Sleeping Habits Part 3

February 16th, 2013

Arthur followed me through the hallway to the great oak and marble staircase.

"They say that J. Bruce Ismay saw this staircase and decided to put it in his ships, but he couldn't afford the marble'' I told Arthur, "that's why it was built purely out of oak on the Olympic class liners."

We jogged up the steps taking two or three at a time, Arthur followed me faithfully through the labyrinth of winding passages and corridors, like a puppy dog. Finally we reached the grand double doors of my chambers and pushed them open.

"What, no footmen this time?" Arthur asked in playful sarcasm.

"No Arthur, don't be ridiculous, these are my personal chambers, the servants only come in here when they are needed." I replied rather sardonically.

My room, or rooms plural to be precise consists of the small entrance hall, which opens onto a lounge with two deep and comfy leather sofas facing one another, standing between the two was a beautifully crafted black glass and stainless steel coffee table. In the centre of the wall facing the door there is a great black and white marble fire place, the surround carved in the likeness of many different dragons. Above the fireplace hanging flush against the wall is a family portrait, Myself and my father are mounted on two great dragons, my father on a giant black and red monster and I'm astride a majestic black and silver. In the centre foreground is my mother seated on my stallion Bentley. There are walnut shelving units running along the entire left wall, filled with books and other possessions. On the right wall two of my mother's watercolours hang, the centre is bare. This bare spot conceals a 52inch television, which is brought forward through the hidden door in the wall.

To the right hand side of the room there is a door which leads into a kitchen and dining area, on the left are two more doors, one of which leads into my bedroom the other into a state of the art bathroom complete with a Jacuzzi bath tub big enough for four and a power shower with literally 30 different nozzles.

Arthur looked at me in sheer shock, "This is your room? It's like a bloody flat in Knightsbridge!"

"Oh please Pendragon; it's not like you live in a total hovel yourself now is it? … I mean Camelot is nothing special I grant you but still…." I stuck my tongue out for emphasis. "Come on, we'd best get changed."

I walked into my bedroom and started stripping off, leaving the clothes folded over the back of one of the armchairs, I noticed Arthur trying not to watch me as I did this but he was failing miserably. By the time I got to my nice tight black Calvin Kleins, Arthur had just stared to peel off his shirt. I noticed two things at once, the first was that judging by the pile of clothes on the floor beside the other bed, Arthur wasn't used to being tidy and the second was his body and just how much I wanted it. Although, I did my best to supress that urge.

He had stripped right down to his tight white Armani briefs that hugged his hips just beautifully, and his thighs, oh god what a sight they were. It took me a minute to realise that I was staring at his tight arse, imagining what I wanted to do to it. Fortunately for me, if he noticed he didn't say anything.

We quickly dressed into our respective white tie and just as we were tying the laces of our patent leather shoes, James arrived to announce dinner.

"Your Grace, dinner is almost ready to be served; may I be of any assistance?"

"Would you mind awfully fixing Arthur's bowtie James? I fear that he'll never get it, that's his sixth attempt, I offered but he declined gracefully. (More like he threatened to throw his shoe at me).

James immediately retied Arthur's tie, correctly this time and escorted us to one of the more intimate dining rooms. The footmen open the doors for us and James announces us to the assembled party, "His Grace, The Duke of Pembrokeshire and Glamorgan and The Right Honourable, Arthur, Viscount Camelot."