CH. 4

Naruto and Jiraiya stood on either side of Tsunade as she sat at her desk looking like a proper Hokage for the first time in two days. Naruto had left Ino and Sakura to their own devices, confident that the seal would keep them loyal. Jiraiya had like-wise sent Shizune back to her duties as the Hokage's aide as well as what she did for the hospital.

Today they would begin the first step in Jiraiya's plan for total world domination. Naruto would field this, as Jiraiya didn't really feel up to being called a Child Molester on top of his title as the Legendary Pervert. Well-developed teenagers were nice to look at, but he preferred them past the age of twenty if he was going to engage in sexual activities with them.

Naruto kept sneaking glances at Tsunade and flashing thumbs-up at Jiraiya which just made the older man roll his eyes. Yes he'd done well for himself, but it wasn't as it if was very difficult. Tsunade had put herself into a position to be taken quite easily after all. Soon enough, their next target came through the door.

"You wanted to see me Lady Hokage?"

Temari asked, her eyes drifting over Jiraiya and settling almost appreciatively on Naruto for a moment before going back to Tsunade.

Tsunade spoke clearly and with an authoritative voice, as they expected her to, "Yes. Jiraiya and Naruto got back two days ago as you can see. They brought with them valuable intel, that they feel the Ambassador of Suna needs to be briefed on. Are you alright with spending the day with Naruto Ambassador?"

Naruto smiled and stepped around the desk as Temari stopped in front of it, taking one of her hands in his before she could speak, and quickly applying the seal.

"It would be an honor to spend the time in your company Ambassador."

Temari blushed, only in small part because of the seal. Naruto had grown quite well, and she'd much rather be debriefed by him then that leering old perv she could see trying to eye down her shirt even now.

"Uh- uhm yes, that'd be perfectly fine Hokage." Temari managed to stammer out, the seal beginning to take a firmer hold. She was finding even Jiraiya's looks nice now. It felt good to be admired…

Naruto smirked and nodded to Tsunade and Jiraiya, taking Temari's hand, he led her slowly from the room, enjoying how she followed easily, not rejecting to the contact one bit.

Once they were both gone, Tsunade looked to Jiraiya and seemed to almost plead, "I- I did good yes? Did I do good Master?"

Jiraiya smirked and reached down to run a hand through her blonde hair, petting her possessively, "Of course you did good. Now call in Yugao Uzuki. I have a special new command for her."

Tsunade blushed and nodded happily, smiling as he pet her.

Scene Break

Naruto had Temari jumping across rooftops with him with little urging, and they were soon in the secluded Training Ground #26. Jiraiya had had Tsunade close off that training ground for the foreseeable future yesterday. It worked well for them because it was densely forested, and had losts of nice little caves for some seclusion.

Temari felt as if she should question what they were doing as they ran along, but couldn't bring herself to do so. It wasn't until they stood outside one of those caves that she spoke.

"Uhm, is this really sensitive intel Naruto? Why all the running around?"

Naruto just grinned, stepping into Temari's personal space and running a hand down one of her ponytails.

"Ya know, I feel I should apologize Ambassador. The others, well, that was revenge. But you've never done anything to me. Still, controlling you gives us control of Suna you see? You have your brother's ear. Your brother who's still trying to make up for years of death threats against your beautiful person."

Temari blinked, her mind trying to process what Naruto was saying, but all she could focus on was his touch. He stepped behind her, and his arms encircled her waist, caressing her through her clothing.

"I feel as if it's at least my job to act a bit caring towards you my dear. I know you probably won't be able to understand once I'm done, but this is just politics."

Naruto sighed as he pulled her into the cave. He had a nice thick quilt laid out in a corner, surrounded with candles. He let her stand listlessly for a moment, and began to slowly undress her. Once he was finished he pushed her down onto the quilt, laying her back and running his hands over her naked form.

Her eyes were clouding over with pleasure, and her breath came out shortly as she lay unresisting. Naruto smiled and slipped a finger into her snatch, slowly running it along her insides, causing her back to arch as she moaned with pleasure. After a few more moments of playing, he brought out the brush and rolled her over onto her back.

He took a moment to knead her well-sculpted behind, making her shiver with anticipation, before he brought his brush down on her left butt-cheek and began drawing out the permanent seal. Once he had it there, he watched as it faded away, before moving up her body once more, and slowly kneading her shoulders. She moaned and let him play with her pliable body to his heart's content. He smirked, raining small kisses down her neck and between her shoulder blades.

Eventually he stopped, and rolled her back over, knowing he needed to finish this at some point. Smiling, he leaned himself over her, placing the tip of his rock hard member at her soaked entrance and pushing in slowly. Encountering resistance halfway through he let out a breath. It made sense that she'd have a hard time getting with someone, what with the homicidal brother and all.

With a smile, and a soft kiss to the lips he pulled back and thrust into her core in one motion. She let out a small gasp, but he had already directed the seal to dull her pain, and all she felt was a filling sensation. He eventually began moving again, finding himself slowly sawing in and out of her moist center as she gasped for breath and made cute little mewling sounds.

