Chapter 3: Brothers

When they reached the island they were shot at and the pilots had to use all their skills to avoid getting shot down.

Wild Bill accomplished it to get near enough to the ground so that his passengers could jump out. Duke toke the lead and gave the others fire protection while they jumped out of the tomahawk.

Ace too accomplished it to 'unload' Long Range and Tunnel Rat and at the same time shot down a few Cobras.

When Scarlett and Snake Eyes approached the ground their left wing was hit.

"Snakes, you have to jump, now! I can't hold us in the air forever without crashing against something!"

Since she was the one flying she couldn't see if Snake Eyes replied anything. And she didn't need to because he grabbed her at her shoulders.

"Snakes? What are you doing?" screamed Scarlett over the noise of the damaged Mini-Jet.

He didn't reply in any way to her words, just flipped a switch which popped of the roof of the jet and jumped out of it with Scarlett in his arms. Even though Snake Eyes is a ninja they both fell roughly through the branches of a tree and Snake Eyes – still with Scarlett in his arms – managed to roll of the ground.

"Are you alright Snake Eyes?"

He pushed her gently off him and gave her an *Everything is alright." as an answer.

"Good then I can do that without having a guilty conscience!" As soon as she had said that she hit him in his side and heard how he breathed harsh for a moment after that.

"Snakes? You did hurt yourself, didn't you?" asked Scarlett concerned.

Snake Eyes waved her aside, stood up and walked away. Scarlett followed him and when she had catched up she asked: "Where are you going?"

*Where the others are: to the fight. "He said matter of fact.

"You're hurt! At least let me see if I can do something for. I know that I'm not Lifeline but my knowledge in medicine is good enough to patch you up a bit!"

Snake Eyes gave her no visible reaction of acknowledgement; instead he speeded up his pace.

"Ninjas!" murmured Scarlett while she too quickened her pace.

She followed him when he suddenly stopped and signalled her to follow his lead as well as to be silent. Scarlett didn't know what he had heard since she could only hear the noise if distant fights.

'It seems like we crashed pretty far away from the battle.' Mused Scarlett.

Suddenly and like out of nowhere flew a few Shuriken straight at her. Snake Eyes drew his blades – which he always carried on his back – and blocked them with ease.

Scarlett drawed her own weapon and got ready to shot at the sight of the enemy.

"I wouldn't have thought that you would have the courage to take another step on this island. But you're even bold enough to deny that you betrayed our clan, our father and me too!" spoke Storm Shadow full of disgust as he stepped out of the shadows of the trees.

Snake Eyes didn't reply anything and just stood there with his blades pointing to the ground. He looked like picture of calm but Scarlett could see how tense he really was under the surface.

Without a warning Scarlett's communicator made a noise and Duke's voice reached their ears.

"Scarlett, Snake Eyes. Can you hear me? If so then answer me!"

'Great timing Duke!" thought Scarlett sarcastically.

This short distraction was like a signal for Storm Shadow and ran straight at them. Snake Eyes pushed Scarlett out of the way and blocked his brother's attack.

The two fought an unbalanced sword fight since Snake Eyes made no move to attack Storm Shadow and preferred to continue to block the attacks.

Scarlett couldn't do anything but watch and this because of different reasons: 1. She wasn't crazy enough to interfere a fight between ninjas, 2. Snake Eyes wouldn't want her to interfere and last but not least: she was afraid to hit Snake Eyes with one of her arrows of her crossbow.

"What's the matter brother? Are you to scared to attack me? Answer me! You and I, we both know that you could talk if you wanted to!"

'What does he mean? Snakes can't talk, or can he?' thought Scarlett while she was trying to do the only thing she could right now: contact Duke.

Storm Shadow's attacks were getting stronger and he succeeded to corner Snake Eyes at a tree there he reached for Snakes visor.

Snake Eyes did nothing to stop him. If it had been somebody else he would have already sprung into action but since there were only Scarlett and Storm Shadow present – and both had already seen his face at least ones – he let it pass.

Without his visor you could see a pair of blue eyes, a few strands of blond hair as well as a small scar under his left eye.

Storm Shadow looked into the eyes of his brother and he couldn't see what he had expected to see. He had thought that he would see the coward that his brother was reflected in his eyes but instead he saw something he would have never expected to see: sadness.

Sadness and determination!

This surprised Storm Shadow so much that he retreated a few steps back.

"Wh… Why are you looking at me like that?" he shouted.

Snake Eyes took a step towards his brother while said brother continued to retreat. They circled each other till Storm Shadow stood with his back toward the tree.

Then Snake Eyes did something that neither Scarlett or Strom Shadow had expected, he put away his swords – which he still held in his hands – back into their sheaths on his back.

"Duke to Scarlett. We've got unexpected help and have succeeded to scare Cobra Commander and his henchmen from the island. But there is a chance that a few Dreadnoks are still on the island, so be careful. What's your status?"

Scarlett made a move to answer Duke when Snake Eyes suddenly walked straight towards his brother and gave him a punch in the face.

A baffled Storm Shadow fell to the ground and looked at his brother. When he moved to stand up he said with some uncertainty in his voice: "Well brother it looks like we have to continue our fight at another time. I'm sure that the Commander is already waiting for me."

But before he could walk away, Snake Eyes grabbed him at his shoulder and pushed him against the tree again. You could see in his eyes that Snake Eyes was not willing to let his brother walk away. He hit him again, but this time Scarlett believed to hear a quiet, unknown voice, which sounded hoarse and unused: "You are such a big idiot, little brother!"

Scarlett couldn't belief her eyes but the look on Storm Shadow's face told her that it was true: Snake Eyes had talked.

Author's note: Well he wanted him to speak… But in the end it seems like he never believed that he would hear the voice of his brother again.