Yep. Started another story.

Most prolly aren't familiar with the show Scarecrow and Mrs. King from the 80s but I loved it growing up. It's prolly my first ship so of course I decided to put Tony and Michelle into that world. You don't have to know much about the show to read this one. This will be my first foray into nothing but cute. I won't lie, we'll have angst but nothing like I usually write. And it's all non-supernatural, for once. It's cute and silly and I think it'll be fun to write.

So yeah, here you go.

Unlikely Connections
PG - NC-17

"Mom! Where's my project? Grandma is gonna leave without me!."

Michelle Dessler managed to make an impressive twirl around her two sons. Gabe was frantically looking for his science project and Jon wasn't helping by egging his brother on.

"Did you check the trash? Cause really, that's where it belongs."

"Jon! Stop teasing your brother." Michelle turned to her youngest son. "Sweetheart, check the den. I think I had to move it when grandma brought home her newest 'project.'"

Gabe turned to go but not before throwing his older brother a dirty look. Jon took a bite of his apple, the look not phasing him in the least. He wasn't expecting his mother to snatch the fruit from his hand though. She'd moved close to his face and he went a little ashen.

"Why do you do that? You know he's had a hard time since...since your dad left. It doesn't help him and it doesn't help me. So enough with the attitude, alright? I'm doing the best I can."

Jon dropped his eyes, properly chastised. "I'm sorry, mom."

Michelle pulled him into a hug and threw the apple back at him, Jon catching it midair with a smile on his face. "I know. But it's been a year now since the divorce. We've all had to make changes. Time to grow up, baby."

"Jon! Gabe! Car! Now!"

Michelle could only smile at how her mother rounded up her boys like cattle. Karen Dessler shuffled quickly into the kitchen pushing Jon towards the front door. "Where's the other one? We're gonna be late as it is. I'm still stopping for coffee. You know I can't function without coffee."

"Yes, mother. I know exactly."

"You need to hurry it up yourself if you're gonna get Rick to the train station. You know how the traffic in D.C. is around this time. Especially around the train."

Michelle looked at her watch and swore under he breath. "You're right. I'm out." She threw on a coat and yelled over her shoulder as she made her way out to her car. "Love you guys, see you later!"

Tony risked a glance back over his shoulder and swore. They were getting closer.

He turned back around and skimmed the numbers on the cars of the train, mentally dismissing the ones he wasn't looking for.

241...241...come on...come on...

He was panting as he tried to move faster through the crowd. He had no idea why Mason would schedule a drop at this time of day knowing it would be packed with people. Tony figured he must have wanted to use them as cover. Unfortunately, right now they were just getting in his way.

He shoved through a particularly large group and noticed his pursuers through the break between two train cars. Everyone stopped to stare for a split second, then Tony shot forward looking frantically at everyone he passed.

He passed one person after another, something just not feeling right till his eyes landed on an attractive curly haired brunette. He pushed toward her and pulled the package a little closer to his body.

Michelle gave Rick one last wave before turning to head back to the parking garage. She'd only been dating him a few months but it didn't take her long to figure out he just wasn't "the one." Honestly, he was dull as a stick. Her mother and the boys liked him so she'd continued to see him.

Right now it was basically a necessity bred from loneliness. She didn't regret her divorce, it had been exactly what she needed to do. But she hadn't been alone in a long time.

Turning around with her head in the clouds she never saw him coming. She was suddenly swept up in the arms of some strange man. He roughly turned her around and started walking her in the opposite direction of her car.

"Walk with me." It came out as a demand and he kept looking over their shoulders.

"Excuse me? Who the hell are you?" She tried to pull away from him but his grip on her arm and waist just tightened.

"Please, I just need you to walk with me."

"I most certainly will not." She jerked quickly and was able to turn around in his arms and push her way back towards where they came from. She didn't get very far when he'd grabbed her again, this time just spinning her in place and pulling her closer to him. He stared directly in her eyes and for some reason she just couldn't look away.

"I'm in trouble. Please. I need you to take this." He handed her a small brown wrapped package, shoving it into her midsection when she didn't immediately take it.

"Who are you?" Michelle thought to herself it shouldn't matter who he is. Some strange man was asking her to take a strange package and she was actually considering it. A small voice in the back of her head said it might have something to do with how good looking he was.

"There's no time for me to tell ya all that. Please just take this onto the train and give it to the guy wearing the blue blazer."

"No, I just can't-"

"I'm begging you. It's life or death. Please, just do it." This time he wasn't demanding he was pleading and she didn't know why but his eyes...something about them made her trust him.

" in the blue blazer." She had barely wrapped her fingers around the package before he started to move away from her.

"Thank you."

The look he gave her or the way he said it, she wasn't sure, but a chill went down her spine. He took off back into the crowd. She stood and watched his retreating back then slowly made her way to the first open train car. Right before she made it to the last step up she looked in his direction again only to see two men tackle him to the ground and pull him behind the last train car.

Michelle gasped and stared at the last place she'd seen him before she turned to enter the train car.

What the hell have I gotten myself into?

Tony limped up to the door of International Federal Film. He held onto his side as he stepped into the entrance way and stopped at the front desk. Mrs. Patterson looked back at him and just raised an eyebrow. They looked at each other and Tony took in a painful breath.

