Jar of Hearts- Bella & Embry

When you left I had to learn to live, but I was only half alive. Now you're back, looking for me, they say you want me back. When you left you broke me, destroyed me. I was an empty shell, only half the person I used to be. Well guess what, I've grown too strong to come running back like you expect me to do.

I found someone Edward, he makes me happy. He loves me and I love him, I'm his imprint. I've been thrown into this spiral of mythical creatures. Werewolves and vampires, who knew they exist?

My wolf says I should just ignore you, pretend like you're not here, but how can I? But this doesn't mean that you're getting me back, because you're not. Didn't Alice see this outcome?

You told me that you don't believe that vampires have souls-but they do, they are just made of ice. Cold, hard ice.

Embry- he fixed me. Made me whole again, but it took so long. He put the light back in my eyes. He keeps his promises. Loves me unconditionally.

You left me scarred. Who do you think you are?

Please, leave and don't come back.


I never thought I'd even be writing this note. It had been five years since Edward had left. It took months for me to even feel again. Then one day, on a casual visit to the beach I met Embry and he imprinted on me. He picked up the shattered pieces of my heart and sewed them together, but we both knew it'd be scarred forever.

Folding the letter, I sealed it in an envelope and wrote Edwards name and the Cullen's address on it, hoping he'd get it. If he didn't I'm sure Alice seen it and told him what it said. I also hoped he'd respect my wishes and leave me alone.

It was raining out, nothing new for La Push, so I hide the note in my purse with intents of mailing it out tomorrow while I went grocery shopping. I was going to do it from Forks so that there was less of a chance that Embry would find out. "Don't contact him Bella. Let me deal with it, okay?" he'd said. I promised I wouldn't contact him...but I had to. I had to give myself closure.

I'd just started dinner when I heard the front door open and two warm arms wrap around my waist from behind "mmm, whatcha cookin' good lookin'?" he asked. "Stop being so corny Embry. But if you must know I'm making chicken fajitas and garden salad". I knew it was his favorite. "You spoil me, you know that? Where's Cammie?" he asked, curious. Camilla (or Cammie as she is so often called) is our two year old daughter. She looks just like him, expect her eye color is my chocolate brown. "She is with Sue, Seth and Leah for the night" I told him and he growled. "Knock it off Embry. You know very well he couldn't control it, just like the rest of the guys" I chided him. Seth had imprinted on Cammie the day she was born and naturally Embry had freaked out. A low rumble rocked his chest "and you know that I don't like it Bella. She has her whole life ahead of her, like you did. Now she is tied to this reservation forever, never moving forward. Just like you."

He always blamed himself for me never leaving and going to school some place out of state. After I graduated I made the decision to go to the college in Port Angeles and now I taught English at Forks High. I'd originally wanted to teach at La Push high but I couldn't due to my lack of Quileute status. This was the biggest barrier that Embry and I had hit, my obvious 'pale face' and my previous 'leech loving' qualities, mind you, only those who knew of the pack knew about Edward and his family. Finally, most of the pack and reservation had gotten over it once Embry and I had married, but some still gave us that 'look'.

I sighed and went back to dinner. "Hey, what's wrong?" he asked, his voice laced with concern. "It's nothing Embry. Just forget it, okay?" I kept my mind at my task or we'd be eating burnt chicken, he sighed but dropped the subject, grabbing the local paper. "Have you tried calling your mother lately?" he suddenly asked and I winced. Renee was a sore subject for me, she had freaked out when I told her that I was getting married at the age of twenty and that Embry was only eighteen. "It will never last, you know that, right? He's young and doesn't know what he wants in life and neither do you" she had lectured me, but I ignored her, telling her that we would last because we loved each other. She refused to come to the wedding and refused to even meet Embry. Shortly after when I became pregnant with Cammie it set an even bigger drift in our relationship, she wanted nothing to do with Cammie either. "You know that's a lost cause Embry" I muttered, knowing he'd hear me loud and clear. "You shouldn't give up Bella. She's still your mom and Cammies grandma" he said softly. I rolled my eyes to myself, "it's been over two years since we spoke. If she had something to say than she would call. She doesn't even care enough to respond to the emails I send her with pictures of Cammie. But dinner is ready, let's eat".

Dinner was a quiet affair for the most part, "I was talking to Charlie earlier. He invited us over for dinner in a few weeks, he wants you to meet his new girlfriend. He said to call him tomorrow" he told me. I smiled, even if Charlie didn't agree with my decision to get married young and live on the rez he still supported me and he adored Cammie, "yeah, I'll call him after dishes are done". After he was done he came over and lightly kissed my lips "I have patrol for a few hours, okay? We picked up a new scent, not the Cullen's, so we need to keep tabs on it". "Yeah, okay. Be safe" I tried to hide the disappointment in my voice, but he heard it anyways, he always did. "I'll be home before nine, I promise." He kissed my lips again and went out the door, ran into the tree line and phased. His giant gray wolf watched me for a minute, giving me a sad look and then jogged off into the forest.

I busied myself with clearing the table, loading the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen. When I was finished I decided to quickly call Charlie to let him know that we'd be there for dinner and to ask if I should bring anything. "Well," he'd laughed "I've been craving one of your amazing chocolate strawberry cheesecakes." After I hung up I decided to go have a warm bath and read a book. By the time I got out it was close to ten and Embry still wasn't home, I sighed and decided to go to bed.

It was close to midnight when I heard someone pounding on the door, I looked over and Embry still wasn't home. I grabbed my house coat and grumbled as I made my way downstairs. "Come on Bella, open up" I heard Jakes voice behind the door. I grumbled and opened the door "what the hell are you doing here at midnight Jacob? Where's Embry?" His face was hard, it reminded me of when Sam was alpha and something had happened. The color drained from my face and I started to feel dizzy "what happened Jake?" I squeaked out. "We need to get to my house, the leech has crossed the border. He's evasive, that's for sure. Keeps slipping from our grasp. He keeps heading towards here, but we keep distracting him. We need to get all the imprints and kids to my house, where we can keep everyone safe".

Five minutes later we were at Jakes and Embry ran up to me and scooped me in his arms, "good you're here" he murmured. "Where's Cammie?" I asked, scared for my baby. "She is upstairs sleeping with the other kids. Don't worry, Quil and Seth are up there. They will keep them safe" I nodded, glad they were safe. "Brady and Collin, you stay here with Seth and Quil. Keep the girls safe, understand. Sam, Paul, Jared, Embry and I will see if we can track down the leech." They nodded and ran out the door, to keep us safe from whatever was out there.