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Scourge: "What are you talking about? This story is horrible. There isn't enough of me."

"But you've been in every chapter except the first one."

Scourge: "Yes but I have to share the spotlight with pinkie. I bet the readers would be happy to read a story with just me in it."

"I am not making a story only about you. Greedy little hedgie. On with the story!"

Not Backing Down

Amy let out an impatient sigh as she sat on the bench waiting for Scourge to arrive. It was noon and there wasn't a green hedgehog in sight. "Where is he? He better be here soon or I'll beat him within an inch of his life, "she muttered as she crossed her arms.

A gush of wind rushed past her, causing her to close her eyes from the force of it. Opening one eye, she was greeted by the sight of none other than Sonic the Hedgehog. He had the usual cocky smile on his face as he waved to Amy.

"Hey. So where is your boyfriend? Run off with someone else?" Sonic asked. He felt a rush of hope as he imagined Scourge leaving Amy for another girl. Sure it was a horrible thing but if it meant he wouldn't be dating her any more then he was all for it.

Cheeks stained pink as Amy felt anger rise at his words replied, "No, he did not run off with someone else." Her voice barely concealed the rage she was feelings. "Scourge will be here any minute. We decided to meet here." She said, hoping he wouldn't notice the uncertainty in her voice. 'Scourge you better get here soon or I will skin you alive!'

The smirk on his face widened as he took a few steps closer. "Really? How about I sit here with you and we can wait together until he arrives." Not giving her a chance to refuse, he plopped down on the bench next to her.

Amy's heart began to beat faster as she waited for her "boyfriend" to arrive. It was awkward with Sonic right next to her but what made it worse was not knowing when Scourge would make his appearance. Trying not to look to her side, she focused on the hem of her dress, fingering it as if it was the most fascinating thing in the world. This was almost like torture for Amy. She didn't know what to say and was afraid to speak. What if Sonic guessed that this whole thing was put together just to make him jealous? Would he think she was pathetic? Would he get mad?

She was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn't noticed the male next to her shift closer. Sonic noted the vacant look on her face and wished he knew what she was thinking about. Amy, however, was having a minor break down in her mind. Just as the blue hedgehog was about to say something, a green hedgehog arrived.

"Am I interrupting something?" Scourge narrowed his eyes as he took in the scene. His gaze landed on his rival and he shot him a glare without hesitation. Not missing how close the two were sitting on the bench.

Sonic glared right back and was fighting to keep a growl back. "Sort of. We were enjoying ourselves until you came along."

Scourge was about to shoot back a retort, but Amy spoke up before he could get it out. "You two behave yourselves. I won't tolerate any fighting or I'll use my hammer on both of your heads." She said calmly.

Both males stiffened and their bickering was over as quickly as it had started. Sonic knew the Piko Piko Hammer well and didn't fancy the idea of being whacked with it. While Scourge had been hit with it once but that was enough to keep him in line.

Seeing that both were now silent, Amy smiled and stood up and promptly hugged Scourge. The green male was still not used to physical contact from the female hedgehog but loosely wrapped him arms around her waist nonetheless. Scourge didn't miss the hateful look that graced blues face and it made him smirk in pleasure. Wanting to see how far he can push the speedster's buttons, he tightened his grip on his fake girlfriend.

At the display of affection, Sonics hands gripped the bottom of the bench as he fought to not launch himself at his nemesis. Eyes noticing how the green male's arms tightened around Amy, his knuckles turned white from the tight grip on the bench.

Scourge was enjoying himself immensely as he watched Sonics facial expressions and reactions. He felt like a little kid in a candy store. Leaning down, he went in to kiss her but Amy pulled away before he could. Scowling, he saw the satisfied glint in Sonics eyes and wanted to punch him in the face.

"Don't you have something to do besides stare at us like a creeper?" Scourge snarled out nastily.

Sonic pushed himself off the bench and made sure to take his time as he approached the two, ticking the other male off. Standing next to the pink hedgehog, he flashed a quick easy-going smile as he spoke, "Actually I don't have any plans. Thought I could spend some time with Ames." He slung his arm over her shoulders, pointedly looking right at Scourge as if to challenge him.

It took so much will power for Scourge to not cause Sonic any bodily harm. Truthfully, he didn't care if the two got together or not, but make him look like a fool and there was consequences to pay. Knowing that his life could be in danger if he pummeled the annoying hedgehog, Scourge decided to act calm.

"Sorry but me and my lady already have plans. Right babe?" Scourges light blue eyes locked onto the pink female. Purposefully placing his arm around her shoulders and effectively knocking the peach arm away from her.

Amy wanted to growl when she was called "babe", but repressed the urge, knowing she had to play along. Plastering a fake sweet smile on her face, she turned to him. "Yes, we do have plans." Turning her attention on Sonic, Amy a pang of guilt seeing the sad look on his face, knowing she had caused it. "Maybe another time Sonic. W-" The sentence remained unfinished as a hand grasped her wrist and dragged her away. "Hey!" Amy snapped angrily as her fake boyfriend pulled her away.

Scourge didn't give any indication he had heard. He kept his steel hold on her wrist as he silently walked away from the nuisance. To his utter displeasure, the problem decided to follow and soon there was a slight tug from Amy. The green male noticed, when he had glanced back, that Sonic had a hold of her other wrist and was sending a hateful glare his way. Returning the glare with as much force behind it, the two engaged in a stare down. The atmosphere became tense around them and for once, Amy didn't try to stop them or interrupt the two. She uneasily looked from one male to the other, wishing she could just disappear.

Sonic was the first to speak, "Hang on a sec! Mind if I tag along?" The air seemed to spark with a strong emotion after he asked the question.

Willowpelt12:"I am sorry for the delay, having a case on writers block on some days. It seems that Sonic and Scourge are getting ready to butt heads, and Amy is caught in the middle. Will a brawl break out or will the two try to act civil? You'll have to find out later.

Scourge: "Wait…you mean there will be another chapter? Can't I just kick Sonics ass and that will be the end?"

"No Scourge. You are not going to do that. Anyway, I think Sonic might win that battle."

Scourge: "You take that back! I am much better than him! You are now on my list of people to kill!"

Sonic: "Calm down Scourgy, she is just stating the truth. After all, the hero always wins!"

Scourge: "What did you just call me? I am going to strangle you!" *chases after Sonic*

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