Yeah, not really sure about this one. Just wanted to do a fic of brotherly fluff. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy belongs to Haim Saban and Fox Kids. I only own the plot. Takes place after "An Evil Game". I know all the guys shared a room in the series, but the fic worked out better this way.

Everything had been silent in the guys' room until the floor creaked underneath somebody's foot. Mike made a groaning noise as his eyes fluttered open. What was going on? Then, he saw Leo heading for his bed.

"Oh, kiddo. Nightmare?" he asked. His younger brother nodded and looked at him a bit sheepishly. Mike didn't say a word but scooted backwards and motioned the boy over. It was a ritual that they had gone through over a dozen of times when they were younger. Any time Leo had a nightmare, he'd head for Mike's room, seeking comfort and protection. Leo settled on the bed and Mike wrapped his arms around him protectively.

"It's all right, kiddo. I'm right here," he assured.

"Song?" the younger boy queried hopefully.

"Yeah, sure, kiddo," came the answer. Then, in a quiet voice, Mike began singing Enter Sandman. He wasn't sure why the song quelled Leo's fears after a nightmare, but it did and that was all that mattered. Leo snuggled into his older brother, relishing in the warmth protectiveness of the boy's arms. He knew Mike didn't know why Enter Sandman calmed him down, but he'd sing it anyways. Mike had sung it to him the first time he had come into his older brother's bedroom because of nightmares and had needed to distract him. Ever since then, the song had been a source of comfort for him. Every time he had a nightmare, he'd come to Mike who was cool enough to let him stay. As Mike continued the song, Leo closed his eyes and listened to the song. It was something that they had done since they were kids. It was their ritual and hopefully, nothing would change it.