Title: The other

Character(s): Catelyn

Summary: Catelyn's feelings when she first comes to Winterfell - only to find herself completely alone. It's just easier to find somebody to blame.

Words: 270

Little darling, it's been a cold, long, lonely winter.

Her presence was everywhere. Or so she thought. It was a light presence, nothing more than a feeling. Something was there, and it just had to be the other. She couldn't be sure, of course. Maybe it wasn't her, maybe it was nobody at all and she was just going mad. Lonely people go mad, don't they? She thought so – she's never been lonely until she came to her new, frozen home. She didn't belong there, that much was plain to see. People were different from what she was used to. He was different. She didn't truly know him to begin with, of course, but she certainly wasn't expecting such..coldness.

It was so cold, and she was so lonely. The wind would chill her bones, she would shiver and feel observed. It was almost as if somebody was observing her.

This was when she realized it had to be her.

The other one was the reason for her miserable life. The other woman was behind his long silences and his sad glances, it had to be her. Everything that happened since she came to the North – it had to be her. The other wasn't there, of course, but there was a living, breathing crying proof of her existence in that same castle. She didn't know a thing about her, the other woman who was the embodiment of her fears, her discomfort and loneliness. One day, she just decided to blame the other, because it was better – and easier - than blaming herself, her life, the whole world.

Another woman, she could hate.

A/N: The song I was listening to while writing, and which I quoted above, is The Beatles' 'Here Comes The Sun'