The Darcsen Lion

Chapter 4: Freedom

The plan was already done and all the preparations were made, tomorrow morning it was the day that the darcsens of Caladamia would get their country back. Now all that they need to do is wait for the sun rising in the morning.

When the morning comes, Nazir and some rebel troops try to blend with the crowd, today the area that surrounds "The White Castle" is full of nobles in their fancy clothes and showing their expensive jewelry, and all of this because this is the day of the birth of the first Emperor's son. The streets around "The White Castle" are full of nobles, they are happy, dancing and singing to the Empire's glory.

Nazir pass by all these people with the rebel soldiers, of course, they are covered by a cape so that no one can see their weapons and so that the military don't find it strange that so many darcsens were gathered together. Nazir waits until all of the sides of "The White Castle" were surrounded by the rebel troops, at the north gate and at the west gate the troops were already in position, only the south and east gates were still to get ready.

After a couple of minutes, all the sides of "The White Castle" had rebel troops in position just ready to rush in at Nazir's signal. At the peak of the celebration they opened the gates so that the nobles could enter and have a fancy dinner and a royal party later. There were guards in the lines that had formed on the gates, they are checking everyone so that they'll make sure that no darcsen passes that point.

Nazir enters in the line to pass through the west gate, and separately the other rebel soldiers that had come with him followed him. The tension in the air gets heavier and heavier as the line moves on, step-by-step Nazir gets closer and closer to the guard in the entrance of the west gate…

"Sir, could you please remove your hood so that I could see your face?" The guard asked.

"Sorry… But this time you'll have to make an exception." Nazir said.

After he said that he slides down a dagger that was hidden in his sleeve and quickly stabs the guard right in his stomach, with no mercy, he noticed that two other guards that were deeper inside the passage of the west gate has noticed him and they choose to act, unfortunately for them, Nazir had two rebel soldiers at his back that covered him up, they instantly pulled their pistols and shot the guards. Now the crowd starts to panic and they began to ran for their lives.

"Well… Looks like is time for the party…" Nazir said.

He aimed a flare gun he had with him to the skies and fired, now the other rebel troops new that this was the time to rush in, and without hesitation they charged in. No matter how many barriers the Imperials tried to make, how many soldiers they brought to defend the place, the rebel troops kept on advancing, crushing the enemy ahead with their training, the hearts of the troops were full with the desire to have a country that was safe for them, more than that, a country that was commanded and protected by their own kind.

Although the siege of "The White Castle" was going great, the imperial troops knew what was the darcsens weakness, their districts that they left behind to siege "The White Castle", they thought that they had let them unprotected, the imperials thought that they had an advantage and ordered by radio that some troops that were scouting close to the districts joined up and eliminated them all.

The plan of the imperials would've worked if it wasn't for one thing… That the darcsens already knew of this possibility and prepared themselves from the beginning, when the guard tried to get to the districts, they didn't knew that the roads that take them to them are full of mines and that every small ally is full of tripwire bombs, they lost so many live just trying to get near the districts, and the small percentage that made that far was now being massacred by rebel troops that were using heavy machine guns in high strategic positions. Even if they would make that far in a big group they wouldn't last long, the roads were all closed with burning vehicles and welded metal, the districts were now a true fortress.

While this, in "The White Castle", Imperial troops are being pinned down, squads started to fall one after another, they reach the penultimate floor.

"Go on up ahead, the communication base must be at the last floor!" Nazir said to the rebel soldiers.

"But what about you commander?" One of the soldiers asked.

"I have some unfinished business to deal with…" Nazir said.

He walked around the corridors looking for Klaus Wolfgang's officer, at the end of one corridor he founds it.

"Well, time to close this contract for good…" Nazir said while triggering his pistol.

He kicks the door open and gets himself in firing stance, he looked at the table that was ahead of him with a chair that was looking at the windows behind it.

"Klaus Wolfgang?" Nazir asked.

