CAUTION TO NEW READERS: This is the second story in the "Of Fairies and Ponies" series. Be sure to take a look at the the first story before continuing with this one. You have been warned!

(Author's Note 1: This is it! This is what you have waited for! The sequel to "Of Fairies and Ponies!" Enjoy everyone...or should I say "everypony"? Oh whatever...)

"Of Fairies and Ponies 2"

by K.C. Ellison


Three fillies are sitting in a huge library. One was a yellow earth pony with a red mane with a bow on her head. The second was a purple and pink maned unicorn. The last one was a tiny-winged, purple maned Pegasus. They are Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, better known as "The Cutie Mark Crusaders."

In front of the crusaders was an old book. Out of nowhere, a white hoof opens the book. "Let us begin..." said a female voice. The voice began to tell the Crusaders a story from the book.

Long ago, before the pony tribes united to create Equestria, there lived a gem making Moochic and his assistant. The gem maker had finished working on two crystals which he called "The Gem of Light" and "The Gem of Hope." The assistant was jealous at the magnificent work his master created. In his spite, the assistant took the Gem of Hope. But in his naïve act, he and the Gem of Hope became corrupted. The assistant transformed into the evil creature known as Tirac. With the gem in his possession, he began to conquer the Pony Lands. The gem maker fled into the forest, never to be heard from again.

Years passed, and Tirac the Conquerer began his ultimate plan: the Eternal Nighttime. With his army of dragons, he would capture four ponies and use the Gem of Darkness to transform them into his mindless charioteers, then halt the planet's rotation, causing eternal darkness, but at the same time, a Pegasus came across a mysterious creature in the forest: a human girl named Megan along with the Moochic and his faithful pet rabbit. The Moochic gave the crystal to the girl, feeling that there was something special about her.

The girl teamed up with the Pegasus, along with another Pegasus, two earth ponies, and two unicorns, and set out on a quest to Tirac's castle. When they reached the castle, Tirac's plan was almost complete. He was about to set his plan into motion when Megan used the Gem of Light to create a powerful rainbow that knocked Tirac down into the gorge below. After the defeat of the evil Tirac, the Pony Lands continued with their strained peace, and the legends faded out of existance.

This is an ancient tale from Pre-Equestrian times, but little did everypony know that somewhere far beyond the borders of Equestria, in the mountainous Gargoyle Kingdom, two gargoyles were flying over the ruins of Midnight Castle, Tirac's old fortress. One of the gargoyles noticed a dark purple glow and went down to check it out. When the gargoyles reached within 1000 feet of the glow, a purple explosion erupted. In the epicenter of the explosion was the shadow of what appeared to be a horned centaur.

"Oh no, not him!" said the first gargoyle. He then turned to his fellow gargoyle next to him. "Head back to the castle at once!" "But what about you, Prince Scorpan?" asked the other gargoyle. "I must speak with Princess Celestia. She has to know that Tirac has returned," replied the gargoyle prince. As the two gargoyles flew off in different directions, the explosion dissapated, revealing the grey coated, redskinned horned centaur that was Tirac. The conquerer chuckled evilly, "Free at last!"

-Intro Cut-

A stage is set with a stool and a microphone. A limelight shines down onto the stool as Timmy places a boombox onto it.

Timmy is an average kid; that no one understands...

The song is interrupted when a blast of magic destroys the boombox. Then, a larger boombox is placed onto the stool.

My Little Pony, My Little Pony (Aaaaahhh...)

The boombox magically turns into a frog. As it hops away, another boombox appears out of nowhere.

It flips your lid when you're the kid with Fairly Odd...

Another boombox crushes the one on the stool.

I used to wonder what friendship could be (My Little Pony), until you all shared this magic with me.

The second boombox turns into a pig. Just then, Timmy appears behind a curtain, holding a glowing wand in his hand. On the opposite side of the stage, Twilight Sparkle appears with horn aglow. Both fire their magic blasts onto the backdrop, which creates a sign saying "Of Fairies and Ponies 2." The boy and the unicorn smile at each other before the sign drops on top of them, revealing Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof riding on Princess Celestia's back, followed by the story subtitle: "The Revenge of Tirac," which shows a depiction of Timmy, Trixie, and the Mane Six facing off against Tirac.

-Chapter One Character Mini-bios-

Tirac: A conquering overlord that wields the Crystal of Darkness. The main villain in the very first "My Little Pony" cartoon, "The Escape from Midnight Castle."

The Moochic: A tiny hermit that lives in the forests with his pet rabbit. He appeared in "The Escape from Midnight Castle."

(Author's Note 2: Okay, this story will include a few characters and references from the G1 series, including Megan and the Pitch Bible ponies. That's all for today, see you next time! Don't forget to read and review this story! -Kellen Clay "K.C." Ellison.)