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Honestly, Uni was beginning to think she was just a little bit sadistic. Watching Gamma running around frantically was hilarious. She supposed she should feel a little bad; after all, Gamma was just trying to keep her safe.

But it was just so amusing.

Uni giggled and hopped down from her hiding place among a small cluster of trees in the park. She had expanded the game zone to all of the town. Gamma had managed to keep close to her for the first ten minutes, but then Nigella and Nosaru, who Uni suspected were just as sadistic as she was, distracted him long enough for Uni to get ahead.

To: Uni

Gamma is currently at Nanimori Middle School searching for you.

From: Nigella

Well then, Uni was just going to have to go in the opposite direction, wasn't she? Uni moved quickly, running across the park and dodging into the row of houses next to it. She carefully moved about, not allowing anyone to see her (who knows who Gamma might have bribed to help him).

She was being so careful it came to her as a surprise when she leapt behind some large trash bins, she ended up toppling right on top of Tsuna and Enma.

"Oh, sorry!" she gasped, frantically moving off of them. Enma just gave her a shy grin and mumbled something about 'being used to it'. Tsuna on the other hand worriedly looked around them for a few moments before hiding behind the trash bins again.

"Are you being followed by anyone?" He hissed to Uni.

"Um, only Gamma, I think, but he's at the middle school. Why?" Uni kept her voice lowered. Tsuna looked relieved.

"I've been followed around, tackled, and improperly hugged by my guardians all day long." Tsuna sniffed. Enma patted him on the back sympathetically.

Uni only giggled, "I heard. Actually, that's the reason Gamma's chasing me now. Well, not for the exact same reason, he wants to keep me safe from all those who might 'use me'" Uni air quoted around the words 'use me'. "Have you been having the same problems Enma?" She asked the Simon leader.

Enma shook his head embarrassedly, "Ah, um, no. Actually I have the reverse problem," he said, looking a little sad.

Uni shot him a confused look.

"Since I have the Earth flame, I really don't make a good cell reception person like Tsuna does. Actually my guardians always avoid me when they need to make calls," he mumbled.

"Which is why he's perfect for me to hang around," Tsuna declared, "as long as I stick with Enma my cell reception powers are pretty much null and void."

"Wouldn't your guardians just try to split you up then?" Uni asked.

Tsuna scowled and slumped further down, "They tried, we've been hiding from them since this morning." Enma patted Tsuna's arm sympathetically.

"Cioassu," Tsuna shrieked and flailed, collapsing on the ground. A large lump was already forming from where Reborn had just kicked Tsuna.

"Hello Reborn!" Uni smiled and shook hands with the little Arcobaleno.

"Dame-Tsuna what are you doing hiding here?" Reborn gave Tsuna another kick, and Tsuna flinched back, scurrying as far away from Reborn as he could.

"You of all people should know why!" Tsuna shouted.

"Your famiglia needs your assistance."

"Like hell they need my assistance, they just want to use me!"

"Suck it up; a good mafia boss doesn't let his subordinates down."

"I'm not a mafia boss!" Tsuna whimpered as Reborn suddenly grabbed his ear and began pulling him away.

"Dame-Tsuna, do I have to do everything for you?" Reborn ignored Tsuna's cried for help as he dragged him away from Uni and Enma. Before they could do anything, Reborn and Tsuna were out of sight.

Both of them were silent, a little stunned at the speed that Tsuna had been taken away from them.

"Well…that was interesting…" Enma said.

"Mmm," Uni hummed in agreement. They continued to sit together awkwardly for a few moment before Uni spoke up again, "Uh, sorry Enma, I need to keep in contact with some of my famiglia members and I can't exactly do that while you're here." She smiled at him apologetically. Enma looked slightly downtrodden, but he nodded understandingly.

"I understand," he sighed, "this happens all the time. I'll go try and catch up with Tsuna and Reborn." Enma pushed himself off the ground and took off in the direction Reborn and Tsuna had gone in, but tripped over the trash bins, face planting on the ground and getting covered in garbage. Uni jumped up, ready to help him back to his feet but Enma just waved her off.

"I'm fine! I'm fine!" Enma groaned, and then sniffed, "I might want to take a shower before I do anything else though…" He waved to Uni as he left, and Uni waved back, only slightly worried that Enma might get killed on the way back to his home.

To: Uni

Gamma's getting serious. He brought out the foxes.

From: Nosaru

Oh Gamma, Gamma, Gamma. Uni chuckled and shook her head, "Bad move Gamma," she murmured.


"Now, I need you to track the boss, okay?" Gamma kneeled down and looked at Colulu and Widget. He expected them to immediately begin sniffing about, picking up Uni's trail right away. Except, all his foxes did was sit there and cock their heads at him.

Gamma thought they might just need a little more urging, but Colulu and Widget almost instantly began to play fight with each other. Frustrated, Gamma tried to push them to work, but they only rolled over onto their bellies and stuck out their tongues…almost like they were…

Gamma narrowed his eyes suspiciously and raised his Giglio Nero ring up to his face and sniffed it hesitantly. When the familiar scent hit his nose he jerked his hand away and glared daggers at his hand.

Blue Lotus

Gamma growled and almost tore off his ring. Blue lotus? BLUE LOTUS? Who spiked the outside of his ring with blue lotus? His foxes were now completely drugged up and useless to him for at least the next two hours. Gamma snarled and stomped away from his now completely high foxes.

What the hell was he going to do now?


To: Uni

Gamma finally called out his foxes.

From: Nosaru

Muwahahaha. Uni giggled evilly, typing her thanks to Nosaru. She wasn't stupid, she knew Gamma would eventually call out Colulu and Widget, who could find her with no problem. So she miiigghhht have had someone spike his ring with a small amount of blue lotus to meddle with the foxes.

It was a harmless prank really. Harmless, but effective.

For now she was out of reach. But that didn't mean Gamma didn't have other ways of finding her. So she decided to head to the last place on earth Gamma would look for her.

Uni went to Byakuran's house.


Since the boxes don't exist in the present, and we never really see what Gamma uses to summon his foxes I decided to just go with a Giglio Nero ring. Also I have no idea what a blue lotus does to foxes but I couldn't find anything that was like catnip for foxes so I made something up.

I'm really sorry this took so long to get out and that it isn't over yet. I had planned on making this the last chapter but I'm stuck as to what to do with Byakuran and I really wanted to get this chapter out for you guys ASAP since it's been so long since I updated.

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