Hey, everyone, if you've seen my other stories, you know that I was in a around 5 month long hiatus…so I'm starting to write again, gonna do one story at a time, blah dee da, de da do so….bleferments. (Is that even a word? :/)

I don't own Legend of Zelda.

"Die die die die die…why won't you die, Moblin?" (1) A girl with dark hair and green eyes was lazily swinging around her Wiimote as she said this. She had become quite good at Skyward Sword, so there was really no need to concentrate. But then again, she was way overconfident from the beginning of the game, and unlike some certain video game villains (2), she had the skill to back it up.

"Why don't ya just bomb it?" A guy in a T-shirt suggested. He had recently gotten interested in LoZ thanks to Kiroshi in front of the Wii over there, mainly because of the idea of blowing stuff up with BOMBS (3).

"Are you blind? It has a metal shield!" Another girl in glasses pointed out. This one was the nerd of the group, but she also had her share of video game favorites.

"Ya, but- OH YAY! HE'S DEAD!" Kiroshi cheered. "See? You don't need bombs for everything, Fluffy!" 'Fluffy' grumbled at his nickname. His name was actually Daron, but he was nicknamed 'Fluffy' due to his unusually fluffy hair. It made sense…right?

"And some of the enemies are immune to bombs." The nerd girl, also known as Cilla, pointed out. "And I. Am. Not. A nerd girl." Well, geez, looks like Daron rubbed off onto someone!

"Yeah, author we know…" Kiroshi noted, not really caring about that poor fourth wall (4). "OH HEY SPARKLY IS IT HEART PIECE?" (5) She happily moved her character over to it, when a familiar pentacle surrounded the three friends.

"Wait, isn't that the same one as in the Silent Realm?" Daron wondered. Cilla leaned over to inspect it.

"No, this one has different runes. But what does this-"

She didn't have the time to finish before the three disappeared unceremoniously.

1. Seriously, don't the Moblins take FOREVER to kill?

2. Name 5 and you get a basket of virtual muffinz.

3. But only if you have enough Rupees!

4. Nobody really cares that much, though.

5. Ah, the Zelda gamer's eternal search.

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