I would like to report that my unintended Hiatus is overnintended hiatus is over. I was struck with a triple whammy of: my laptop finally giving up the ghost, losing my job, and a challenging diagnosis (nothing life threatening just highly inconvenient). On my list of life replacing my laptop was rather low, behind my car, my medicine, and other bills I had to prioritize and now that I finally got enough money to get a new laptop I can start writing again.

Konoha's Ninja's Meister will be getting a quick rewrite before I start to churn out new material. This is mainly because of the most recent manga chapters have a lot of things I want to implement.

The Path of the Neo Sennin will continue as soon as I think of how to continue it so to speak I am torn on how to proceed.

Well that's all I really wanted to say folks so expect some stuff in the next two weeks or so.