A/N: I saw an image on dA that was of Twilight Sparkle riding a Shiny Rayquaza, looking badass, and a caption reading "Your Arguement is Invalid". That inspired me to cross Pokemon with MLP: FiM. Enjoy, dear readers.

Catching Magic

"Geez, could you have gone a little easier on us with that spell?"

"I said I was sorry!"

"Well, ah think we should focus on where we are rather than fightin', girls."

"That would probably be a good idea."

"Uhh... girls?"

The soft voice of this last one was barely heard, and was easily ignored. So she tried again.

"Girls?" Nothing. "Girls!"

Finally, the others stopped arguing and paid attention.

"Look," The soft-spoken voice gestured to something nearby in a tree. "Do any of you know what kind of animal that is?"

It was a little bird that was colored red, white, and blue. What in the world could possibly be such a creature? Noticing that it had their attention and realizing what had been said of it, the bird gave a huff and flew off.

"Oh! I didn't mean to affend him!" Clearly, the soft-spoken one was a bit upset at this.

"Ah think he's fine, sugar cube," The southern-accent one soothed her friend. "Probably jus' went to get some food or sometin'."

"Wait, you saw something over there?" A voice called from nearby, making the four freeze, just before... something came into view, with that bird from before on his shoulder.

The two stared at the four. The four stared back.

"They certainly don't look like any Pokémon I've seen before," The guy said, pulling out a little red device. When it failed to find any data, he sighed. "And that just proves they aren't."

"Taillow, tai low!"

"Taillow, they do not look like Ponyta!" The creature said exasperatedly to the bird on his shoulder, who launched into the air and landed on a branch nearby. "Do you want me to show the picture on the Pokédex?"

The bird, apparently called Taillow, nodded, and came back over. After a few moments, the bird blushed embarrassedly.

"It's fine," The creature said with a grin, gently ruffling the bird's feathers. "You're still learning. I'm just gonna have to fail you this time."

He laughed when he was swatted upside the head with a wing, before turning to the other four in front of him.

"So... what are you, anyway?" He wondered.

"I think we should be askin' you that, bud!" The cyan pegasus said, flying up close to his face. He blinked in surprise.

"Whoa, you talk?" He exclaimed, shocked at this realization. "Didn't see that one coming..."

"Duh, of course we talk!"

There was a pause as the tension between everyone there grew, before the one on two legs slowly stepped back, raising his arms up in an attempted sign of peace.

"Maybe we could talk about this calmly? I don't think a fight is all that necessary right now..."

"He's right, let's just talk about this," Another one said, coming forward. This one was colored a deep lavender, with a small unicorn horn on her head. The cyan one crossed her forelegs with a huff.

"Come on, I've got camp set up this way," The strange, two-legged creature said, as he led the way. "I'm Henry, by the way. This is Taillow."

Said bird gave a cheerful caw from his shoulder. When they got to camp, the four froze at what they saw – a bunch of odd creatures staring.

"Guys, don't stare, you know it's rude," The two-legged said, calmly walking forward. "We're here to be friends. Anyway, this is Blaziken."

A tall two-legged creature with orange/red fur and legs bulging with powerful muscles waved to the four happily.

"This is Kirlia," A small creature seemingly dressed in a skirt colored green, and with two pink horn-like objects on her head. Said being calmly nodded to the new arrivals. "That's Mightyena."

The four gulped at the menacing look on the dog-like creature. After a moment, the creature smiled and nodded in greeting. The shy one of the four wasn't all that convinced, but the others gave sighs of relief. Then Henry gestured to a gorgeous snake-like creature.

"That's Milotic," He said, before gesturing to the one next to her. "And the one next to her is Metang."

The two mentioned gave polite greetings, the Metang sounding very metallic and hollow as he hovered there.

"That's everyone for now," Henry confirmed, as Taillow went over to a branch. "What I'm wondering is what you four are, and why you thought it would be safe to wander out at this time of night."

"What time is it?" The lavender one asked, coming over at the creature's insistince to relax by the blazing fire. He checked his watch.

"Almost nine. Why?"

There was a growl from one of the four. After a moment, Henry and the other creatures laughed, making the orange one blush.

"We already ate, and there's extra berries here," Henry said, reaching for his backpack. After a moment of searching, he pulled out what he was aiming for. "Here, these oughta fill you all up."

"What are they?" Again, the lavender one.

"You just love questions, don't you?" Henry said, looking at Kirlia out of the corner of his eye. "Reminds me of a certain someone I know..."

Kirlia, blushing embarrassedly, muttered something that resembled 'don't know what you're talking about'.

"Anyway, these are Pecha Berries," He answered. "Sweet as can be, and can cure almost any poison."

"They cure poison? That's just awesome!" The cyan one asked, just as she took a bite. "Oh man, you were right – these things are really sweet!"

"So, what are ya, sugar cube?" The orange one asked.

Henry blinked in surprise, "You've never heard of a human before?"

The lavender one swallowed her food first, "I've read about them, but we've never seen them before."

"Well now you can say you have!" He grinned, making the cyan one snort in amusement. "So what about yourselves?"

