It was just another morning in Eureka...

Having just woken up, Carter dragged himself into the kitchen. He obviously had not slept well, because he looked very groggy.

"Good morning, Sheriff Carter," said SARAH, in her cheerful, synthetic voice.

Carter, still half-asleep, looked up at the ceiling, "Uggh, good morning? Seriously?"

"Yes, Sheriff. In fact, the first morning of April," responded the A.I., unaware that the questions were rhetorical.

"Oh, no. Not April Fool's Day," mumbled Carter, as he sat down to eat his breakfast. Not a good day to be the town sheriff. Almost as if on cue, his phone rang. Grumbling, he picked up to answer. After a brief conversation with Alison, he hung up. "Great, it seems like I'm needed at G.D. Something urgent."

Carter arrived at Global Dynamics to find Alison, Jo, and Fargo, all of which were soaking wet. In fact, everyone he saw in the building was positively drenched. Janitors and others were busy mopping up puddles of water everywhere.

"What happened here?" he asked, although he already had a pretty good idea.

"Aggh! What does it look like!" Fargo vented, uncomfortably fiddling with his soaked suit. "I'm all wet!"

"Settle down, Fargo. It appears someone all of the sprinklers in the building went off," Jo answered.

"You had me come in to investigate an April Fool's prank?" Carter was not happy about being dragged there early, without breakfast and coffee, just to find out who set off the sprinklers. Especially since it was April Fool's Day, and therefore, most likely a harmless prank.

"Carter, this is serious. The water could have damaged some very sensitive equipment," Alison said with a firm tone.

"And it's disgusting, too!" Fargo added, still attempting to wring out his dripping outfit. "I've gotta change out of this!"

"Then go!" everyone else said, simultaneously. Fargo obeyed, running towards the locker rooms.

"It may have been accidental, so talk to Dr. Neil Parks," Alison continued. "He designed the system, so he'll know what set it off. At least all of the workers are cleaning things up fast."

"Okay, okay," Carter replied, not wanting to cross her. He set off to find Dr. Parks.

Carter walked through the office area, eventually stopping at one of the doors.

"Umm... Dr. Parks, can I talk to you?" he asked, knocking on the door.

"Come on in," said a voice from inside the office.

Carter stepped inside the office. At the desk was the middle-aged scientist, who, like everyone else in G.D, was soaking wet from head to toe. "Just got a question about your fire... system... thingy," Carter said, "What could've set it off like that?"

Grinning, the scientist replied, "Me. It was great, wasn't it?" He started giggling giddily, which soon transitioned to roaring laughter.

Stunned by the man's response, Carter muttered, "Err... this is where things get interesting"