Closer to the Sky

The closer you get to the sky…the better the cellphone reception! Nanimori is a spotty nightmare for cellphone service, but with Tsuna around, who needs to worry about that?

There are no pairings in this, although there is some pet name calling to irritate each other and there is a Tsuna sandwich. ^_0

EDIT: I just wanted to fix some things I noticed that were wrong. Also I wanted to say that there will actually be another chapter to this, so thank you all for the feedback!


As soon as Tsuna woke up, he knew something weird was going to happen that day. Maybe it was his hyper intuition telling him something, maybe it was the fact that Reborn hadn't woken him up by hitting him with a hammer…maybe it was Gokudera sitting outside his window, texting on his cellphone.

"Good morning Tenth!" Gokudera noticed Tsuna staring at him and in an instant was beaming a one million kilowatt smile at the shorter male. "It's a beautiful day today! I'll be waiting for you downstairs! Unless you need my help in getting dressed?"

Tsuna numbly shook his head at Gokudera's question, unable to speak.

"I shall be ever waiting your presence downstairs then Tenth!" Gokudera made an award bow and jumped off the roof. After a few moments, Tsuna could hear the doorbell ring out, and his mother answering the door. Letting out a long groan, Tsuna attempted to hide himself under his covers in hope of avoiding the day. Unfortunately, as always, Reborn had other plans.

"Time to get up Dame-Tsuna," A heavy blow to Tsuna's head alerted him to Reborn's sudden presence, "Your right-hand man is here to pick you up. Get going."

"Hiiiee! I'm up! I'm up, Reborn!" Tsuna scrambled out of bed, and almost instantly tripped on his covers, landing him splat faced on the floor.

"Dame-Tsuna, you now have two minutes to get changed." Reborn smirked and grabbed his gun.

"But I just woke up and I've still got some time!"

"Didn't I tell you? I switched all the clocks back half an hour yesterday."

"Why would you do that?" Tsuna shouted, scrambling for his school clothes. Reborn just snickered at his student's panicking.

"For fun. By the way Dame-Tsuna, you now have one minute and ten seconds to get ready."



After only a SLIGHT maiming by Reborn, Tsuna bolted off to school with Gokudera closely following behind. As the school came into site, Tsuna almost believed for a moment that he would get to school on time for once.

A belief that was promptly shattered as Yamamato came stumbling out of an alleyway, holding his phone up to the sky and looking around puzzled.

"Yamamato look-!" Too little too late! Tsuna found himself suddenly piled on top of Yamamato with Gokudera, who had only been a few steps behind, falling right on Tsuna. After a slight embarrassed moment of shock, there was an immediate shuffling of bodies followed by Gokudera's shouting at Yamamato.

"Haha! Sorry about that Tsuna!" Yamamato smiled and tussled Tsuna's hair, "I wasn't looking where I was going!"

"Damn right you weren't! You could have severely injured the Tenth! Tenth, are you alright?" Gokudera began patting down Tsuna, looking for any bruises.

Blushing embarrassedly, Tsuna waved him off, trying not to stutter with embarrassment, "I'm fine Gokudera!" Trying to rectify the awkward situation, Tsuna turned back to Yamamato and asked , "What were you doing anyways?"

Blinking in slight confusion, Yamamato took a moment to realize that Tsuna had been talking about his weird act of holding up his cellphone Lion King style to the sky. "Oh, that? I was trying to get some bars to text one of the guys on the baseball team that I wouldn't be able to make practice today." Yamamato pouted and looked back down at his phone, "Namimori has such bad cellphone- hey! I've got plenty of bars now. Weird…"

"That's great Yamamato but we've got to get to class!" Tsuna began to bolt away towards their school, only to be stopped suddenly once again at a shout from Yamamato.

"I've got no bars again!" The rain guardian frowned at his phone.

"Look you baseball freak, you can just talk to the guy in class! Tenth says we have to get to class so move it!" Gokudera pushed the once again sulking Yamamato in Tsuna's direction.

"But it would have just been easier to text h- oh I have bars again." Yamamato looked around, confused, until his eyes landed on Tsuna. Now slightly annoyed at the hold up, Tsuna shifted slightly from foot to foot impatiently.

