Gina couldn't believe she was dating such a great guy. Neither had Trudy in the beginning, so she had done a background check on him. When he came up clean, she told Gina and they had celebrated. Being a police woman, it was hard to find someone to date. If they were normal, then they hated her work hours. Or that she was always a cop. They couldn't seem to understand that it wasn't just a job, but who she was. If she was at a party where there were illegal drugs, she wanted to arrest people. That strained friendships fast. But not Mark Wilson, he imported exotic cars and customized them for his wealthy clientele. His work was 24/7 often also. He knew Gina was a cop, who dealt mostly with prostitution. A few months in to their relationship she had finally told him. He liked that she was self confident and could take care of herself. Sure he went to parties with her where there were drugs, but often it was done in a private room. If Gina felt uncomfortable at a party, he left it up to her to decide if she wanted to go.

She found out that Mark loved to race; cars, off shore boats and motorcycles. He was good too, having earned some trophies in legitimate races. He was doing well with his business in Miami. It was at a party that she had met him, while she was undercover. He gave her his number on his business card and slowly they got to know each other. They had been dating a few months when she finally introduced Trudy to him. Crockett and Tubbs were working undercover and hadn't been around for a while. Mark hadn't met them yet. Gina at one time had loved Sonny Crockett, but she had wanted a commitment from him and never got it. So she moved on and they were just good friends. But a part of her heart was always reserved for him. She wondered if Sonny would even care that she was with Mark.

"Gina, tonight we've been invited to a party on a yacht. I don't know the host, but it is sort of business related." Mark spoke into his phone.

"Sure why not, we haven't had a chance to go out in a while. I'm off tonight anyway, so it's a date."

"Can I send you a dress for the occasion?"

Gina smiled at the phone, "are you sure you know my size?"

Mark chuckled, "honey, I know every inch of your beautiful body."

She blushed, yes he did. "Okay, I should be home around 6pm, send it by around then."

They said their good-byes and went back to their jobs. Gina was doing paper work at her desk. Trudy was doing the same across from her.

"Mark meeting you again tonight?" Trudy asked.

"Yup a party. He's getting me a dress for it."

"Nice, your smile tells me you're falling for him," Trudy observed.

"Fallen. He is so sweet."

Trudy rolled her eyes and Gina threw a paperclip at her. She knew her partner was happy for her. For the past few months she'd been on cloud-9. Mark was a passionate lover, smart and had great taste. Even though he was wealthy, he didn't flaunt it constantly. She loved riding with him on his sports bike or going to the track when he was test driving one of the modified cars. They practically lived together now, but she kept her own apartment still.

"Can you do these two files? I'd like to get out of here before 6pm," Gina begged.

Trudy gave her a disgusted look and held out her hand to receive the files. "You owe me!"

Gina smiled, "yes, yes I do." Then she gathered her things and left.

At home she had just come out of the shower when the courier came with a large box. Once the courier left she took the dress out. It was simply gorgeous. One sleeve was long and the other had slits on it to expose portions of the other arm. The front had a V neck and the back dipped very low. It was long, but had a high slit up the side. When she put it on, Gina was thrilled with how perfectly it fit. He'd also included sexy red stilettos to match the dress. Mark had good fashion taste.

At seven thirty he picked her up. He was driving his Lamborghini Countach. He helped her get in. "Diner first, then we'll go party."

"Sounds perfect. This dress is beautiful, thank you." Gina said leaning over and kissing him deeply.

"You're a goddess in it. It will be hard to keep my hands off you."

Gina winked, "then don't."

"Tease!" Mark laughingly accused.

"Mmhmm." Gina admitted.

He put the car in gear and off they went. Diner was filling and then they went to the party. The yacht was huge. They danced a while and then went to the top deck. Mark got them two glasses of wine. The cop in Gina picked up the signs that there was coke at this party. Men and women sniffed and drew their finger across their noses constantly, the biggest give away. She didn't see any coke on tables or out in the open, but it was here for sure.

She accepted a glass of white wine from Mark, "thank you."

"One of my clients is introducing me to some potential new orders. So I have to mix business with pleasure tonight," Mark apologized.

Gina smiled and kissed him again, "I figured that was the case."

"I love you," Mark confessed. His hand tracing it's way up her exposed spine to her neck, which he kissed. She shivered with desire.

He knew she wasn't ready to say those three important words yet. But she leaned closer to him and that was all he needed. They were interrupted by his business associate.

