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Jealousy Can Work Wonders

Amy Rose was a pink hedgehog with Jade green eyes and wore a red dress, boots and headband. Everyone knew her for chasing the famous Sonic the Hedgehog around and today was no different. In the park, there was a blue male hedgehog being chased by a pink female hedgehog.

"Get back here my darling Sonic!" Amy yelled out. Hoping for once he would listen and obey.

Sonic glanced over his shoulder and gave her a look saying "Are you mad?", which he was seriously considering a possibility. "No way Ames! Anyway, I gotta jet!" Picking up speed, he easily eluded her grasp once again as he disappeared over a hill.

Crestfallen, she slowed down to a halt and stared where her love had been moments ago. "Oh Sonic...why do you always run away from me? I make it obvious how I feel about you but you always act so indifferent." Kicking the dirt angrily, Amy turned away and began walking, unsure of where she was going.

As fate would have it, the park seemed to have couples everywhere. It was almost as if the universe was taunting her and kept reminding her that she was still single. Frowning, the female mobian began to try and avoid the love struck couples. It worked until an arguing couple caught her attention. Deciding to not look like an eavesdropper, she quickly slid behind a tree and listened.

"I can't believe you went on a date with that guy! I thought you loved me!" A male voice yelled. He sounded distressed and hurt.

There was a small sniff before a feminine voice answered,"What did you expect? You don't pay any attention to me anymore! I wanted to show you that I won't just sit around with my head in the sand! I still love you but you have to spend some time with me!" The girl was obviously trying not to cry and her voice quivered.

A sigh and a pause before the man spoke again, his voice calm and low. "I know I haven't been around as much as I should but I'll try to from now on. Can you forgive me?"

"I will if you forgive me," her voice answered. The two let out a small laugh before footsteps were heard.

Peeking around the trunk, her green eyes followed the two as they walked away, hand in hand. The scene gave her an idea on how to win Sonic over. All she had to do was make him jealous and he would realize she wouldn't wait on him. Now she had to find the perfect candidate. They had to be willing to fake date her and go along with her plan, it would help if they knew Sonic so it would be more personal. None of their friends would agree to this and she wasn't too keen on asking Knuckles, Rouge would hunt her down. Tails was too young and the members of Team Chaotix wasn't a realistic choice. Thats it! She had to date one of his rivals! Dating a rival would definitely catch his attention and mess with his head. It was perfect!

Sitting on a bench, she began to go through list off rivals in her head. Eggman was thrown out as soon as he entered her mind. Just the thought of being near him willingly made her shiver. Once she was sure she thought of them all, the process of elimination began. All deadly rivals were mentally crossed out. Amy was not willing to die just to make Sonic jealous, what would she accomplish dead? Time passed quickly as she sat there, staring off into space. To others it looked as if she was daydreaming but the hedgehog was busy trying to find a suitable choice. As the list grew smaller and smaller, it began to get harder to eliminate the worst choice since they weren't much better than the other rivals.

After some time she was finally down to two choices. But now she was stuck and not sure who to pick. Noticing the time, Amy chose to head home before it got dark out. Thoughts swirled through her mind and seemed to clash against one another while she had a mental battle in her head. Entering her apartment, Amy flopped down onto her couch feeling exhausted. The events from today mingled with her previous thoughts, making her feel confused and lost. Its wasn't a new thing for Sonic to run away but that didn't make it hurt any less. Watching the love of her life run off, leaving her behind, was a stab to the heart. Amy always hid the pain she felt, believing that the blue blur was just being shy and unable to show his feelings. Despite it all, the pink hedgehog found the will to not give up on the blue hedgehog male and try to capture his heart, even if that task was proving to be extremely difficult. Abandoning the challenge eliminates the chance of winning the heroic male over and she didn't want that happening. Years worth of chasing wasn't about to be wasted because of a certain mobian being unable to express her emotions.

The pink female sighed in exasperation while pushing herself off the couch, walking into her room. Falling face first onto the soft matress, Amy rolled onto her back so she could stare up at the ceiling. Once again her thoughts roamed back to her plan. Choosing her fake boyfriend was still a huge obstacle and she wasn't sure how to pick between them. In a way, the two were similiar but oh so different at the same time. What she wouldn't give to have a someone that could help her. Why did it have to be so hard to choose a fake boyfriend? After all, it wasn't like she was really dating the person, she just needed them to help Sonic realize what he was about to lose. However, even she didn't want a horrible fake boyfriend. The others wouldn't know that it was all an act and actually believe that she was dating whoever was the winner.

Deciding to tackle this head on, Amy began weighing the pros and cons, seeing who had more to offer. After a long internal argument, Amy picked the winnner, a smile making its way onto her muzzle.

"I your ready Sonic because you're about to ride an emotional rollercoaster," giggling to herself, the pink hedgehog prepared for the next day.

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