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Chapter 2…Callie Torres

Arizona sat staring at the mediocre supplies she had thinking about her patient and the idea of not being able to fully help him. She would have to secure a sling out of a bed sheet.

"Alex, I would like you to stay in one of the cots for the night so I'm sure it is only your shoulder you've injured."

Groaning Alex sat up stating, "I'm fine Doc it's just a dislocation and I've got to get home."

"He's just worried about Michelle." The brown haired woman admitted.

"Leave it Grey!" Alex grumbled.

"Michelle?" Arizona quirked.

"His younger sister." The Asian woman replied.

"Alex, you know April would be willing to watch her for now. We would go down to the school house and let her know what is happening." Grey spoke to Alex.

"April?" Arizona questioned the Asian woman.

"The school teacher, she's got a thing for demon spawn." She said gesturing towards Alex.

"Just stop! I'll be fine. Now I'm leaving!" As Alex spoke he jumped off of the exam table took two unstable steps and collapsed to the floor.

Arizona moved quickly rolling him onto his back finding him unconscious. "We need to move him to one of the cots I think he has a concussion."

The three women worked together to get Alex onto a cot.

"Meredith Grey, and this surly beast is Christina Yang. We own the saloon down the road."

"Maybe one of you should let this April person know what has happened so she can bring Michelle in to see her brother."

It took all of about twenty minutes for April to come rushing hand in hand with a young girl about eleven. "Where is he? Is he going to be okay?" the eager red head begged.

Arizona took the two new comers to the cot Alex was laying on mumbling in his sleep something about Michelle. April and Michelle knelt next to Alex gripping his hand each with tears brimming their eyes.

"He wanted to be a doctor." April stated. Arizona looked on in interest while April continued, "He wanted to be a doctor, but people from here don't become anything special. We just try to support each other in this town, we are family. Alex wanted to be a doctor though. He even used to work for Dr. Williams. After Dr. Williams died he was the one people went too to get cleaned up. He doesn't always know what he is doing but he's really helped this town."

"He's all I have left." Michelle looked worriedly upon her brother. "They killed our parents and our brother…well he couldn't handle that."

"Unhh, s'ok Chelle, I'm not going any where." Alex groaned slightly rolling on the bed so he could try and focus on his sister.

"April, may I speak with you for a moment?" Arizona motioned the woman towards the front room. "He should be fine he just needs to let himself heal, but I have to go send for supplies. So, I need for you to stay with him and if something happens have Michelle run for me. I'll just head to the post and come back."

April gave a nod of assurance and Arizona grabbed her supply list and hurried out the door. She walked with purpose down the dusty road not paying any notice to anything other than her destination. When, suddenly a loud bell started clanging and the sound of doors and shudders slamming on both sides of the street. Arizona just spins around with a look of shock as to what is happening when the sound and feel of hove beats rumble through her. She can just see a large group of bandits ridding over the hill down the road towards her when a body rushes her into an alley and shoves her down hidden by some wooden barrels.

"They must've heard of your arrival." It was Callie Torres' voice again but she didn't look much like a woman wearing trousers, chaps, a leather hide coat, and a cowboy hat. "They don't like the idea of the town having a doctor. They figure next to the banker you're the most important person in town." Callie said as she pulled her six shooter and slowly looked over the barrels.

The sound of breaking glass startled Arizona. "What are they doing?"

"Looks like they threw a rock or something through the clinic window. They're probably just trying to scare you. They come in about once/twice a week just to keep us on our toes." Callie stated while peeking around the corner of the building.

"Oh my God, my patient!" Arizona gasped and she went to get up only to be pushed back to the wall with a hand place over her mouth.

"Shut up, this is a scare tactic. Your patient will be fine, but if you really want them to scare you then you'll let them know where you are. So, shut up. Do you got me?" Callie whispered in a harsh tone and Arizona looked back on her terrified but nodded in response.

Callie then went back to observe the bandits but remained with her hand on Arizona's shoulder to keep her in place. She saw the outlaws riding around with their guns in the air and after a moment a few shots were fired and the group was off.

"I've got to go find Sloan. You should be fine once their gone they stay away until they get bored again." And with that Callie Torres walked out of the alley placing her gun back in it's holster.