"Good evening Mark, who is your lovely companion?"

Mark smiled, "this is Gina Calabrese. Gina this is Sam."

"Please to meet you," she said politely.

"Pleasure is all mine," Sam flirted while kissing the top of her offered hand. He then turned to the man with him, "Damien Whitney this is Mark and Gina. Mark is the man to help you get that custom Porsche 911 you want."

Mark directed his attention to Sam and Damien. Gina smiled, excused herself and went to refill her glass. She watched Mark talk about his first love; exotic cars.

Sonny Crockett saw Gina first, she was wearing a stunning red dress. He watched her return with two glasses of wine to a group of men. One of the men turned to her and accepted the glass, putting his hand on her back posessively. Through the gossip mill at work, Sonny had heard she was seeing some rich guy.

Ricardo Tubbs glanced over at his partner. Then followed Sonny's line of sight. He too saw Gina and was impressed. Excusing himself from the lady he was chatting up, he went over to Crockett.

"Gina is looking hot tonight," Ricardo commented.

"That she is," Sonny agreed, not taking his eyes off her.

They were undercover at the party, gathering information and making their presence known. It wasn't long for Gina to spot them, she walked over to say hello. "Small world," Gina said.

"You look fantastic tonight," Sonny complimented.

"Thank you. There is someone I'd like you two to meet."

Crockett and Tubbs followed Gina to where Mark was still talking to Sam and Damien. She waited for a break in their conversation and Mark turned to her. "Mark I'd like you to meet two of my close friends," Gina began.

Sonny offered his hand, "I'm Sonny Burnett and this is Rico Cooper," he said, giving their alias names.

Gina understood that they were under cover. "Sonny races a scarab sometimes, you two have that in common."

Mark's competitive nature was sparked, "I love off shore racing."

Sam introduced him and Damien, "no Mark you love any kind of racing." He laughed shaking hands with Gina's friends. "Let's see; I lost a grand in a 'friendly' car race and another five taking on your sports bike."

Damien asked, "adrenaline junkie?"

Mark laughed, "not at all, I just appreciate a machine's top performance."

Everyone laughed. Tubbs added, "Sonny's the same. He doesn't understand why there's speed limits on roads. All colors of a traffic light, say green to him."

Gina smiled and Mark put his arm around her. "What do you drive?"

"She's a Testarossa."

"Nice choice," Damien admired.

Sam asked, "and the scarab?"

Sonny's smile grew, "Wellcraft 38."

The conversation went back and forth between sports cars and boats. As the racing discussion grew, Damien brought more people into their circle.

Tubbs and Gina stepped back a bit from the group. "Are you okay with us using your date as a gateway to introductions here?"

"I wouldn't have introduced you otherwise. It seems Damien, who is a potential new client for Mark, is the key."

Tubbs nodded at her and returned to Crockett's side. Gina went back to Mark, who took her hand in his and they exchanged a private look. One of the men introduced into the growing group, was very interested in the offshore boat race. He offered up a large purse for the winner. A few more people requested to join the race.

Tubbs was using his jamaican accent, "Mr. Gaviria when would you like this little race to occur?"

"Mr. Cooper, I think next weekend would be good. Mr. Burnett, Mr. Wilson, do you agree?"

Everyone agreed, including the late race joiners. Mr. Gaviria was the one that Miami Vice was investigating and Crockett was pleased with the night's progress.

"Excuse me gentlemen, here is my business card. Contact me with the final details. Now it's time for Gina and I to depart."

Everyone politely said good evening and Mark led Gina away. He apologized to her, "I'm sorry about all of that."

"Nothing to be sorry about. Sonny's the same, he loves racing."

"Were you two involved?" Mark asked.

"Briefly. Our life styles are too different. I could never prove anything, but being a cop ended our relationship fast." Gina explained, twisting the truth slightly.

Understanding showed in Mark's eyes. "I had a feeling there was more to it. I think Mr. Gaviria may be in the same line of work as your friend. Rumours run rampant at those kind of parties."

They drove back to Mark's place. He showed her how easy it was to take off her dress. Then she showed him how much she loved him, even though she couldn't say the words yet. He was awed by her flexibility and appreciated her skill in bed. A few hours later they relaxed in each others arms.

"Will you be able to join us for the offshore boat race with your friend, next weekend?"

"I wouldn't miss it," Gina smiled up at him.