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Summary Arizona is a doctor in a small town in the wild west. Callie is an outsider chasing off Bandits.

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Blood, Boots, and Bullets Chapter 1 Welcome to Harrison

Arizona sat in the carriage watching the dust roll by wondering if it really was the best decision to leave the city. She was one of the only women to graduate from college with out dropping out because of finding a husband. Proud of her independence she had found a job out west in a small clinic in need of a doctor. The only worry she had was leaving her family behind. She had always been close to her parents and her brother Timothy, but in the end her need for independence won out. And, so she sat starring out the carriage window when they suddenly stopped.

Looking out the window Arizona noticed a small house on fire. Then the drivers face appeared looking worried. "Bandits have been around and it looks like they've left but not long ago." Holding up a gun he asked, "Do you know how to use this."

Shaking her head she replied "no". She was terrified never had she imagined this danger. Still sitting in the carriage she got even more panicked as the driver whirled around at the sound of hoof beats.

"Georgie, they're gone." Arizona heard a woman's breathless voice.

"Witch way did they head?" George asked.

"North, away from town." Arizona tried to get a look at the woman but she was mounted on a horse and out of her line of view. "If you want I can ride with you 'till we reach the bridge."

"That might be a good idea just in case."

After that they road in silence Arizona only wondering who this mysterious woman was. And, as promise the rider left them as they crossed a wooden bridge into the town.

As the carriage came to a final stop George opened the door and held out his hand stating "Welcome to Harrison ma'm"

Arizona stepped out and noticed people riding around on horses and a few businesses with people moving in and out. "George, it's Dr. Robbins." And there it was on the other side of the carriage the clinic.

She moved around the carriage and was greeted by a tall man with a badge on his vest. "Mark Sloan, I'm the sheriff here and just wanted to great our new doctor are you his wife?"

Arizona shook the mans hand and smiled slightly with distain, "Nice to meet you Mr. Sloan I'm Dr. Arizona Robbins."

Marks smile faded slightly "My apologies Dr. Robbins we don't get female physicians in these parts. But, what do you say you let me make it up to you by buying you a drink at the saloon this evening?"

Was he trying to charm her, because she didn't know. "Fine, but for now I must get to checking out my clinic." Arizona figured this way she could start to get to know the people of the town. And at that Mark Sloan sauntered off.

George was pulling down her luggage since she would be staying in the apartment attached to the clinic. "Dr. Robbins would you like me to carry these items in for you they seem quite heavy?" George asked.

"Please George."

As they entered the clinic Arizona was shocked at the amount of dust that had accumulated. "When was the last time this place was in use?"

"I think it's been about a year now since Dr. Williams passed."

"You've been with out a doctor for a year?" she was shocked.

"Well, yeah, but the bandits have been acting up more lately so the mayor figured it was time to get a doc incase someone got hurt."

"Speaking of the bandits who was the woman who road with us?"

"Oh that would be Callie Torres. She lives outside of town somewhere and helps watch out for bandits. She grew up in this town but one day just left and rarely crosses the bridge." George said as he lifted a trunk into the apartment area.

Arizona found a washtub and started scrubbing down her clinic. She wanted it clean in case of emergency. She also started to mark down any supplies she might need to send for when a frantic knock came to her door.

Two young women where standing at the door holding up a scruffy looking young man. "Are you the doctor?" one of the women asked.

"Yes, bring him in."

"This is Alex Karev he was working on the second story balcony of our saloon when we heard a crash and he was on the ground!" the woman panicked

"Alex? Can you hear me?" Arizona questioned.

"God damn it yes. My damn shoulder is killing me."

After a brief examination she realized his shoulder was dislocated. "Alex, this is going to be painful so I'd like you to bite down on this." She put a strap of leather to his mouth and he clamped down.

In a matter of minutes there was screaming and sweat rolling down both the doctor and patients faces. "Ok, you'll be in a sling for a little while but be sure to come back so I can check on you." She said thinking and first thing on that supply list is pain meds.