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Summary: Samurai Warriors: Chronicles, basically. It's just gonna start off mainstream, but with a few changes. OichixOC is all I can say about the full summary. If anyone' played the game, you'd know what the main male protagonist looks like.

My name is Nagasaki Hiro, a warrior of the Oda army, and a self-proclaimed "Hero of Peace". I'm 24-years-old and was pulled into this war when was I born, being raised Hojo Ujiyasu for the first 16 years of my life. It wasn't until I was 20 when Toyotomi Hideyoshi saw me in battle that he decided to take me into the Oda army. That was also when I first met Lady Oichi, a young girl who was more beautiful then a field full of flowers. That was just the start of my long journey.

Flashback: 4 years ago

I was on the verge of exhausting myself and found myself surrounded. I was determined to win no matter what the cost. Sure, I was being stubborn to not give up, but it was my will power that would keep me going. Three of the men raised their swords and charged me. Determined not to give up, I stood firm and held my sword. Just as our swords where about to connect, in a flash of light, Hideyoshi stood before me, taking the three out. I was a bit impressed.

"Hmm….You look tired, my friend. Maybe you should give up?"

I smiled at him and gave him a look saying 'No way'.

"Like hell I will," was what I started with. "What kind of warrior would I be if I just ran away? That's just not my style…" Hideyoshi looked a bit shocked at first, but smiled at my determination. The two of us charged through the army.

After slaying Imagawa Yoshimoto, I started heading back towards our main camp. I was exhausted, but I somehow managed to pull through the battle. I guess you can call either extreme stubbornness or a powerful determination. As I was on my way back, I started hearing some voices. Curiosity hit me as I started walking in the direction of the voices. As I got closer, I saw a girl seemingly staring at someone's back, although I couldn't out whom it was considering I couldn't see their faces that well. So I got a little closer and was stunned by the girl's beauty.

"My older brother, can I be useful to you in some way?" asked the girl to the man.

"Oichi, war is for warriors. You must stop asking him to let you fight," said another man. It was none other than Shibata Katsuie, a famous commander of the Oda army. Did he just say 'Oichi', as in, Nobunaga's sister? I got a bit closer to listen some more. Just then, Hideyoshi came into the conversation.

"No, no, no! She will come into full bloom on the field of battle. Just you watch!" said Hideyoshi.

"Monkey, I'm tired of your useless chattering!" replied Katsuie, with a bit of anger in his voice. Trying not to enrage Katsuie even more, Hideyoshi simply walked away. It was then that Lady Oichi took notice of me and bowed with a smile. I was blushing like crazy as I walked towards her. Finding myself in front of her and feeling nervous, I had no idea what I was going to say.

"You are Hiro, the great champion. You have toiled heroically on our behalf, "said Oichi to me, smiling sincerely as she was telling the truth. "I have heard many stories. You have won many battles."

"No, uhhh…That's just an exaggeration…." I said with a little regret, but also with an awkward smile. "I'm, um…no great champion. I'm simply…just a warrior?" I was still as red as a tomato in the awkwardness of what I just said. Oichi giggled a bit at my nervousness. Even though I said something stupid, she still smiled.

"There is no need for false modesty. You should take pride in your accomplishments," said Oichi, still smiling. I guess that's true. I should take pride in them. "Well, I must return to my brother. I beg your pardon." She walked passed me. Before she disappeared from my sight, she turned her head slightly and said, "We're counting on you" before walking away.

Katsuie, noticing the blush on my face, smiled and, at the same time, laughed.

End Flashback.

So yeah, that's how I met Lady Oichi and got pulled into serving the Oda army. With a firm hold on what I want and the goals I had, I was somewhat ready and prepared for what life had to throw at me. My goal in life, protect Lady Oichi and, if possible, the Oda clan.