"What is it Yamamato?" He asked testily. Yamamato gave Tsuna a curious look, and then began backing away from him slowly. Yamamato kept an eye on his phone, and after taking about ten steps back, paused. Then he made his way back to Tsuna, his eyes always on his phone. "Yamamato just tell us what's wrong so we can get to class!" Tsuna grabbed onto Yamamato's sleeve and tugged on it like an impatient five year old.

Yamamato tilted his head curiously, looking at Tsuna in an odd manner. "Hey Tsuna…"


"For some strange reason I have plenty of bars when I'm near you, but the further away from you I go, the less I have." Now Tsuna was the one looking at Yamamato oddly.

"I don't understand what you mean."

"Haha, well I think you're like a human cellphone service area or something! It seems that I can always get great service when I'm around you!" Yamamato announced happily. He scooted closer to Tsuna and sent off a text.

"Of course being around the Tenth allows for good service! He is our Sky after all!" Gokudera said proudly. Tsuna could only continue to gaze at them both in absolute puzzlement.

"Is that why you were texting at my window this morning Gokudera?" Tsuna asked slowly.

Gokudera grimaced, and without any hesitation, hit the ground in a dogeza, startling both Tsuna and Yamamato.

"I am so sorry Tenth! I had to text my sister not to bother me at school today and the only place I could get service was near you!"

"Hiiee! Gokudera don't do that! It's fine! It's fine! Just get up before people start staring!" Tsuna waved his arms frantically, trying to encourage the storm guardian to stop prostrating himself.

"No! It's not okay! I should have asked your permission first!"

"Gokudera! Come on! Get up!"


Tsuna froze. The skin on his back crawled as he slowly turned around to face one of his worst nightmares.


"Herbivores, you are now two minutes late." The prefect scowled, his eyes narrowing as he pulled out his tonfas. An almost pleased smirk worked its way onto Hibari's face as he surveyed the situation.

"No wait! We can explain!" Tsuna scrambled backwards, putting as much distance between him and the older boy as he could.

"I will bite you to death." Hibari stalked forward.

Tsuna didn't even bother to attempt at fleeing. He just squatted down and covered his head with his hands and prepared for the worst.

The green trail~ of Namimori. It's not big nor small. Nami is great!

The worst never came. At the ringtone of their school's anthem, Tsuna looked up in surprise to see Hibari flicking open his phone.

"Yes Kusakabe?" Hibari turned away from the others, listening to Kusakabe speak on the other end of the line. "You took care of them then? Good. I want you to check on those other herbivores at that pineapple's school. Report back to me immediately when you are done." Hibari flipped his cellphone shut. "I'm surprised that you can get service around here." He muttered to himself.

A small bloom of hope sprung in Tsuna's chest as he noticed Hibari was distracted. Slowly, Tsuna moved backwards and inched towards the school, hoping to be able to make a run for it before Hibari remembered him again.

"Oh that's because Tsuna is here!" Damn it Yamamato! Hibari's eyes snapped back onto the trio.

"What does the short herbivore have to do with cellphone service?"

"Well he does have the sky flame, and accordingly, the closer you are to the sky, the better cellphone reception you get!" Yamamato laughed. Tsuna wanted to hit his head against the pavement. He was so close to not getting bitten to death today…so close!

Hibari was silent for a few moments more before grunting, "I see…then I will be staying with the short herbivore for today."


"Hieeee! Why Hibari?" Tsuna all but shrieked.

"You heard my conversation with Kusakabe, did you not? I need his immediate report on the Kokuyou school, and for that I must have a good cellphone reception. Because it is unlikely that I will be somewhere where there is good reception when Kusakabe calls, I need to be around you at all times."

Silence…and then-

"Haha! So does that mean Hibari is eating lunch with us today then?"

"Shut up baseball freak! Can't you see the Tenth is upset by this?"

"Hieee! Gokudera please don't bomb Yamamato!"

"I still haven't forgotten that you are late herbivores. Prepare to be bitten to death."


WORST DAY EVER. Including the day Reborn had first come into Tsuna's life and straight out told him that he was going to be a mafia boss.