"We're just ponies," The lavender one replied, apparently having had her fill after a couple of berries. "I'm Twilight Sparkle."

"H-Hi..." The shy, pale yellow one said quietly. "I-I'm Fluttershy..."

"Pleased to metcha, name's Applejack," The orange one said, tipping her hat carefully.

"Rainbow Dash, fastest flier in all of Equestria!" The cyan pegasus boasted proudly, her grin matching her attitude.

"Equestria? That's the region you're all from?"

"Well... it's not really a region..." Twilight said, blushing with embarrassment.

She shortly explained that she had found a spell that was supposed to let her and three others see into another world. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy had been with her at the time, so they volunteered to help their friend. What they hadn't expected, was for the spell to actually take them to the world they were viewing.

"So now you've accidentally found yourselves stuck here since you don't know the spell to get back?" Henry guessed at the end.

"No, that's the strange part," Twilight said, frowning now. "I know the spell, but it just won't work. Something's cutting me off."

"Probably a legendary or something."

There was a pause, "A legendary?"

Henry reached into his pack, and pulled out a book. Twilight's eyes shone with glee at the thought of reading, making him and her friends laugh.

"Great, now she's going to spend hours reading," Dash sighed, as she lay down on the surprisingly soft grass. "I mean, she already does that at the library she lives in."

"Living in a library and spends hours reading? Must be her dream come true," Henry joked, as the lavender pony levitated the book in front of her. "So that's your magic?"

Twilight did nothing but nod. She was already absorbed into the book. Snorting his laughter, Henry moved to finish putting away the cooking items that had been drying for the past few minutes.

"Just what is so fascinatin' about that book, Twi?" Applejack wondered.

"It's got information on the basics of this world, but most of it is about legends," Twilight said, sighing with exasperation at spotting another one. "Like this one, the Deity of the Sea? Yeah right."

"No, it's true," Henry said. "Each and every one of those titles apply to a specific legendary Pokémon."

"Pokémon?" Dash said, trying out the word for herself. He looked to the four creatures nearby. "That them?"

"And a bunch more," Twilight cut in, as the Pokémon nodded. Mightyena didn't, as he was already asleep. "The book says there are over 500 known species of Pokémon."

The other three ponies gaped at her. Henry grinned at their reactions.

"Anyway, back to the legends," He said. "I really doubt they're fake. They may be exaggerated and all, but I bet they're real."

"What makes ya say that, sugar cube?" Applejack asked. "They're just ol' Mare's Tales, ain't they?"

"Well, legends have to start somewhere," Henry reasoned. "It wouldn't make sense to just come up with a random story. All writers, whether they write fiction or not, get their inspiration from somewhere. So it's only logical that those legends would be somehow based in truth."

Twilight opened her mouth to say something to this, but paused. This man was right. No matter what she thought of, she couldn't dispute his logic, and therefore snorted and went back to reading.

"Whoa, never met somepony who could beat Twilight at her own game!" Dash grinned.

"Shut up, Rainbow," Twilight blushed.

"I don't know about you girls," Henry cut in, stretching. The ponies blinked at the popping sound they heard from his back. "But my team and I are going to bed. Big day tomorrow."

"Are you alright?" Fluttershy asked, worried about what they'd heard.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Just stretching, that's all, don't worry. Anyway, don't forget to put out the fire when you're done."

The ponies noticed the human set up some sort of fabric and lay on it, his team surrounding him and falling asleep around the same time that he did. The girls looked at each other.

"Does that book say anything about weather control?" Rainbow asked Twilight, who shook her head.

"I think the world controls it," The lavender unicorn said, making the other ponies gape. "I know it's weird, but I guess the creatures here don't have the ability to control it, so they probably just let it control itself or something."

Rainbow paused to think, then grinned, "I guess that means I have the entire time off!"

"But ain't that what you always do?" Applejack teased, making Dash roll her eyes.

"No, I do some work! Just... you know, not all at once."

Applejack chuckled, before deciding that the human had the right idea and lay down for rest. She kept one eye open just long enough to speak to Twilight, "Don't stay up too late, sugar cube, it's bad for your health."

"I'm not a foal, Applejack, I know that," Twilight blushed, even as she smiled at her friend's playful jab.

Fluttershy quietly followed her farming friend's lead, and was soon asleep as well.

"So what's the news on this place, Twi?" Dash asked. She had somehow procurred a piece of cloud to sleep on, and the unicorn decided it easier to just not ask. "Anything in those old myths on something that could race me and actually keep up?"

"Actually, yeah," Twilight responded, flipping a couple pages back and smiling at Dash's sound of surprise. "There's a legend on a Pokémon of the Hoenn region named Latios. It talks about how he folds in his wings and can fly faster than the speed of sound. He also has the ability to bend light like his sister, making him either invisible or to give him a sort of disguise."

"Now that is cool."

Twilight rolled her eyes at the statement. She remained silent, easily ignoring the soft snores coming from above her as Dash snoozed. After a few minutes, she yawned and with a burst of magic, snuffed the fire, and soon found herself asleep as well. This world was already beginning to hold her interest, so she would need to be well rested for tomorrow's adventures, as would the others...