Sigma 6 FanFiction: Brothers

Disclaimer: Sadly I don't own the characters of GI Joe Sigma 6 and GI Joe RAH.

Note: Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow are blood brothers in this FF! At the beginning of the Story Scarlett & Snake Eyes are not together. I took the liberty of expanding the Sigma 6 Team with characters of the RAH series.

If the characters are a bit OOC, I'm very sorry but I don't know the RAH series really good and it's not very long ago that I was first introduced to GI Joe.

*blah blah* - sign language

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Everything began with a new lead of Cobra and the Powerstone that the Sigma 6 team had found. "Joes we have a new trail that will lead us to Cobra! ", said Duke to his widened team when everyone was present. New in the team was Lifeline, a medic (should be obvious), a helicopter pilot named Wild Bill (should know him if you know RAH or the comics) and Ace another pilot.

"We have discovered Cobra near Japan. Apparently they are after another powerstone. But we will prevent that they will get it! ", explained Duke.

"And who will go?", asked Tunnel Rat.

Duke looked at his team standing before him and said finally: "We all go. Hi-Tech found out that Cobra Commander, the Baroness, Destro, Zartan and his Dreadnoks and even Storm Shadow are staying on an island near Japan. Where exactly we don't know, yet! We will have to solve this during the flight. "

When Duke had said the last name, he had looked at Snake Eyes. They discovered only recently that Storm Shadow was controlled through brainwashing thanks to Cobra Commander. Now Snake Eyes wanted to free his brother from Cobra's grasp – no matter the cost – and that was worrying Duke and the others of Sigma 6 big time. They were afraid that their ninja friend would sacrifice himself if that would mean that he could safe his little brothers life.

Even with that concern Duke knew that he couldn't talk Snake Eyes out of taking part at this mission because even if he would leaf Snake Eyes at HQ the ninja would search for Storm Shadow alone and that idea was even more disliked by Duke.

If he would take him with them then he could at least ensure that at least one out of the team would always look out for the ninja.

'Yeah sure, as if that would really work. He is a ninja – what he always liked to emphasize when it was about things like that.' thought Duke.

While everyone was getting ready to set off, went Scarlett to Snake Eyes room.

"Snake Eyes? ", said Scarlett as she entered his room.

When he heard his name he turned around and looked at her questioning through his visor.

Scarlett was always amazed how he could express things without saying them out loud. He could express himself better through his body language than others with words. He didn't even need to use sign language – even if he had mastered it fluently.

"I just wanted to say to you: Take care of yourself out there, ok? Please don't do something stupid."

He didn't answer right away instead he walked towards her and hugged her. After a few seconds he let go of her and took a step back to sign. *Don't worry, I will take care. I am a ninja after all.*

Scarlett let out a short laugh at his reply but caught herself quickly. "You! Just because you are a *ninja* doesn't mean that you never do something totally stupid. I'm just worried about you, okay?"

Snake Eyes nodded slowly. *Thank you… that you care.*

"What does that mean? Of course I care for you!" When she realised what she had just said she got red in her face and quickly added: „And of course so do the others!"

She saw how Snake Eyes shoulder shook and realized that he was laughing silently.

*Thanks Scarlett.*

Scarlett got really red in her face now so she quickly turned around. "…Just get ready. We leave in one hour!"

She left with these words Snake Eyes room.

After an hour the whole team stood ready in the aircraft hangar ready to kick a few Cobras in their asses (except Lifeline of course since he is pacifist).

Wild Bill and Ace flew a plane in which the team had enough space to make exact plans during the flight to the aircraft carrier – that was anchored before Japan.