He leaned down and sucked in one of her tits, using his teeth to play with it as he continued to push into her. She climaxed more than once before he finally grunted and pushed as deep as he could go, coating her insides with his seed, which vanished as quickly as ever.

They both lay there panting for a bit before he pulled out of her, and lay beside her. He smirked, when not an instant later she was curled up against him, nuzzling his neck. He wondered if Jiraiya was having as much fun with his target of the day. The future commander of the new legalized ROOT division.

While Naruto wondered these things, Hinata crouched in a tree not ten meters away, gasping for breath. She looked down at her fingers, drenched in her juices. She'd been unable to stop from getting herself off, as she watched Naruto take Temari so passionately.

She now knew exactly what he was doing. Watching him with Ino had given her the first clue, especially when her eyes had shown her Sakura passed out on the bed of the apartment he'd taken Ino to. And this time, she'd been able to watch him from start to finish. Somehow, he lured the girls in, got them relaxed, and then painted a seal onto some exposed part of their flesh.

Hinata was a shy girl, but she was also a member of the Main branch. As such, she knew when she wanted something. Right now, it was to get Naruto to do what he'd done to Temari, to her. She wanted it of her own free will, but more importantly, she wanted to keep her free will. She didn't mind sharing though. It got her a little hot just to think about it.

Hinata smiled softly. She'd find a way to convince Naruto she belonged at his side as an equal, not as his feet as a pet.

Scene Break

Meanwhile, one Yugao Uzuki had entered the Hokage's office minutes after Naruto and Temari had strolled out. She was in full Anbu gear, including her mask. She moved to the front of Tsunade's desk and waited patiently for the Hokage to speak. She noted the presence of the other Sennin still loyal to Konoha in the room, but with her mask, her glance could not be seen.

Jiraiya studied Naruto's choice for Commander of Root with a critical eye. She wasn't bad to look at, that was for sure. This would definitely be enjoyable. He had wondered what Naruto had against the female Anbu, but when Naruto explained that he had tired of being looked after, but never spoken to as a young one, and subsequently trained his eyes enough to begin memorizing the masks the Anbu who watched him wore, he understood better.

Naruto had led a lonely childhood, and had been angry when he found out that while the villagers told their children in the ninja academy to stay away from him, the reason the ninja born kids had stayed away was because the Anbu had given out warnings. It was a small revenge against the Third Hokage for making any physical pain felt by Naruto, also felt by the Anbu in charge of him.

The pettiness of it all had not endeared Naruto to them though, that was for sure. But, Tsunade was speaking, and he'd been tuning her out. He focused back into the conversation. She had gotten to the part about the experimental audio seal.

"So you see Cat, this new seal might make it possible for Anbu operatives to instantly relay information back to Konoha without having to return to the village, and risk being intercepted along the way. After looking over potential candidates, Lord Jiraiya and I felt that you were the perfect one to test the seal out for. This will not be mandatory, but if you choose to accept, I have a S-rank long-term mission for you."

Tsunade finished her speech and Jiraiya and her both waited for the Anbu's answer. Of course, Jiraiya already knew she'd jump at the chance. S-rank usually almost always meant a high chance of death, and Yugao had had a death wish since Hayate's passing. It didn't help that his killer was still walking around, and currently untouchable because he was a ninja of one of their allies.

With a short nod the Anbu cleared her throat and spoke, "I would be honored to test out this experimental seal for you and Lord Jiraiya, Lady Hokage. As well as take the mission that follows it."

Tsunade nodded, all business, while Jiraiya grinned widely. He walked around the edge of the table, "Just sit down on the couch there and make sure the shoulder without your Anbu tattoo is exposed."

Yugao complied, bringing her long arm band down a bit more, exposing a long length of her already unclothed shoulder. Jiraiya pulled out his brush and ink jar and got to work quickly. He was winning another challenge of Naruto's. He was the first to convince someone to take the permanent seal without having to first weaken their resistance with the temporary seal.

Finishing quickly he smirked as the seal set in and went to work. Yugao immediately felt, different and panicked just a bit. She jumped from the couch and swayed drunkenly, groaning and clutching her head. The Temporary seal prepared the subject as well after all, and without it she'd be incredibly disoriented while the Permanent seal set in. Still, the seal would not hold without his seed.

Standing up and grabbing her arm, he pulled her back to the couch and put her on it, on her knees with her hands holding her upright. Naruto had asked him to humiliate the Cat Anbu, and that's what he intended to do. He would take her hard and fast, right here, right now.

Pulling her pants down roughly, he exposed her backside and pussy in one move. He left her in full attire though, loving the idea of tarnishing her gear by enjoying her body while she was still in it. Pulling her waist-length hair back, he brought his mouth to her ear and spoke.

"Naruto sends his regards Uzuki. He wants you to know he never forgets someone who has wronged him, even if they hide behind a mask while doing it."

With that said, Jiraiya lined up and slammed into the defenseless Anbu from behind, pulling her hair with each thrust, making her grunt in confused pain from behind her mask. Slamming in and out of her, he acted in no way to bring her pleasure, focusing on his own for the moment.

