Hiro's POV

Many months had passed since Oichi announced her pregnancy to me. Believe me, I was completely shocked and yet, extremely happy at the news. Anyway, within the many months, Oichi and I got married. Some thought it was because Oichi was pregnant with my baby. Others that it was to preserve peace within two kingdoms. Those were obviously both wrong. It was because Oichi and I share the same amount for each other.

But, with every change to a person, there has also been many changes to the land as well and those around it. The Shibata were crushed by the Toyotomi, and not long after that, Hideyoshi had passed away. It wasn't until the funeral for him that I realized that I didn't want my child to grow up like this and neither did Oichi. We both fought for peace and yet it never came and we couldn't let anything happen to the children.

I sat in the room, looking down at the floor as my fists were clenched with sadness and despair. Oichi sat in front of my looked at the state I was in. He put her hand on mine as a way to try and comfort me. "I don't know what to do...I can't just abandon the kingdom, and we can't have the baby grow up in this war-torn land..." I looked over at Oichi, who looked back at my with sympathetic eyes. She took her hand and placed it on the side of my face.

"It'll be alright...I'm sure you'll think of something..." said Oichi, with a brightened smile. She took my hand and placed it on her stomach. I felt the baby kicking around in there, each kick giving me a little hope. I then remembered the people that I've met along the path that I've taken. Those who have passed away and those who have followed me. It was then that my confidence had been restored and my resolve was firm. Oichi looked into my eyes and smiled. She stood up and we both walked out of the room, her hand in mine.

A year had passed, and Oichi and I had feigned our deaths in the coming battle with the Tokugawa, who in turn, crushed the Toyotomi. Burning the main camp down, we took a boat off the shore. Somehow, we were able to escape sight of the others. I looked up at the sky, smiling as I had finally been free from the burden of war without being put to death. I looked over at Oichi, who was holding a baby boy. She was surrounded by her daughters and smiled back at me.

"Hiro...We did it. We can now live peacefully..." said Oichi to me. I smiled back at her and nodded in response. I walked over to her and caressed her hair. I looked at our baby boy, who smiled when he saw me and I chuckled in return. Oichi handed me the baby and I played around with him, wiggling my index finger on the baby's soft stomach. The baby boy giggled, took my finger and sucked on it. I laughed and Oichi smiled at the sight of a father and son playing together. It was at that moment that she again saw a flash of Nagamasa in me, which caused her to smile to brighten.

After a few minutes of playing with the baby, I handed him back to Oichi and continued steering the boat. My new goal was now in hand: to find a new land of our own and to live in peace.


A/N: Sorry for the quick ending. I just wanted to freakin end this story. ^_^