Since the moment Hibari had declared his intentions to stay close to Tsuna for the rest of the day, the prefect hadn't left Tsuna's side. Even when Tsuna had gone to the bathroom, Hibari was right there next to the stall. It was so awkward that Tsuna was actually grateful when Gokudera had burst in and begun shouting at Hibari for invading his space. Not that it did anything besides getting Gokudera a black eye from Hibari, but the slight interruption had allowed Tsuna to do his business.

If that had been the worst of it, then Tsuna probably could have gotten through the day without losing his mind. But no, things had to get even more annoying. Hibari, of course, sat in on his classes. The moment Tsuna wasn't able to answer a question, or was caught dozing off by the teacher, Hibari had to comment. "You can't even do that herbivore?" or "Next time you sleep in class, I will bite you to death." These comments were, of course, met with immediate retaliation from Gokudera, who was probably going to end up a bloody pulp by the end of the day.

But even then, things weren't THAT bad. Sure Tsuna was about to rip all of his hair out, but things were manageable…until lunch…when Mukuro showed up.

"Kufufu. Hello Tsunayoshi." Mukuro smirked and patted Tsuna on the head.

"Mukuro! What are you doing here!" Tsuna shouted, jumping away from the illusionist.

"I heard from one of my sources that you might be able to help me with a problem," Mukuro inched closer to Tsuna, cellphone in hand.

"Not you too!" Tsuna groaned.

Mukuro didn't answer back, to busy texting someone on the phone. He didn't even bother looking up when Hibari, who had been lounging on a slightly higher area of the roof away from the others but still close to Tsuna, leapt down and glared daggers at Mukuro.

"You. Prepare to be bitten to death."

"Not now sweetie, I'm texting my dear Chrome." Mukuro jumped back from Hibari, avoiding his tonfas by a hair. At the pet name, Hibari's eyes twitched, and he began swiping at Mukuro with renewed vigor, to which the mist guardian simply kept dodging.

"No! Both of you stop! Hieee! Guys do something!" Tsuna whipped around to Yamamato and Gokudera, his eyes taking on a puppy dog like quality.

"I'm not doing anything wrong, your skylark is the one causing problems." Mukuro laughed as he continued dodging Hibari, now purposely provoking the cloud guardian.


Who was spreading the rumor that Tsuna had some sort of magical cellphone powers?

"I WAS TOLD THAT HUGGING YOU WOULD GIVE ME THE BEST RECEPTION!" Ryouhei tackled Tsuna from behind in a hug, wrapping his arms around his neck and bringing his hands together to cup a cellphone.

"Hiee! Onii-san let go of me!"


Tsuna didn't even notice that Hibari and Mukuro had stopped fighting until he found Hibari right in front of his face. "H-Hibari?"

"Maybe the reason Kusakabe hasn't reached me yet is because we weren't close enough," Hibari's lip curled in distaste, "I normally don't like crowding, but this once I shall make an exception."

Before Tsuna could ask what Hibari was walking about, he found himself suddenly wrapped up in Hibari's arms. Now he was squished in between Ryouhei and Hibari! "Hiieee-"

"Herbivore, if you keep making that annoying high pitched sound I will bite you to death."

"-Eeee…" Tsuna winced and shut his mouth, trying desperately not to shriek in fear at being hugged by Hibari.

"Kufufu, you can't keep little Tsunayoshi all for yourself." Mukuro walked over to them and wrapped his arms around Tsuna's waist. "Until my dear Chrome calls me back, I shall be remaining with Tsunayoshi."

"Haha! Are we having a group hug?" Oh why not, let everyone join in the awkward hug. Tsuna rolled his eyes as Yamamato hugged Tsuna on his other side opposite to Mukuro.

"Tenth! I shall join in the hug as well!" Gokudera glared at everyone and quickly made his way to Tsuna's side, nudging Yamamato over a bit to curl himself around Tsuna.

"Guys, seriously, I don't think we need to be hugging like this…" Tsuna was feeling incredibly uncomfortable as everyone stared at him.

"THIS IS WHAT REBORN TOLD ME TO DO TO THE EXTREME!" Tsuna winced as Ryouhei's loud voice echoed in his ear. Then he realized what he had just said.

"Reborn told you to do this?" Tsuna was ready to flail and freak out, but unfortunately his guardian's arms around him prevented Tsuna's movements.

"YES!" Ryouhei sounded like he was smiling.