"Well well well, I it isn't the great 'Darcsen Lion'!" Klaus turned the chair to his direction, you could say that he was a terrible person just by looking at his face, in his was were nailed several darcsen cloth pieces, that represented his hunting trophies, the man was a sick bastard.

"Well? If isn't the devil itself!" Nazir answered.

"Oh my! What kind of hostility is that Nazir? Couldn't we be a little more civilized?" Klaus asked.

"Sorry, but no 'friend' I have a contract to close up here, and the only way I can do this is to kill you, and also you are one of the main heads that run this country doesn't?"

"Well yes! But what would that change if you knew it? Would make your contract have more value?"

"Nope! But it is for sure a bonus to get rid of you, less one problem that the people that live here will have to deal with." Nazir said while he was almost pulling the trigger.

Before he could shoot he felt something could at the back of his head, the situation had repeated again, but this time the soldier that was behind him was more alert than the other one, this time the same trick will not work on this one.

"Well now, would you please drop your weapon Mr. Nazir?" Klaus asked.

Nazir seeing no other option, he drops the his pistol and kicks it to Klaus direction.

"Now, please, on your knees." Klaus said.

Nazir gets himself on his knees, this time it looks like it's gonna be really difficult to get free of this one.

"So, did you really think you could kill me? Your darcsen scum!"

Klaus aimed at Nazir's left shoulder and shoot, the sound of broken bones can be heard and now this arm is totally useless.

"I think you underestimated me darcsen!"

Klaus aim again for his head this time, and just before he was right about to shoot a roaring sound is heard and the pistol goes flying away from his hand. In the same exact moment, Nazir quickly let's slip out of his sleeve the dagger that was hidden and turn around by hitting the guard that was behind him right in the neck. Before the dead guard could even hit the ground, Nazir spins around and grab the pistol that was in the hand of the imperial guard.

He points the pistol to Klaus.

"This one my friend, is for the my people"

After saying that, Nazir shoots him in his chest. The impact is so strong that makes Klaus hit his back on the floor very hard.

"And this one… This one is just business my friend."

Nazir shot him in the head finishing him off. When Nazir knew, "The White Castle" was already at the rebels control, for the time being now, the imperials in Caladamia are at our hands, and it would be very difficult to them to conquer it back, since it was known to be an impenetrable building, after all, it was a "Castle".

After that day, Nazir came back to the district were Lenna was waiting for him with his back against a wall, looking at the ground, she looked really said, believing that Nazir didn't make it, that maybe he would never come back.


Lenna heard the familiar voice and turned her head to see if it was true, and there he was! He had some small wounds, but nothing really that serious.


The little girl goes running in Nazir's direction, she hugs him with all her strength.

"I thought… I thought you were gone, and that I would be alone again all by myself… *sniff* *sniff*"

She starts to cry.

"Hey, look, I'm okay! Look, I'm fine! And don't worry about getting alone, because it will never happen again, I promise!"

After saying that, Nazir cleans the tears of her small face, and lets out a small smile so that she could fell better, she smiles back.

After two days, Nazir had packed up his things and Lenna's things and they started a journey to the west, before they go, one rebel soldier stops them.

"Wait commander! What about us? How are we going to fight the Empire without you?"

"Well my friend, you don't really need me, I taught you all that you'll need to know to defend yourselves, you proved to be true soldiers and at the end, the sweet taste of freedom waits for all of you!"

These were Nazir's last words before he goes away to the west. They both passed some months together while traveling to west, until Nazir reaches the final destination of Galia, in a mountain village were many darcsens live he presented Lenna to her new daddy…

"Hun? Wait, Nazir! Aren't you going to take care of me anymore?"

"Sorry little girl, but I need to continue my work the best way I can, but I can't put you in danger, so you'll just stay here with this friend of mine, okay?"

It was actually hard for Nazir to say goodbye to little Lenna, during his travelling to the west he had made a true connection with her and really got attached to her, just like she was his real daughter…

"Bu- but I'm gonna miss you!"

"I know, I'm gonna miss you too."

Nazir kneeled with his arms opened and Lenna ran in his direction and both of them hugged.

