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"…I don't understand how this works." Kyroshi stated for about the fifth time as she strolled through the village, completely ignoring all of the wide-eyed Minish staring at them. Rather, she was admiring the forest scenery for her new point of view. Or more importantly, the big, purple mushroom in the back of the village that just screams, 'Hey, listen! I'm important to the plotline!'

You cannot be serious.

"Well, sorrrry! Cilla says all the time that even though I have a lot of courage, I don't have the brains to come through, whatever that means."

(Oh god, so she just beat Demise out of sheer luck?) Mira thought to herself in slight horror.


Oh, ah…I was saying that you're going to have to train yourself with the sword. Just stabbing things in the forehead won't do much.

"Oh, okay. Whatevz."

(….I'm doomed.)

"Excuse me?" Kyroshi gave the sword spirit an odd look. "I just CHOOSE to not be serious. Things are more fun that way, you know."

But fooling around won't get the job done-

"Pico ri? Picoricopi!" (1)

"Eh?" Kyroshi whipped around to see a Minish that looked around 12 in human years, dressed in the same red cap and green garb the others were wearing.


Don't ask me. I don't know.

WHAP. The Minish had pulled a staff out of nowhere and whacked Mira right on the head! Since she was only a spirit, she didn't get injured or feel pain, but she was still quite angry.

"Picirico picori!"

Wow, Kyroshi thought, this Minish sure is crotchety. I dread anyone who faces him when he gets old. (2)

I know, right?

Suddenly, the Minish just grabbed Kyroshi and began dragging her across the village, both of them STILL ignoring the Minish, with the kids laughing their tiny butts of, and the adults facepalming.

Kyroshi didn't even bother to fight back, mainly because she was 1) Sure that he would just whackher again if she did, and 2) She was just too lazy to. Wow.

The slightly insane Minish ended up dragging her into a giant (which was actually about the size of a small bird) rock. The shoved her onto a wooden stool, then ran off deeper into the rock.

Wow. Wasn't he taught to act nice to humans? Or girls in general?

It didn't take long for the Minish to come back, with a rather suspicious-looking mushroom in tow.

"…What's that?" Kyroshi asked.

"Pipirico!" He pushed the mushroom into her hands.

"…Never mind…oh wait, you want me to eat this?"

"Pi!" He nodded his head furiously.

"Um….okay." She eyed the mushroom for a few seconds. Then Mira came out and whacked her on the head. Just eat it already, geez! It's not like he's trying to poison you!

Remembering that the Minishs' purpose was to help people, she hesitantly put it in her mouth, chewing slowly.

"…Hey! It tastes like butterscotch! I LOVE butterscotch!" (3)

"(I know, right?)"

"Oh, hey! You're speaking English now!"

"(First of all, it's Hylian, not English, and second of all, I'm still speaking Minish. It's just that you can understand us now because of that mushroom.)"
All of a sudden, a voice echoed throughout the village, and it sounded pissed.




Me: Um…oh yeah! ANs!

1-The Picori language consists of various combinations of the syllables in the word 'Picori'. So yeah, it's supposed to sound kinda like gibberish.

2-Go ahead. Let's Play Guess the Minish! To be honest though, I don't think it's too hard if you've played Minish Cap. Or read the manga. Or did both, like me.

3-The Blabbermouth mushrooms' (was that its name?) taste was never described as far as I remember, but if it DOES have a nasty taste in MC, let's just say the taste changed cause of evolution. Besides, butterscotch is awesome!

And here are our hero's ages, if anyone was wondering-

Link-19 (I don't know SS Link's actual age, so we're just gonna roll with this.)




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