Over at her desk, Tsunade was touching herself slowly, almost hesitantly as if she was afraid he'd be angry with her for it. He smirked and beckoned her over. She looked scared but scurried over nonetheless. He directed her to the other end of the couch, and with some quick movements, had Yugao's mask removed. Throwing it aside, he shoved the poor girl's face downward.

Tsunade got the idea and pulled down her own pants, before grabbing Yugao's head and pulling her down to her snatch. In her confusion, Yugao's voice made vibrations against Tsunade's sex that had the Hokage writhing in pleasure. Jiraiya smirked as he pushed the Anbu's body into Tsunade's, forcing the girl's face into her snatch all the more with each thrust.

They continued on like this for a good twenty minutes, but all good things must come to an end, and eventually Jiraiya pulled out of Yugao's wet snatch, wet despite the rough treatment. In one move that brought a muffled screech from Yugao, he shoved it halfway into her unused ass. An instant later he pumped his seed into her orifice with a satisfied grin. He had gotten Naruto's revenge.

Scene Break

Hinata knocked on the door of Sakura's apartment. Naruto had brought Temari back here, and Hinata was ready to try to convince him. It was Sakura who opened the door though, blinking at Hinata in surprise. She looked disheveled, but clothed.

"Uh, what's up Hinata?" Sakura asked, confused.

"I… I want to speak with Naruto!"

Hinata had practiced her words carefully in front of a mirror for a good hour, and still she stuttered just a bit. Sakura's eyebrow's rose and the door was closed quickly. For a moment Hinata thought she'd have to force her way in, but then Naruto opened the door, holding a towel around his waist. He raised an eyebrow at Hinata, who was struck speechless for just a moment by his state of undress.

But she came back to herself when he reached to grab her, to pull her inside. She didn't know exactly how he did it, but she knew if she went inside the fox's den, she wouldn't come out free. She stepped back and a frown grew on her face, "I think we should talk outside Naruto."

Naruto blinked, his eyes narrowed suspiciously, but he stepped outside nonetheless, noting how she moved back once more, keeping her distance from him just barely.

"What did you want to talk about Hinata?"

Hinata blushed for a moment, almost pressing her fingertips together nervously before she steeled herself. He would not accept her as an equal if she was shy!

"I know what you've been doing! I saw you with Ino, and then later with Temari Considering you're using Sakura's apartment, I figure you got her first."

Naruto showed no reaction, but he did glance around before turning to her and frowning slowly, "I see. And what exactly are you going to do with this information Hinata?"

Hinata blinked. Her Hyuuga eyes were screaming danger in Naruto's body language, and she let out a very faint gulp.

"I- I want in Naruto. But not as another sealed puppet! I've, uhm, liked you for years, and I think I should get a reasonable chance at a normal relationship with you! And I don't care about the other girls! I would know I have nothing to really fear from them in terms of competition!"

Naruto's eyes rose up and up as she spoke. She still seemed painfully shy, but it was the most confident he'd ever seen her in his life. She seemed quite serious, and now that he thought back, he'd always found her staring creepy. But it appeared she'd been the only one in Konoha who liked him as a child.

"I see. And why should I see you as an equal Hinata? Any of the three I've already got has more confidence than you without my seal impairing them."

Hinata flinched at the harsh words, even if they did ring true.

"I'll do anything! Give me a test Naruto, name it, and I'll succeed! I'll show you I'm worthy!"

Naruto smirked as he continued to look at her with a raised eyebrow. Inwardly, he was thinking heavily. He had honestly not thought of including Hinata in the plan to take over the Hyuuga clan before now. Jiraiya and He had already agreed that Hanabi would most likely be named heir. She was a little young for both of them, but easily controlled by older females in her life, if they just removed her father.

But now, here was Hinata. And she seemed so eager. Naruto found he couldn't just say no. He'd give her a chance, one he frankly expected she'd likely fail. But it would be a chance nonetheless.

"Fine Hinata. You want a test? I want you to be head of the Hyuuga Clan by the end of the week. And you will need to find a way to remove the Hyuuga Elders by the end of the month so that you have full control."

From his smirk Hinata knew Naruto didn't expect her to be capable of success. But she would prove him wrong! Before she could stop herself, the words were out of her mouth.

"Alright! And if I fail to gain control before the end of the week, and fail to remove the Elder's influence before the end of the month, you can make me into your pet! I promise to succeed, and I never go back on my word! That's my ninja way!"

And with those words she was charging off. Naruto blinked owlishly before laughing hard for an instant. Then he went back inside. He had three teenage girls willing to cater to his every fantasy waiting for him after all.

A/N: So yeah, wonder how many of you saw Temari and Yugao being the two females this chapter haha! I'm also betting I surprise some of you with the whole Romantic beginning with a rather abusive finish. I actually surprised myself with it, but Jiraiya is older than Naruto, and a bit less caring at this point as you can probably tell. And Hinata's role in the story is growing. I look forward to reading your thoughts on her assignment. Do you think she'll succeed? If she does succeed, how will she do it? I will tell you I've already figured out how she's going to, but I'd love to hear all of your guesses. -shifty eyes- Totally not going to steal one of your guys' ideas if I think it's better than my current one and pass it off as the one I had all along or anything *coughcough* Until next time!