Awake would be a difficult category to write for, considering the plot. But here I am! This is really just a 'what if', but I may be right about the ending…Who knows? So…spoiler alert? Sure. Enjoy!

Background: Michael has been living in two realities up until this point. Just to clarify.

Disclaimer: I don't own Awake. It'd be awesome if I did though…

Beeping. The steady slow beeping of…something, was invading Michael's ears and he wasn't exactly sure if he was even really hearing it. But then, a loud sound covered up the beeping before he could spend too much time on it.

It sounded like a...train?No, snoring. And Michael only heard that type of snoring from one person.


So apparently, he was in Rex's reality. In the hospital. He almost panicked, thinking that Rex was in trouble, but then Michael realized he was the one with an IV taped to his arm.

He tried to remember what happened, but all he could remember was a crash.

'But…didn't we already have one?'

Before chased down that train of thought, a melodic voice came to his attention,

"Michael? Can you hear me?"

It was Hannah. So maybe he didn't hear Rex. Maybe it was-

She whispered quietly to another person in the room, only to have him reply groggily,

"Mom, if his heart rate has increased, then he's obviously awake."

Yeah, that's his son. Cranky and sarcastic when woken.

He tried to comprehend the fact that he was hearing both Rex and Hannah, but he couldn't come to terms with it. He had to see for himself.

Michael slowly opened his eyes, only to see his son and wife, in the same place giving him the same exact smile.

"Welcome Back, Dad."

So? Yes, No? Maybe so? Tell me what you think! It was mainly written to get 'Awake' out there on the main category page. *Shrugs*