! So I must stay beside you while you're still awake, My Lord!" Fenrich said aloud. Valvatorez sighed before he smiled to Fenrich.

"Fenrich... I understand you're worried about me. But please, I'll be fine. Go get some rest, Fenrich. Tomorrow is a big day for us."

Fenrich actually still want to stand next to his Lord. But he couldn't do anything but obey what his Lord said. With a worried feeling in his heart, he saluted to his Lord and said: "Y-Yes, My Lord." as he slowly stepping out of the room. Before Fenrich went out from the door, he turned to his Lord, sighed, and walked out of there.

Valvatorez sighed as he look back to his list again. "Fenrich.. He's too overprotective sometimes..." Valvatorez thought. When still looking to his list, someone entered the room.

"Mr. Vampire? Why are you still awake at this hour?" the person asked. Valvatorez look up to the person and sighed.

"Artina.. What did you want?" Valvatorez asked. Artina giggled before she flew and landed on the top of Valvatorez's throne.

"I thought you gonna call me Thief Angel like old times..." Artina said with a chuckle "..Sometimes I miss it. Weird, huh?"


Artina surprised when she heard the ex-Tyrant replied with a low tone. With great suspicion and fear in her heart, Artina asked; "Mr. Vampire? Do you have a problem?"

When heard this, Valvatorez looked up to Artina; red meet blue.

"Artina .." Valvatorez start "..I don't have a problem. You better think about your own problem before the other's problem. Besides..."

Valvatorez slowly raised his right hand before he put his right hand's index finger to Artina's forehead, making Artina spontaneous surprised.

"... A woman like you can't sleep too late, you know?" Valvatorez said with a smile, making Artina's face a bit reddened in the process.

"W-Well, I guess you're... r-right!" Artina said with a smile as she flew away from the throne, making Valvatorez's index finger not touching her forehead again "W-Well, I-I better go to sleep now! Y-You should get some rest too, Mr. Vampire! B-Bye!"

After saying that, Artina quickly flew out of the room with her face as red as Valvatorez's eyes, or maybe blood..

When Artina out from his sight, Valvatorez tilted his head to his side, a confused look placed on his face. "Hmm... I wonder what's up with her?" Valvatorez asked confusedly "Hmm... she must be had her own reason. Oh, well. I guess I'll go to get some rest for tomorrow now."

Valvatorez got up from his chair and is about to go to his coffin to get some sleep when...

"Why hello there, Sir Vampire."

Surprised and curious, Valvatorez turned around to the entrance of the room to see a girl stand there. The girl somehow looks exactly like Fuka, differing only in color; she has black hair instead of brown, red eyes instead of brown, and everything that blue on Fuka is replaced with black.

"I can see you want to sleep now." The girl said with a suspicious smile. Her voice, somehow, like an innocent little girl "If I'm not mistaken, you're Valvatorez, the ex-Tyrant who now becomes a Prinny Instructor. Am I right?"

When heard this, Valvatorez very confused and surprised. Who is this girl? Why does she know about him? With a bad feeling in his heart, Valvatorez carefully looked into her face and VERY surprised when he saw traces of red liquid on her mouth. No doubt: it's blood.

"W-Who are you?" Valvatorez asked with widened eyes, probably because he's shocked with the traces of blood on her mouth. The girl chuckled when heard this.

"Are you surprised to see the blood, Sir Vampire?" The girl asked as she raised her right hand to her mouth "Hmm... This is weird. Aren't you a vampire? Shouldn't you be VERY interested when you see blood?"

Valvatorez suspicion on the girl turns into fear. Valvatorez have no idea about this. His fear makes him unable to move from where he stood and looked at her with widened eyes.

"W-Who are you really?" Valvatorez asked in fear "W-What did you wa-"

Before Valvatorez could finish, The girl vanished before suddenly, she appeared RIGHT in front of him with a smirk as she slowly grabbed Valvatorez's face with her hands, which makes Valvatorez surprised.

"What did I want, you ask?" The girl asked with a suspicious smile "Hehehe. Don't worry, Sir Vampire.."

The girl leaned her mouth closer to Valvatorez neck before she said;

"..You'll find the answer later~"


What Valvatorez know after that is he felt a sharp pain on his neck before he shouting in pain.

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