"The code is ice storm."

Mrs. Patterson gave him the only thing he'd ever seen remotely resemble a smile and pulled her hand from under the desk, pressing a button next to her phone. Had he given the wrong code, she'd make sure they were cleaning him off the walls.

Tony limped over to a panel in the wall that opened to show what looked like a closet. Stepping inside he pressed the button for the bullpen and pushed his way between the rack of clothes. As soon as he stepped out of the elevator into the hall he heard her.

"Well look what the cat dragged in."

"Can it, Nina. You have no idea what I've been through this morning." He shuffled past her and her smug smile, his eyes focused on Mason's office at the top of the stairs in the middle of the floor.

"If I didn't know any better, Scarecrow, I'd say this "easy little drop" was anything but." He just ignored her but she kept following him. "Seriously, Tony. Are you ok? You look like shit."

Tony grit his teeth as he climbed the stairs but stopped midway to turn and look at her. "Thanks. That really helps." He turned back around and pushed his way into Mason's office.

"And just where the hell have you been? Fitz called here over an hour ago looking for you."

Tony had been mid squat when he shot back up, just a little too fast for his ribs and he grit his teeth again before he growled. "What? Why's he lookin' for me?"

"Why wouldn't he look for you? You never made the drop!"

"I did. I got to the train station exactly like we planned. What we didn't plan on was Anderson's men planning on the same thing. They saw me before I had time to duck into somewhere so I had to improvise."

"Improvise?" Mason narrowed his eyes at his top agent and knew he wasn't going to like the answer to his question. "And just what does 'improvise' mean, Scarecrow?"

Tony swallowed and cut his eyes around Mason's office as he spoke. "I gave the package to a woman and told her who to leave it with. They were simple instructions. I don't know what happened after that. Anderson's men jumped me. But if I hadn't given it to her, they'd have it now."

"So instead, we have some civilian out there holding onto one of the most valuable pieces of national intelligence in the world?" Tony just smirked back at Mason. "I fail to see how this is any better, Almeida! And wipe that stupid grin off your face."

"Look, I'll get it back. She either dumped it in the trash somewhere at the station or it's still on her. Either way, I'll find it."

"You'd better. This isn't just your ass, Tony. Mine's in a sling with you if you screw this up."

Tony turned to leave. "Hey, when have I ever let ya down?"

Mason's face turned red and Tony could still hear him at the bottom of the stairs when he finally yelled. "And go to the infirmary! You look like shit!"

Michelle was on her second cup of coffee and her third hour of either pacing or just sitting and staring at the package. There was nothing on the outside to give her any indication of what was in it or where it was supposed to go.

She'd boarded the train, just like the man had asked and looked for the man in the blue blazer. The problem was every man on the car had on a blue blazer. Apparently there was a conference in town. She scanned the car but no one seemed to be interested in a housewife from Arlington holding a plain brown package. Once the train had made its next stop she'd gotten off and went right back to the station with her car.

The boys were at school and her mother was out doing whatever it was she did during the day. It was just her and this package. Michelle took a sip of her coffee, never taking her eyes off the package. Her thoughts went back to the man who'd given it to her. She blushed a bit and smiled to herself. He was definitely good looking but then she remembered seeing him being mugged.

"He'd said it was life or death." She turned the package around on the table slowly, just thinking out loud. "What could you possibly be?"

Michelle sighed and turned to put her coffee cup in the sink when suddenly she was staring back at those same brown eyes from the station. "Hey!"

Startled, she dropped her cup and it shattered all over her kitchen floor. She bent to pick up the pieces then stood back up looking through her blinds, then bent back, the stood up. Really she wasn't sure what she should do. There he was again, the same strange man from the station only now he was smiling at her through her kitchen window.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"Is it ok if I come in?"

Michelle was frantically picking up pieces of her cup from the floor. "What? No! I don't know who you are!"

"Oh come on, I know you recognize me. I didn't mean to startle you and I'm not here to hurt you."

"Isn't that what they all say and then the next thing you know-"

"If I was here for that, I'd have done it already."

Michelle just stood up and walked to her back door where he'd moved, staring at him through the glass. "You know that's not very convincing either."

Tony gave an irritated sigh and tried to control his temper. "Miss, please. May I please come in? You know why I'm here."

Michelle studied him again like she did that day and again, something about his eyes made her go against her better judgement. "Fine, you can come in, but stay on that side of the kitchen and I want to see your hands."

Tony did as she requested and slipped into her kitchen, his hands held up in front of him. "Thank you. And really, I'm sorry. I honestly didn't mean to scare ya."

"It's fine." She tilted her head at him and finally asked what she'd been dying to know since he grabbed her. "Before we even get into why you're here, who the hell are you?"

Tony smiled at her and she blushed back at him. He slowly reached one hand toward her as he spoke. "I'm Tony Almeida." She took his hand, a little dazed and asked another question. "Mr. the hell did you know where to find me."

This time his smile was cocky and she couldn't decide if it was cute or just super annoying.

"It's what I do, Mrs...?"

"Dessler. Michelle Dessler." She paused. "It's what you do?"

"I'm a spy."