"But onii-san, you do realize that if we all stand like this waiting for all of your phone calls, we'll be late for class!" Hope rose in Tsuna's chest. Would his guardians let go?

"As long as all you herbivores are with me, there shall be no problems. We're staying like this until Kusakabe calls me." Hope never died so fast then Tsuna's did when Hibari voiced his command. Things couldn't possibly get any worse.

"Haha! Dame-Tsuna I want a hug too!" Oh for the love of-! Why did Tsuna think those words? Everyone knows things get worse when you say or think 'Things couldn't possibly get any worse!' Why had Tsuna inflicted this pain upon himself?

A small tugging on Tsuna's head alerted him to Lambo's presence. The little cow dressed kid was hugging Tsuna's hair, cuddling down into the caramel locks.

"Lambo how did you get here?"

"I brought him." Tsuna's eyes snapped to the source of all of his problems, his home tutor.


"Hello Dame-Tsuna." As cool as you please, Reborn jumped off the railing of the roof and stood before the mush of guardians. "I see you have discovered on of the perks of having a sky flame."

"What perk?" Tsuna struggled to see Reborn past his barrier of guardians. The sadistic home tutor smirked devilishly before answering.

"Why, getting complete phone service wherever you go of course."

"I wouldn't call this a perk Reborn!" Tsuna tried once again to struggle out of his guardian's arms, but they simply tightened their grips on him, and Tsuna gave up after a few moments.

"Nonsense. What would happen if you were stuck in the wilderness with a phone, but no receptors to take your call?"

"I still don't see how me having the sky flame makes me some weird cellphone tower-Ow! Hey Reborn!" Tsuna staggered backwards as Reborn's foot made connection with Tsuna's face. It was almost sadly hilarious what happened next. The force of Reborn's kick sent Tsuna back, which of course, dragged along every single one of Tsuna's guardians. Everybody but Reborn went crashing to the ground, all crushed together.

"Owww! Lambo-sama was hurt! Tsuna kiss it better!"

"Kufufu~ this is interesting."

"All of you idiots get off the Tenth!"

"Calm down Gokudera, didn't Tsuna say once he wanted us all to be closer? Haha!"

"You're all dead herbivores."


"Um, you called me Mukuro-sama?" A hesitant voice called about above the mass confusion of voice and limbs as everyone worked at untangling themselves. Everyone paused for a moment, looking towards the door where Chrome was standing shyly.

"My dear Chrome, come here and join the guardian group hug!" Mukuro managed to untangle himself enough to hold his hands out to the other mist guardian.

"Oh, okay…" Chrome delicately made her way over and leaned into Mukuro's arms, blushing a bit as she found herself surrounded by everyone else.

"Oh, are we going to make guardian group hugs a thing now?" Yamamato beamed at the others, even as Gokudera was frantically swatting Yamamato's back.

"I will not tolerate any more crowding." An angry aura began pouring off Hibari.

"No, guys stop arguing! Hibari get off of me and Gokudera please stop hitting Yamamato!" Tsuna tried scrambling away from the pile but a tugging on his head reminded him that Lambo was still attached. "Lambo please let go!"

"Nooo! Waaa!" Lambo began crying.

Tsuna was ready to bash his head into the concrete of the roof. As it was, he just decided to do a face plant onto the ground instead.

"I see you have everything handled here." Reborn called as he walked out the door leading back into the school, "Have fun." Tsuna almost called him back to help, but an evil glint in the Arcobaleno's eyes made him rethink his desperate plea. Reborn sent him a knowing smirk and left, leaving Tsuna alone with his guardians.

"That's it, you're all getting bitten to death."

"Kufufu, thank you for coming promptly Chrome."

"I'm glad to be a part of the fun, Mukuro-sama."

"Lambo-sama want grape candy! Dame-Tsuna I want candy!"

"Haha! This has been a fun day!"

"I'm warning you all that if you don't get off the Tenth right now-!"


Why hadn't Tsuna stayed in bed today? It would have been so much easier…


A/N: This is what comes from watching too much Hitman Reborn on crack videos…now I want to write a Sailor Moon Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Fic… 8D

Lion King style=Holding your cellphone up to the sky to get service like Rafiki held up Simba in the beginning. I threw Chrome in at the end because I realized I was about to finish the fic without putting her in! *gasp* That just couldn't be done!