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Chapter 1: Arrival of the Neo-Sennin

A tired and wounded Naruto Namikaze floated effortlessly over a thick forest somewhere in Japan,. Clinging to his tall 6 foot frame was the torso of a now dead Tobi, who had grabbed onto his body as he was shoved into the opening of Tobi's last desperate Kamui technique. The technique worked stranding Naruto and half of the mad man in a random dimension. The bottom half of the man remained at The Valley of the End in the Elemental Nations.

Naruto looked down at the remains of the dead madman with a sneer, and tossed what was left of the body to the ground. He floated down to the ground as he lazily went through a series of hand seals ending on tiger, and with a quiet mutter of Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, he shot out a dense ball of almost blue fire which quickly consumed the remains. Going through a short set of hand seals he ended on snake while stomping the ground which opened in a great fissure under the ashes. Soon after that fissure slammed back together, interring the ashes deep in the earth never to see the light of day again.

Letting loose a breath he didn't realize he was holding, Naruto walked over to the base of a nearby tree and sat. He sat there staring at the spot the ashes were buried. He wouldn't have been surprised to see the man to rise from the dead. The man had proved almost as hard to kill as one of those damn Edo Tensei zombies. Finally satisfied that the dead man would stay dead, he began to take stock of his new situation. He wasn't going to delude himself; he knew enough from his sensei Kakashi using the Kamui is a one way trip. Even with his Rinnegan and the power of the Jubi he was stuck here, wherever here was. Knowing it would be best to find a population center he settled into a meditative stance and began to draw on the nature chakra around him.

Right away he noticed that the nature chakra while less concentrated than in his own world, it seemed to be easier to draw on, almost like it was desperate for his attention. Five minutes later his eyes snapped open revealing golden iris, toad-like bar pupils and a red coloration around his eyes. Right off the bat he noticed a huge concentration of chakra signatures about 20 miles away. That wasn't the most important fact it was the size of the signatures. Barely any of them registered more than an average civilian of his own world, and anyone beyond that barely reached low-genin levels.

Standing and letting the nature chakra dissipate around him, Naruto leap into the trees and began travelling toward the concentration of chakra signatures.

Naruto perched himself on top of a tall building overlooking, what he learned, to be the city of Koryou (Don't know if that is the actual name of the city, just using the name of the high school). He had corned a couple of Chinese Mafia thugs and used the Human Path to gather information of the world he landed in. He found that while geographically speaking this world was far vaster than his own, the technology was far more advanced and the world much more interconnected. He killed off the two thugs after seeing some of their more deplorable acts then proceeded to go at the heart of the particular gang they were affiliated with and took out the leader after retrieving some of his personal information. Under the Henge technique he went to the bank and cleaned the man out

After dropping the man at the local authorities, with more than enough evidence to incriminate the man, Naruto proceeded to scout out the city. He found himself a quiet place just past the city limits; an old Buddhist temple abandoned for the past 10 years and quickly purchased it on a genjutsu influenced discount, and quickly began modifying it for his own use. Luckily while abandoned the structure and most of the utilities were in fairly good condition, all that needed attention were the grounds which was quickly fixed with a small army of clones.

While he slaved away furnishing the sleeping quarters of the temple and converting the grounds and surrounding forest into a training area, he sent out a small army of transformed clones into the city. They began with scouting out important places to place Hiraishin seals; such the roofs of several schools, an out of the way alley near the police station, and another by the hospital. The clones than transformed again taking the shape of various birds and some as small cats and dogs. Using these clones everyday Naruto planned on keeping track of the whole city, helping out where he could, but most of all; looking for a purpose.

He knew himself too well; he needed something to keep himself occupied. Without something to do he knew he would go crazy. He mostly occupied himself by taking out Mafia thugs and their bosses, which also served the task of filling his pockets. He found the lives of several residents to be amusing to say the least, among them being one Kenichi Shirahara. He reminded himself of his friend Rock Lee, not a scrap of talent just guts and hard work.

It was from watching Kenichi he found himself his new purpose. Observing the masters of Ryozanpaku inspired him, they like him had reached the pinnacle of their arts. He knew from his short stint as a Jounin sensei that he was an exceptional teacher. He would introduce this world to his ways, he would give rise to the Shinobi Sect.

Now he just needed his first disciple.

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