When the new boy moved into the bar he forgot for a minute his quest to get in the famed Blaine's pants for a second and just… observed.

He was dark haired and short, like Blaine, but lithe, so skinny and pale it practically hurt to look at him. But it did not hurt at all but instead made that familiar heat raise in his groin up to his chest to his face, where he already felt flushed and happily light headed by the alcohol. His slim wrists, his pale throat, the way he looked in the dim lights of bar with his skin tight jeans on. There were not many young people in this bar, but he was sure that that guy was the hottest one here, apart from maybe himself.

He was moving towards the bar, and it was only when he got there that Sebastian saw the tall red haired guy and the rounder looking brunette. The heat became razor sharp with competitiveness and jealousy, its edge slicing his smile into something bloody. Ignoring Blaine, the guy was completely caught up in his boyfriend, who, he had to admit, he admired a bit for that stellar take over, he strode over to the group.

"A double vodka coke!" he called to the bar tender. He'd been here a lot, the bar tenders all tended to know him so it came quickly – quicker than the black haired boy's drink came. It was a rum and coke, he noted, so that he could maybe buy the next one. He nodded to the bar tender and to the guy, and the bar tender, with a little smirk and nod that made Sebastian feel like he was being indulged, did as he was directed and served he guy next. Sebastian waited then leaned over, chinked glasses with the boy and said 'Cheers'.

Downing his drink, and seeing the boy indulge him too and down his with an amused glint in his green eyes, he grinned the grin that threw people off of their balance.

He slid his glass onto the bar, "I'm Sebastian," he said.

The green eyed boy put his glass onto the bar with a quiet thump that rattled the ice cubes in it and smiled, his eyes glazed by the alcohol a little.

"I'm Harry," he replied and slid closer.

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