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Author's Note: Most of chapter two is going to be told from Rogue's point of view. The prologue and the last section (not author's notes) are not Rogue's point of view.


In the days following the incident with Bobby and Jubilee's food everyone started using the refrigerator as a notice board sticking sticky notes on it for everyone in the mansion to see. After a week of this the Professor had Hank place a rather large white board on the wall in the hallway for the students to use as a notice board instead of covering the refrigerator door. So far the white board has done its job and done its job well. But now, the Professor might have to ask Hank to put up another white board.

Chapter Two: The Nightmare Begins

It ain't been that long since I practically single-handedly defeated Apocalypse. Normally one would think that after an ordeal like that things around here would quiet down somewhat, at least for a little while. But, am I that lucky? Hell no. Why can't I catch a break, just once?

The Professor instructed us to all gather in the meeting room because we had a couple new recruits. Well that sounded simple enough. Easy peasy. I'll just go the meeting, see who had joined us and then I could go back to upstairs and get back to reading my book.

In the meeting room the Professor introduced us Piotr Rasputin, more commonly known to us as Colossus, formerly one of Magneto's Acolytes. He is really a good guy. He showed up to help us when we were fighting Apocalypse. An interesting thing, as it turns out Magneto had taken his family hostage and in order to ensure their safety he had to do whatever Magneto wanted. He would fit in here at the mansion just fine.

The other new recruit, however, I was definitely not expecting to see.

It was Gambit.


Remy Lebeau. Also known to us as Gambit.

I hadn't seen that stinkin' Swamp Rat since he kidnapped me and took me down to New Orleans, Louisiana in the boxcar of a train. He had told me then that he had been 'looking out for me' and that it was obvious to him that I wanted to get away from the institute. I honestly thought that after New Orleans I wouldn't see that Cajun again. I mean, he didn't even show up to help us fight Apocalypse.

But here he was standing in the meeting room next to Piotr, winking at me with that stupid smirk on his face and calling me "Chérie."

Ever since he arrived I can't seem to get it through Gambit's head that I just want him to leave me alone. He keeps coming out of nowhere and trying to kiss me. And of course, with my powers, when he does he falls to the floor unconscious and I get a new piece of Gambit in my head. Stupid Cajun!

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised when walking past the notice board I happened to see a slip of white paper stuck to the board with the words 'Gambit VS Rogue' written in big letters with 'Place Your 'Bets' Here: Just put your name, where you think Gambit is gonna ambush Rogue next, and (optional) how she will be ambushed today on a sticky note and stick it below this paper' written underneath.

I really didn't expect for so many people to take an interest in Gambit constantly ambushing me all the time but from all the sticky notes placed underneath the paper its obvious the rest of the mansion finds it amusing. Lucky me.

I might as well read and see where everyone thinks I will be attacked next.

Kitchen; sneak up behind her while she in refrigerator. – Roberto

Rec Room; he will come from behind the couch. – Bobby

Hallway coming from the laundry room; kiss her as she walks around the corner. – Jubilee

Garage; when she is walking in the door. (Kurt & I will be there as soon as she yells.) – Scott

Kitchen; same reason that Roberto said. – Jean

Library; only place he hasn't tried. – Kurt

Rogue's room; he will be waiting inside. – Kitty

Right underneath Kitty's note was a note from Logan. It read: If I catch that stinkin' Cajun in Rogue's room then we'll be having Cajun kabobs tonight.

I couldn't help but laugh at that. Leave it to Logan to be so overly protective. More than likely he is gonna smell all around my room to make sure that Gambit hasn't been in my room. I composed myself enough to finish reading the rest of the notes.

Rec Room; he jump out as she's walking by the rec room. – Ray & Jamie

Garage; while helping me fix up my bike. – Sam

During Danger room session; he said something about it would be a good way to surprise her. – Piotr

Merci mon ami for saying that. Now I can't do that today. – Remy

Hallway in the girls' wing. – Amara

Outside; while she is walking around it's perfect way to sneak up on her. – Rahne

Garage; same reasons already listed. (She should pour a bucket of really cold water on him when it seems he is waking up.) – Evan

You might be onto something there Evan, I thought. I had been going and getting help when he fell, unconscious, to the floor. Perhaps if he is gonna keep being so stupid and kissing me when he knows he will just pass out then maybe I should quit going to get him some help when he passes out.

The last three notes were from Storm, Hank and the Professor respectively.

Kitchen; when she walks into the kitchen. – Storm

Outside; I agree with Rahne. – Hank

Kitchen; that's seems to make the most sense. – Professor

The Professor had added another message to the board on a piece of paper taped to the board.

I have absolutely no problem with any of you holding 'bets' like this. My only condition is that I do not want to find out about any real betting on Gambit and Rogue where money or valuables actually changes hands. – Professor

I stand there going over in my head the different places everyone in the mansion is expecting him to jump me. It seems that the most popular place is the kitchen with Roberto, Jean, Storm and the Professor thinking he will sneak up on me there. Second most popular place is split between the garage (Scott, Sam and Evan) and the Rec room (Bobby, Ray and Jamie). Well I guess I'll put off helping Sam with his bike today and I won't go anywhere near the Rec room. I actually was headed to the kitchen for a mid-afternoon snack but I think I'll survive until dinnertime.

Before I start to turn around to head back to my room I hear a voice near my ear say, "Bonjour Chérie." Oh no, not again! I quickly turn around but before my mind can even register what is happening, I feel a pair of soft lips touch mine. Then I feel my power working as Gambit passes out and falls to the floor.

That damn Cajun had been standing behind me the entire time I was reading the notes! He was coming in when he saw me stop to read them. When he heard me laugh at Logan's note he had just walked up behind me.

"Stupid Cajun!" I yell at him.

I take a couple of the sticky notes and the pen lying next to it. I put my sticky notes on the board just as I hear feet running down the hall. Yep, it's Scott and Kurt with the sharpies again. They run up and immediately start drawing on Gambit.

"Knock it off you guys!" I yell. They can be such jerks.

They just laugh and finish drawing on him as I proceed to storm off to my room all the while quietly cursing that idiotic Cajun.

As it turns out most of the mansion's inhabitants were nearby when they heard the latest outburst of "Stupid Cajun!" coming from the hallway leading to the kitchen. Everyone run into the hallway to find Gambit passed out again on the floor with sharpie designs drawn onto his face and a very pissed off Rogue storming upstairs to her room.

"Well, I wonder where he was when he kissed her this time." Sam questioned.

"I suppose we can just write where he was when we found him." Ray suggested.

"There is another note on the board." Piotr drew everyone's attention to the newest sticky note on the board. It was from Rogue and addressed to everyone who had made a guess at where he would jump her.

To Everyone Who Guessed & Thought They'd be Right:


Thank ya'll for playing but none of ya won. – Rogue

Author's Notes: I would like to extend many, many thanks to byproducts for giving me permission to use parts of her story Forgotten Memories in this chapter. I hope you like what I did with it.