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Summary: One sticky note on the refrigerator door sparks a new way to exchange gossip and inform the residents of Xavier's school of current happenings within the mansion. Crazy things transpire.

*Yes I know. Gambit is not in this chapter. However, he is mentioned.*

A Sticky Note Story

Chapter One: Midnight Munchies

It all started with a simple sticky note on the fridge.

Jubilee was tired of going to get a snack and always finding her favorite snack missing. She thought it had been obvious enough when she wrote on the container in black Sharpie, 'Jubilee's DO NOT EAT!', that the contents of the container belonged to her and only her. However it didn't seem as if the inhabitants of Xavier's mansion quite understood the implied message.

So when Rogue, Kurt, Sam and Ray came down to get breakfast before the rest of the mansion woke up they found a sticky note on the refrigerator door. The message written on the sticky note in big black letters read:


"What the hell is this?" Rogue half-yawned while taking the note off the door. Everyone gathered around and read the note.

"It's Jubilee. She vas complaining that someone keeps taking her snack foods. I guess this vas her grand plan," Kurt informed them.

Kurt opened the refrigerator and noticed that, once again, some of Jubilee's favorite chocolate truffles were missing.

"Anyone got a pen?" Sam asked. Ray handed over a blue ink pen.

"What are you doin'?" Rogue questioned.

It became quite obvious when Sam took the note and wrote a message of his own on it. Ray dug around in a nearby drawer and pulled out another sticky note. He then took the pen back from Sam and added his own message on the new sticky note. Ray reattached both notes to the refrigerator door. Everyone proceeded to get or fix their breakfast as the strange start to the Saturday morning continued.

By midafternoon Logan had finally returned from his latest personal trip. Logan walked into the kitchen and stopped when he saw the refrigerator door. It had numerous sticky notes on it but what Logan found to be more interesting than the number of sticky notes was what was written on said sticky notes.


You know the thief probably read this and still didn't care, right? – Sam

You ever thought maybe to put your food somewhere else? Maybe not hide it in the same exact place? Just a suggestion. –Ray

The time of judgment is nigh? You've been talking to Mr. McCoy too much. – Bobby

Huh, who is stealing who's food? – Jamie

Does it really matter Jamie? – Rahne

This note is for the person who keeps taking my food. And it matters to me. – Jubilee

The person is never going to listen Jubilee. You realize this, right? – Jean

Well, Jean, I have installed numerous hidden cameras throughout the kitchen. The notorious thief will be caught. Rest assured Jubilee; with my help we'll catch that thief in no time. – Forge

Forge was it really necessary to install hidden cameras in the kitchen? – Scott

I do hope that you remember to respect everyone's privacy and properly dispose of all recorded material after your 'investigation' is over. – Professor

Hidden cameras? Ooh, I've always wanted to be a star! – Kitty

The cameras are not recording so that you can be a star Kitty. They are recording so that we can find the truffle thief. – Jubilee

Awww... why not?

It was then that the sticky notes ran out of room going straight down in a line on the front of the refrigerator door. So the rest of the sticky notes started right next to the very first one. The first note in the new list was different from the others because the message had been typed and pasted onto a sticky note.


Well that there is perfect proof that nobody in the mansion is responsible. – Rogue

Uh, dude, you spelled never wrong. Just saying. – Evan

That means that it must be either one of the Brotherhood or that Acolyte thief. – Roberto

It wasn't Gambit. If he came here he wouldn't waste time takin' Jubilee's chocolate. – Rogue

You're right Rogue. He would be too busy trying to get on your last nerve. – Amara

You heard that from Kitty didn't ya? – Rogue

I just talked to Lance and he said that he, Wanda, Toad, Fred and Tabitha were at the Brotherhood house all night. The only one who wasn't there was Pietro. – Kitty

That does make sense. He always has thought that he's so fast no one could ever catch him. I got an idea though. – Evan

Logan stood there considering everything written on the notes. Logan dug around in the nearby drawer until he found what he was looking for.

At dinnertime everyone entered the kitchen to find two new notes on the refrigerator.

To Stripes: The next time that stinkin' Cajun starts bothering you let me know and I'll take care of him for you.