"But I promise you that I'll come to visit when I have the time!"

"You promise?"

Lenna is saying while she wipes out the tears of her blushed cheeks.

"Yeah, I promise you!"

Nazir said while petting her on the head.

"Please, take care of her, I'm counting on you Zaki."

"No problem, she's gonna be fine!" Said Zaki.

"So, I'm going now, okay?"

Nizar looked at Lenna, but this time she just holds her head down and keep looking at the ground with her little blushed cheeks. Nazir didn't get sad at all, he just smiled to her and petted her on the head again.

When Nazir was now a little far away, almost getting out of the village, Nazir turn his head back and sees Lenna running, a little clumsy because of the high snow.

"Good bye, daddy!"

Little Lenna shouted with all of the air she could breath into her lungs, and after a few minutes that Nazir stood still, with a surprised face, a tear felt down from his face.

"Good bye, my little girl!"

Nazir shouted back to her, now both of them exchange smiles while the tears fall down through their faces. Nazir leaves the village unknowing that he will have the chance to be together with Lenna…

"Even though the "Rebel Darcsens of Caladamia" had captured "The White Castle", the war didn't last so long, as the superior weaponry and technology of the Empire takes over the rebels. The Empire prepares to set a siege to "The White Castle", and at the seventh day, the east wall was breached and the war of the rebels lasted only two months. Although they had lost, in a final attempt to hold out "The White Castle", a group of eleven darcsens held out "The White Castle" from the imperial soldiers for at least five hours. Before the last of the eleven darcsen rebels felt, they had killed more than six hundred imperial soldiers! Their deed was so great that the Emperor ordered that a memorial were put in the main square to remember those that defended their own kind so fiercely . And as for the darcsen folk, for the deeds of the rebels and to prevent another rebellion, they had be given rights, a better life condition and better education and jobs, for now the darcsen race shall be remembered in one of the most difficult battles fought in history…"

1935 C.E. – Galian territory, search for survivors of an attack at a village in the mountains.

"Hey, did you guys found something?" Zig asked.

"Nope, nothing here…" Neroh said.

"Not here as well." Nanah said.

"C'mon, were could they possibly be hiding?" Zanna asked.

"Well, they should be at a bunker that is in the convenience store." Nazir said.

"Have you come here before?" Mannar asked.

"Yes, back than it was something to do with an important person that it lives here, I just hope she's okay…"

Nazir guides the others to the bunker that they said the survivors were probably going to be. Mannar helped Nazir to open the trapdoor to the bunker, when they looked it was pitch-dark and there was no sound at all.

"Is anyone there?" Nazir asked.

When he said that, they could see a girl coming out of the dark.

"Nazir…?" The girl said.


The girl goes running from the dark in Nazir's direction and hugs him, he falls on the floor while she hugs him. Everyone around seemed a little confused for a while, but after they got everyone out and helped the injured Nazir told them the entire story…

"Oh, I see…" Neroh says.

"But still, were is Zaki, Lenna?" Nazir asked.

"They took him, Nazir… The imperials took him…" Lenna said while trying not to cry.

"So you're alone here? No one to take care of you?" Neroh asked.


"Well than, while don't you come with us?" Neroh asked?


"Yeah, and when we're done here, maybe we can go find Zaki." Nazir said.

"But didn't you said that I shouldn't go to you back then because it was dangerous?" Lenna asked.

"Back then you were just a little girl, you have grown a lot since I last saw you Lenna…"

Lenna smiles to Nazir.

"And after all, you don't have anywhere to go now, do you?"

"Well… no…"

"So just come with us, I know things are going to get better from now on!"

Nazir stretched his hand in her direction as a welcoming sign, she runs and hugs him again.

"Thank you Nazir…" Lenna said while tears slowly come out of her eyes…

After some time, the warpack headed to the North Militia H.Q. with all the Survivors of the attack and with their most new member, but only one thing passed in Nazir's mind now…

"Hold on Zaki, I promise, I'm coming for you!".

The End