The Darcsen Lion

Chapter 1: The suffering darcsens

The place is Caladamia, a Nation that long ago made borders with the capital of the Empire, now days, it makes part of the Empire. Before the Empire captured the country, this place was governed by free darcsen, in fact, many darcsen believe that this country are the homeland from where all darcsen came from. After the Empire invaded, they established a new government, in an attempt of calming down the darcsen population of the country, it seemed an impossible mission, but in six months, they did it. Now the darcsens are being oppressed and suffering in the hands of the Empire, they are accused of false crimes and suffering from military abuse, and each year, the Empire make a selection of young healthy darcsens of at least sixteen years old, they are chosen to work in concentration camps, to mine ragnite, things seemed only to get worst and worst, until a certain day, when a man, hiding his face and his head with a scarf, appeared into town…

"Well, at least i'm here!" Said the man wearing the scarf.

The mysterious man started to stretch himself, as he had come to this lad from a long, long journey. He stopped from a second because he heard screams from the main square, it sounded like someone was in need of help.

" Could it be a robbery? In the middle of the day?" He thought to himself.

He looked at the direction that the screams were coming from, he couldn't really see what was happening because of a bunch of people that have gathered there to see what was happening, he pushed his way through the people, when he got in the center of the circle that was formed because of the people, two imperial soldiers and a little darcsen girl, one was holding her arm so that she wouldn't escape, and the other was checking through her bag, in a attempt to incriminate her.

"Let me go! Let me go!" Screamed the little girl.

"Quite there you darcsen brat!" Said the soldier that was holding her arm.

"Aha! What do we got here?" Said the other imperial soldier that was checking her bag.

He was holding in his hand a silver pocket watch, obviously trying to incriminate the little girl.

"So… We got ourselves a little thief hun?" The other imperial said.

"I'm no thief!" Shouted the little girl.

"Oh really? I don't think i care, you're just a darcsen, nobody will care if you're guilty or not. In the eyes of the nobles that will judge you, you'll be nothing more than a dirty thief!" Said the imperial.

"You imperials are the only thieves here! You came to our country! You've stolen our freedom! If there is anyone that should be judged, that is you!" The little girl shouted.

After saying that, the little girl was able to kick the imperial's foot.

"Agh! That's it! You know how far have you gone no?" The imperial shouted.

"Now you're going to get punished!" The other imperial said.

They dragged her to the middle of the main square and one of them held her against the floor, holding her arm.

"That this should serve as a lesson to all of you darcsens!" Shouted the other imperial for the darcsen people that had accumulated because of the confusion that was happening. "For anyone that tries to defy the Empire, the punishment shall be the same or even worst!".

After he said that, he pulled a knife that was in his backpack, he walked in the direction of the little girl and pointed the knife right at her wrist.

"No! Stop it!" Screamed the little darcsen girl, terrified, afraid that she might lose her hand.

The darcsen folk just stood there, watching the whole thing, but it was not like that they weren't caring, they were just too afraid to do anything, it was like that the Empire had brainwashed all of them, the Empire demanded from them, and they obeyed.

It was looking like that the time for the little girl was running out, she looked over the people that were watching and started shouting:

"Help! Please, somebody help me!"

Although she was so desperate, although she was so scared, nobody came to her aid, nobody dared to give one single step ahead to help, no one did anything to save her.

She looked over again in the hope that someone would have the courage enough to help her, to save her! No one moved. The imperial soldier was waiting, right to give the blow, he let his arm go with a massive amount of strength.

For less than a second, it felt like the whole world have stopped, not a single living being moved, breathed or made a sound…


This moment was interrupted by a loud sound of a gun being fired. When the soldier noticed, the knife was no longer in his hand, it was flying six meters above him. Nobody believed what just had happened, someone had defied the Empire! But who was this person? Some courageous hero, or some crazy person?

"Who did this? Who shot at an imperial soldier?" The imperial soldier just kept shouting and shouting in the direction of the darcsens.

The people than opened a way, and there he was, the man with the scarf, holding in his right hand a long-barreled revolver with the smoke from the last shot still coming out of his gun. He started walking slowly in the direction of the imperial soldier, always holding his gun in firing position, with the imperial at his sight, when he begun to gt closer and closer to the imperial soldier, he started to shake in fear…

"S- Stop right there!" The imperial said while pointing his machine-gun against the mysterious man.

But his actions didn't affected the mysterious man, he continue to walk slowly in his direction. He then grabbed the girl by the arm and pointed his machine-gun at her head and shouted:

"If you don't stop now! She'll die!"

But again his actions were ignored by the mysterious man, in fact, what he did only make the man walk faster and made him trigger the gun's barrel to place the next bullet in position. The imperial was scared to death, he didn't know what to do, and he was sure he was going to die.

Then, from the middle of the crowd, a arm holding a pistol appeared and pointed against the mysterious man's head.

"Ha! Not so brave now, are you?" An imperial soldier that was holding the pistol said while laughing.

The mysterious man said nothing, he only looked to the man without turning his head, with the corner of his eyes.

"Still acting like a big- URGH!" Before the imperial finished talking, the mysterious man stabbed him in his stomach with his left hand.

After he stabbed the imperial, he immediately pulled the knife back with full strength and throws it at the imperial that was aiming at the little girl's head. He hit it right at his throat. And that was fuse to make the whole darcsen crowd to go crazy, everyone started to run around and scream, the other imperial that was there got scared and thought of running away, but first he was decided to kill the little girl. He turned around to shoot her, but what he found was a bullet shot strait at his stomach by the long-barreled revolver, and the last thing he saw was the face of the mysterious man unmasked.

"You!" He said, while falling to the ground.

After hitting the floor, he turns his head around and look at the mysterious man, running away, carrying the little girl at his back. After they go away, some imperial soldiers appeared at the square, and an imperial officer with them. He walked at the fallen soldier, got in his knee, and asked him, while holding his head:

"It's okay soldier, you're gonna be fine. I need to ask you something soldier, did you saw his face?"

"It was… it was…" The soldier, in unbelievable pain, try to say the name of the person.

"It was… Nazir, the darcsen lion!" After saying that, he got carried away by the medics.

"So, he's here after all…" Said the officer.

"What are we going to do sir?" Asked one of the imperial soldiers.

"Don't worry about it, he's just a ant that must be crushed! We'll deal with him in no time!"