To everyone else: Make sure the place is still standing tomorrow morning, got it?

That night everyone who was in on Evan's plan was hiding out in different locations in and near the kitchen. Evan's grand plan was quite simple, just ambush and capture him. Since Pietro's mutant power was super-speed, hence the name Quicksilver, they wouldn't be able to catch him any other way.

It was almost midnight when Rahne smelt someone approaching the kitchen. She had been assigned guard duty because of her enhanced sense of smell while in her wolf form. She trotted into the kitchen and nudged Rogue's covered leg.

"Someone comin'?" Rahne nodded her wolf head. "Okay, go alert the others."

Rahne headed off and alerted everyone else to the approaching person. Soon everyone was completely hidden from sight and waiting with bated breath for the thief to make his move.

The shadowy figure stealthily entered the kitchen and made his way to the refrigerator. When the door opened and the thief removed Jubilee's truffles from the refrigerator Kitty, Kurt, Evan and Jamie jumped out of their hiding places and grabbed the thief. Rahne, still in her wolf form, latched onto his pant leg. Startled, the figure immediately started trying to fight off his captors. Unfortunately for the thief, they had a good grip on him with no hint of loosening it any time soon. Rogue flicked on the light switch. Light flooded the kitchen and the identity of the thief was finally revealed.

"Bobby? You're the chocolate thief?" Jubilee asked, a shocked expression on her face. The expression was mirrored by everyone in the kitchen, with the exception of Rahne who was still a wolf.

Bobby nodded guiltily, a sheepish expression on his face. "Yeah it was me."

Rogue mulled over everything that had been revealed but still something bugged her. "Bobby, why'd ya post that note sayin' 'You'll never catch me.'"

"I uh... I kinda thought that maybe if you thought it was Pietro then you wouldn't pay much attention to what everyone here was doing because you would be looking for Pietro to show up. And I tried to think of something that Pietro would probably say and that was what I came up with. I mean I really hoped that you would believe it was Pietro and-"

"Bobby you're ramblin'."

A very angry Jubilee confronted Bobby. "How dare you? I think that I deserve an apology and an explanation."

Bobby cringed at Jubilee's voice. When he spoke his voice was so low it almost couldn't be heard, "I'm sorry Jubilee. I couldn't help it they were just so good. I ate one before I knew they were yours but it wasn't enough. So I had to each another. Even just two weren't enough. So I ate another, and another, and another, and another. Then I just decided to take a few and keep them in my room so I could eat them whenever I wanted them, but then I ate 'em all and I still wanted more of them so I-"

"Bobby you're ramblin' again. Take a deep breath and calm down." Rogue instructed. Bobby tried to follow her instructions but was finding it a little difficult while being stared down by one very angry teenage girl.

Jubilee listened to Bobby's long explanation as to why he did it and she could understand his situation. Those chocolates were good and even she had a hard time eating just one at a time. However that didn't mean he was off the hook for taking them in the first place.

"Next time Bobby if you want something in the refrigerator that doesn't belong to you why don't you try ASKING FIRST!" She yelled at him. Bobby cringed again. "I don't have a problem sharing but it's nice to know who has been taking your food. So next time, ask." She took the truffles out of Bobby's hands and stormed up to her bedroom.

Everyone else, except for Evan, just shook their heads at Bobby and went upstairs to finally go to bed themselves now that the thief had been revealed. When the atmosphere in the kitchen returned to normal Evan suddenly started laughing. Bobby gave Evan a funny look.

"You know, I didn't think it was Pietro after we caught you," Evan stated.

"Oh? Why?"

"Two reasons. One, Pietro would have immediately started fighting back and probably gotten away from us. And two, Pietro doesn't have skinny little arms like you do," Evan laughed.


Evan was still laughing as he and Bobby left the kitchen and went to bed.

Author's notes: Inspiration for sticky note conversation comes from Sekhem's Fullmetal Alchemist story Supplemental Rules and Regulations. A special thank you to Sekhem for writing such a great story.

An extra special thank you to byproducts for encouraging me to start writing this.

Bobby's explanation to Jubilee was based off my own feelings concerning boiled peanuts. I can't eat just one or two.